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January 21, 2021
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“Mom begged him and tried to cover herself with her hands when my father attacked her with an ax,” recalls 12-year-old Nia, and bitter tears start rolling from her eyes. A terrible tragedy happened in the girl's life. Her own father hacked her mother to death with an ax right in front of her! The girl was only 5 years old then ... And how can she live with this pain in her soul, with this insane horror that has settled in the child's heart since that day?! “My husband and I did everything for Nya to have a family, so that this pain in her heart would subside. Of course, it will not be forgotten and will not pass completely, but the girl must feel that we are near, that we love her. It's scary to even think what she had to endure! "- sobs Tamuna (30 years old). It was she, the aunt of little Nia, who took custody of the girl after that chilling event... Despite poverty and the fact that she has three children of her own, a real Georgian woman, kind, loving and caring, did
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“We can barely make ends meet, we don't even have enough money for food, the children wear rags… What to do, how to live? They don’t deserve such a life,” the poor woman sighs. Driven to despair, she addressed our Fund in the hope that kind Georgians would not pass by her misfortune and would lend a helping hand to her.

- Tamuna, what misfortune made you address our fund?

Tamuna: My husband and I are raising four children. Gela (2-year-old), Mariam (8-year-old), Veriko (10-year-old) and my niece Nia (12-year-old).

Seven years ago, a terrible tragedy happened in the life of our niece Nia: her mother was brutally murdered by her father. After that my husband and I decided to take custody of the girl ... That’s how she appeared in our family ...

We never lived richly, my husband worked hard, in order to bring a penny into the house, and we somehow made ends meet. And now... It has been almost a year and a half since he has not worked, and we literally live in poverty. There are four children in the family... As a minimum they need food and clothes... We cannot cope with it. There is no money even to buy normal shoes for them. Besides that, this on-line study - they have only one mobile phone for the three of them! They have to take turns attending classes. How should they live without education?

- Please, tell us your niece's story in more detail.

Tamuna: This is a sore subject for our family. Nia sometimes talks about it, but I myself try not to speak about this matter, not to remind her ... We used to take her to a child psychologist for quite a long time. He says she is a strong girl and will eventually be able to overcome this stress.

My husband's half-sister had a dysfunctional family. Her husband turned out to be mentally unstable, and besides that - a thief and a robber. He spent several years in prison for robbery, and when he got out, she asked him for a divorce. It riled him up. The poor thing worked in a butcher's shop then, she cleaned there and took her 5-year-old daughter with her. He ambushed her, waited until she was left alone, struck her from behind with an ax in her neck, and when she fell down, he finished off with a knife ... And all this in front of a child! I’m even scared to imagine what the baby had to go through... My husband and I buried my sister-in-law, Nia approached the coffin, caressed her mother, talked to her - she thought her Mom was just sleeping. It is difficult to imagine what is still going on in her soul. I do not try to erase these memories. The cemetery is nearby. When Nia tells me that she misses her mother, I let her go there, she lights candles at the grave, talks to her mother ... Together we plant flowers there "for mom" ... We all love Nia very much, she is a sister to my children! But nobody can replace her mother! (Tamuna wipes away her tears.)

We have always had a warm relationship with my sister-in-law. They often came to visit us. My husband and I wanted Nia to grow up in a full-fledged family, surrounded with love and care ... Her father was imprisoned for 9 years. She says she hates him. No one really struggled to get custody of the girl, so we easily took her to our family. My eldest daughter was just learning to walk then, they grew up together like real sisters.

– How did you meet your future husband?

Tamuna: You know, I think it was fate. We are from different villages and met quite by accident. We immediately liked each other, we dated for a very short time and got married soon. No matter how difficult it was, I never regretted it. It was hard at first. My mother-in-law is from Ossetia, and when the conflict broke out, she had to leave. Vladimir was 15 or 16 years old then. The family lived very poorly, father and son earned their living as hard they could. But there is almost no work in the village. The house was in a terrible state when we got married. We used to have a very hard time for several years. Then my husband started working at a gas station, earning small money, but still… We managed to renovate our house a little bit. Then he was left without work again, he cannot find any at all now, but we have to live somehow. Social allowance is not enough; they did not give us a “large family” status, because Nia is not our own daughter ... Now we literally have nothing to feed our children on! They walk barefoot! Let alone their studies...

- Is the social allowance your only income?

Tamuna: The allowance and my father-in-law’s pension, that’s it! My father-in-law is aged, he has high blood pressure, and some other health issues, she constantly needs medications ... The remaining amount is barely enough for the cheapest food: tea, bread, beans, potatoes. Last month they even cut off gas at our home because of a debt.

– Does anybody help you? Parents or relatives?

Tamuna: My father died 10 years ago, from a stroke. He just fell asleep and did not wake up. Mom was left alone ... It is very difficult for her, but she still tries to send us at least some food. My brother barely manages to keeps his own family. It was he who helped my husband to get a job. Thanks to that, we could live more or less normally for four years ...

- Did you address anybody for help? The local authorities, for instance?

Tamuna: I’ve addressed many of them. They just listen to me, nod, and that’s it! No help so far. Just the social allowance. And they also brought some food during the pandemic.

– What do you believe in? In what do you see the salvation?

Tamuna: We are a religious family, and I instill love for God in my children. Now, unfortunately, I rarely manage to go to church, it is difficult with the children, especially with the younger one. But at home I always pray in my own words. I ask the Lord to help me raise them and put them on their feet, so that everything was good for them ... They are my whole life!

- Tamuna, do you believe in the kindness of strangers?

Tamuna: Yes, of course! Every time, when I am almost in despair, someone appears, who lends me a helping hand. Bringing us something to eat or giving some clothes to the children. In Georgia they never leave their neighbors in trouble... Your Fund is a vivid example of this. I closely follow your Facebook page. You help many unfortunate people, make their lives better, you give your readers an opportunity to support their neighbors not only financially, but also morally ...

- Tell me, please, about your children. Do they go to school and kindergarten?

Tamuna: For every mother, her children are the most wonderful thing in the world ... And for me, of course, they are the apple of my eye, the meaning of my whole life. All my three girls study very well, they are not lazy, and I am proud of them. Nia is very musical, she has a wonderful voice and an ear for music. But her eyesight has significantly decreased. The doctor says that it’s because of nerves. She was even prescribed glasses, but they broke accidentally, and there is no way to buy new ones. All of the children draw beautifully and make various crafts from colored paper. Gela is still a baby. He can’t talk, and I have not yet been able to wean him off diapers. He doesn't want to and screams loudly. Therefore, I don’t take him to kindergarten yet. In the summer I tried to earn some money in agriculture, while the elder girls looked after Gela. But my heart was not in the right place. All of them are children still.

– Can I talk to them, please? Nia, you are the oldest, let’s start with you. Do you study well? What is your favorite subject?

Nia (12-year-old): I love school, most of all I like mathematics and biology. I will become a doctor when I grow up ...

- Why a doctor?

Nia: I want to heal and save people ... If I knew how to heal, I would then be able to save my mother ...

- I want to ask you one question. Don’t answer if you don’t want to. I know that it hurts, and I really want to help you and your family. Do you remember anything about that day?

Nia: Yes, I do. Dad came up to mom from behind and hit her with an ax. She covered herself with her hands and asked: "I beg you, do not kill me ..."

(Pause. The girl can no longer speak, and in my heart, I reproach myself for awakening memories in her.)

- I know you really miss her, dear... But you know, mom looks at you from heaven. She loves you very much and always protects you. What are you dreaming about, Nia?

Nia: I want to become a good doctor ... I need to study for that. But I can't go to school now because of the virus, and I'm very worried. We only have one phone and we often miss lessons. If there was a computer ...

Veriko (10-year-old): We all study well! Me and Nia and Mariam! We all love mathematics very much, it is easy for us. But I also love history, I find it very interesting!

- Veriko, who will you become when you grow up?

Veriko: I will become a model! They all are so beautiful ... And they have a lot of beautiful clothes! I want to have beautiful clothes too. I have already grown out of everything ...

Mariam (8-year-old): And I will become a TV presenter! They all are very beautiful too! I want them to show me on TV so that my mother would be proud of me. Saying: "Look, they show my daughter on TV!"

- Good girls! Do you help your mother?

Veriko: Yes, of course! We clean up and look after little Gela!

- What are you dreaming about, girls?

Veriko: I dream of having my own mobile phone so that I could attend lessons without any problems. Because we only have Mom's phone for the three of us. And I also want new clothes ...

Mariam: I dream of having an alarm clock to ring and wake me up in the morning! A small one...

- Why an alarm clock? Why not a doll?

Mariam: I don't really like dolls, and we don't have them. We often play hide and seek or make something out of colored paper.

– Tamuna, what is your biggest dream?

Tamuna: I only dream of one thing, so that everything would be fine with my children. So that my soul would not be sore because they don’t have clothes or food. I really want them to grow up, to become successful, to achieve all their goals, and I want their dreams to come true!

– What do you think, you need most in your home?

Tamuna: I know that it is hard for everyone now ... I would never have bothered anyone if it were not for the children. How to look into their eyes when they are constantly malnourished, when you cannot buy winter shoes for them and because of that you do not let them go for a walk even in good weather? If they are wearing rags while they want to study, but I cannot provide them with such an opportunity ...

- And what do you need most, personally you?

Tamuna: It's hard for me to ask for anything for myself ... But since you're asking, I really need a washing machine. Doing washing for seven people by hand is unbearably difficult. It takes so much time and effort, and the children are still small, they need my attention most of all now...

  - Our Fund has many good friends. They will hear you and respond, for sure...

  Tamuna: I know there are many kind people in the world, especially in Georgia. I am asking for help not for myself, but only for the sake of our children, they do not deserve to endure so much hardship!


  Friends, the Dzhodzhishvili family really needs our help. They went through a lot of sorrows, and 12-year-old Nia faced such suffering that is even scary to imagine. The family has four children. All of them are deprived of normal food, clothing and the opportunity to study. Little Nia really needs support, both material and moral. And you and I, as good Christians, are obliged to help her to overcome her mental trauma and to brighten up her difficult life.

  The Dzhodzhishvili family is in dire need of any help: food, diapers, baby clothes, a washing machine. Children just need a computer in order to keep up with the school curriculum.

  You can visit the Dzhodzhishvili family in person and provide them help.Their address is: Gori municipality, village Mejvriskhevi.

  Or you can call Tamuna and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 597 71 08 23.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the misfortunes of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

  Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Dzhodzhishvili family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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