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Mommy, don't cry, I'm with you!

February 11, 2021       937
“Sleep, my dear, I am with you, I am near! Do not be afraid! Breathe calmly, I will help ... I would breathe instead of you if I could, I would suffer instead of you, and not together with you if I could! Mommy, you are meaning of my life. Do not leave me!" 33-year-old Bacho repeats these words as a prayer and looks into the eyes of his mother during her attacks of suffocation.
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He does not sleep. If he falls asleep, it can cause the death of his dearest person, because his mother has attacks of suffocation, and she can asphyxiate at any moment. What if Bacho will sleep at this time? What if he suddenly does not have time to pick his mother up in his arms, does not have time to call an ambulance or open a window and give her a breath of fresh air? How will he live with that? What will he tell God? That he couldn't take care of his mom? He won’t be able to forgive himself for this!

That’s why, even during our interview, he sat next to his mother, held her hand and listened to her breathing.

- Bacho, what problem made you seek help?

Bacho: Our situation is simply deplorable ... My mom is very sick, she almost does not get out of bed, she cannot, and I do not leave her. I can't leave her alone, attack may start at any moment, and if there is no one nearby, something irreparable will happen. My father died 8 years ago ... Since then, my mother and I are completely alone. I have no one else to care about.

- Has your mother been in this condition for a long time? What happened to her?

Bacho: We are refugees. She had to endure so much ... When we arrived here, in Martvili, at first, we lived in a barn. My father and mother earned a living by hard work, not taking a break from the hoe and shovel. Apparently, my mother caught a cold then and did not pay attention... That is what the doctors said - these are the effects of neglected pneumonia. But, probably, not only that, she had to go through a lot - she had to leave her family home and everything that she acquired by hard labor and back-breaking work. The death of her baby daughter, the endless torment here, the struggle for survival, illness, and death of my father. She is not just sick - she is morally crushed... Sometimes she just lies and cries quietly. What to do, how to help her? How can I ease her pain? Physical, mental... It is especially difficult at night - she suffers from suffocation, sometimes I do not sleep until dawn, I bring her to the window to let her breathe. An ambulance comes to us 2-3 times a week.

- Can you tell me more about her disease? What is the diagnosis?

Bacho: My mom had often complained about shortness of breath, constant weakness. Then she started having frequent attacks of suffocation. She was admitted to the hospital, but the local doctors could not cope with her illness. They sent us to Kutaisi, and there it turned out that my mom needed an urgent operation on her lungs. For a long time, she only breathed with the help of a respiratory machine. They operated her on and removed crystallized pus from her lungs. I actually lived in the Kutaisi hospital for three months. I cannot say that the situation has improved much. The only thing is that attacks of suffocation are not so frequent now - 2-3 times a week, they used to happen several times a day.

- Is there no way to help her?

Bacho: Emergency doctors advised us to buy an inhaler, small, portable one. This is the only thing that can alleviate her condition. They are expensive, we cannot afford it. Besides that, my mother constantly needs pills for blood pressure, a sedative... My poor mother, her whole life is endless suffering...

- Bacho, I see that you and your mother had to endure a lot of grief, please share your pain and memories with us.

Bacho: My mother and father and I arrived here with the first wave of refugees from Abkhazia. Not long before that, my father was taken prisoner, they took him away right from home at night. For a month we did not know whether he was alive or dead ... He used to be a healthy, very strong man. When he returned back, half of him was left. Only God knows what he went through there ... They beat him cruelly, did not give him food. He was saved by miracle thanks to the exchange of prisoners. Soon our entire village was kicked out of our homes, put on a bus, we were only allowed to take one bag with a change of clothes. On the way, my sister caught a cold and died, she was only 7 months old. She just stopped breathing right in my mother's arms. My mother still remembers this, sobbing and wailing bitterly. So many years have passed, but he can’t come to terms with that... When we found ourselves in Adler, people mad with horror took the "Kometa" ship by force, and we sailed to Adjara on it.

- How did you find yourself here?

Bacho: I don't even know how we got here to Martvili. My father was from this village. We lived horribly in some barn; my parents earned a living with their backbreaking work. Soon, dad started having serious health problems, he suffered terrible stomach pains. We just moved in here then, this was a distressed building - the state repaired it and provided it to refugees, we were given one room here. Dad had to be operated on... He died right on the operating table, the surgeons then recalled with horror what state all his internal organs were in ... Numerous chronic bruises and injuries, his whole intestine rotted, excuse me for such details ...

- Do you remember anything - your parent’s house and how you escaped from there?

Bacho: I was only 4 years old then, I don't remember much, but this feeling of fear, pain, confusion stuck in my brain. I vaguely remember my parents’ house. Our garden, the balcony on which I loved to play ... As my mother called me to watch "Limpopo", it was such a TV program for children. I would give a lot to return there ... It's a dream. Maybe our home has been gone a long time ago, but these memories make my soul warm ... (Bacho averts his blurred gaze and sighs bitterly.)

- We are so sorry, Bacho! None of your relatives is left?

Bacho: I have an uncle, cousins and a sister ... But they themselves are in such a situation that they can hardly help anyone. My uncle had been operated on his heart twice, his son suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, he needed a lot of money for treatment, he had to take loans ...

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

Bacho: Many times! I have written lots of applications. The only thing I managed to achieve was a 100 lari aid, twice a year. And you still need to write every time and remind about yourself.

- Sorry for the personal question, don't answer me if you don’t want to. How did it happen that you don't have your own family? You haven’t met that only person?

Bacho: Why not, I will answer you. I was in love when I was young. It was a big, real love, at least it seemed to me so... We met for three years, but the girl I loved chose another man. Let's just say she chose well-being. What could I give her? A refugee who has absolutely nothing. I wanted to study at the university, but it did not work out, I had to work in agriculture, to earn a living. It was then when my father's health has dramatically worsened. We buried him, then my mother fell ill. And all these personal feelings have faded into the background. And besides that, my mother and I live in this tiny room together. I can't work, there is no one to leave her with, we ourselves can hardly make ends meet, how can I think about the marriage? And she worries about this even more, she wants me to find my love, dreams of grandchildren...

- What means do you live on?

Bacho: We get an allowance - 100 GEL and my mother's pension - 250 GEL. That's all. Almost half is this amount is spent on medications, and the other half I immediately give back to the grocery store, where we have an eternal debt. I always give it back at the end of the month and then take debts again. Thank that they agree to wait, they put themselves in our place.

- You don’t work at all?

Bacho: Sometimes I manage to find a part-time job in the village, earn some extra money. But it happens rarely. Mom can feel bad at any time. I often come back, and there is an ambulance at the door. Or my neighbors call, and I have to leave everything and run home ... I must admit, I'm afraid, I'm afraid to lose her. Mom is my only family member. Most of all I am afraid that in my absence something could happen to he ... And I won't have time ...

- Nobody helps you?

Bacho: Only refugees live in this building. Poor people like us, who had to leave their homes, who lost everything, were left without a roof over their heads. Of course, misfortune has brought us together, and we all do our best to support each other. The neighbor stays with my mom if I need to go out. Recently, a neighbor bought a new heater and gave us the old one. Now, thanks to him, we are more or less warm, we have hot water, and this is a great relief!

- Bacho, do you believe in God?

Bacho: Yes, we are a religious family. I used to go to church on Sundays quite often. I still try to do my best now, if my neighbor agrees to stay with my mother for a while.  We pray at home and light candles. Mom constantly whispers prayers ...

- How can we help you? What do you need first of all?

Bacho: First of all, I need an inhaler for my mom - this would greatly ease her condition. I wouldn't have to call an ambulance all the time, which may be late one day ...

It is very embarrassing for me to ask for help, but our situation is hopeless indeed. I saw your posts on social networks, and I got a hope that they could help my mother too, and I do everything in my power.

I take care of my mom and do all the housework - I clean, cook, wash by hand ... We need a refrigerator very much. We cook simple dishes, but it is impossible to cook anything for a couple of days - everything turns sour. There is a lot of washing and this is a problem. A washing machine would be of great help. But what am I talking about? We cannot even dream about that with our income. We need food and medications. We will be grateful for any help. And my mother would be very happy, it would prolong her life...

- I would like to ask one more question, which may seem inappropriate to you, but still: what is your biggest dream?

Bacho: I only dream about my mother being by me for longer. I'm not a little boy, but you will probably agree that mom is the dearest person, no matter how old you are. That's my only dream - my mother to live long and so that her suffering will be relieved at least a little.


  Friends, our compatriots Bacho Jojua and his mother Louisa went through a lot of pain and sorrow. The poor woman remembers nothing but suffering and loss, and now a terrible illness torments her. Bacho devoted himself entirely to caring for her. Having lost his father, he is trying to save his only loved one – his mother.

  Louisa Jojua really needs an inhaler - this is the only thing that can alleviate her condition. Bacho took over not only caring for his sick mother, but also all the housework. A refrigerator and washing machine would be of great help to him. They are also in dire need of food and medications.

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Jojua family.Their address is: Martvili, Refugees settlement, 114 Mshvidoba Str, Apartment 5.

  Or you can call Bacho and cheer him up with your kind words! Phone: 577 92 40 45.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Bacho and his mother Luisa, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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