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Covered with blotches, he turned blue and dropped dead!

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February 24, 2021
“For a split second, I even thought that I had lost my son forever! - says Rusudan and cuddles her son close. - In the evening before going to bed, I heard a terrible thud. I thought the children were playing in the yard, but it turned out that Saba had fallen from the chair.” Mom cannot remember these moments without tearing up, because on that day she stared death in the face and refused to let it take her son away!
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“Saba became covered with blue blotches, seizures began, blood oozed from his nose.... I don't remember what happened to me, the neighbors said that I was screaming like crazy. I called for help and shouted that I would not let death take my son away... If the ambulance was a few minutes late, we would not have saved him."

For three days, Saba was in a coma, he did not come to senses. They ran a bunch of tests on him, they even took fluid from the spine... It turned out to be some kind of a blood disease. The doctors said that God loves Saba! Everything could have been much worse. It could have been, but this time everything worked out. But what will happen next? His disease is quite serious and requires medical supervision and expensive medications. Unfortunately, poor mother does not have that money. What to do? To, once again, entrust the life of her son to the God? To shout at the death "I won't give him to you"? It helped once, but will it help again?

- Do not cry, please, Rusudan, share your sorrow with us ...

Rusudan: My poor Saba ... At the beginning of December, my son and I found ourselves in hospital. Late in the evening, when we were planning to go to bed, he started having seizures and lost consciousness. Thank God, the ambulance arrived quickly, otherwise they might not have saved him... Lord, what have I gone through! I thought I would die of fear! I hardly remember what the doctors said. He has clotting problems, something wrong with his platelets... I realized only one thing: everything could end in tragedy, and I could lose my baby forever. This I would not have survived, because he is all that I have! I live only for him! He was scared too, he felt so bad. All these endless analyzes, IVs... His whole hand is punctured, it still hurts ...

Now it is strictly forbidden for Saba to run, jump, play, as other children do. It is very dangerous for him- it can cause internal hemorrhaging or even worse - cerebral hemorrhage. It's scary to even think about it. He constantly has drowsiness and weakness. I am very grateful to the doctors, they were very attentive to us, they understood our situation, they even donated medications to us, which will be enough for one round of treatment. What will happen next, I do not know ... We live in dire poverty, we do not even have enough money for food, let alone medications.

- What do the doctors say? Did they give you any recommendations? Maybe they told you something about the causes of his disease?

Rusudan: They said that the child must be monitored constantly, it is necessary to take tests and medical consultations... But I have no idea where to get the money for all this. Nutritious food, of course, and as little stress as possible. All this is unachievable for us. Moreover, despite all our hardships, Saba is a very mobile, lively child. These prohibitions make him suffer.

And as for reasons ... There are a lot of reasons: his father and I have been divorced for two years, before that we had endless quarrels and screams ... The kid used to get extremely scared, he huddled in a corner and cried. We do not have our own housing, we constantly move from one place to another, we cannot pay for rent. When the owners suddenly will need their house back, we have to move out. This terrible poverty - just look at how we live! But even these ruins do not belong to us... The doctors said so: stress can be one of the reasons ...

- How did you find yourself completely alone in these ruins?

Rusudan: I got married for great love! Like all young girls, I dreamed of a loving, caring husband, a happy family, healthy children ... My husband and I met while visiting relatives, we dated for almost a year, and then ran away together... No, not because it was fashionable. My parents are very strict, they would not let me go anywhere, but my future husband and I loved each other, and we wanted to be together. This stunt horrified them, they stopped talking to me for 2 years... When our relationship with my husband went wrong and my family life turned into a nightmare, they said: "You are the one to blame".

- What used to be the reason of your quarrels?

Rusudan: My husband started to drink, he started to disappear from the house for months. I had no idea where he was. Also, these endless moving from one house to another. He did not have his own housing, we were not able to pay for the rent, we were constantly expelled for non-payment. How could I not have noticed this in him when we met? I don’t understand... Returning home, he used to brawl.... Saba is a very impressionable, gentle child... Perhaps it was these screams, quarrels, wanderings, poverty - all together that led him to illness.

- You wrote us that you are starving...

Rusudan: It is true! We live only on allowance - 340 GEL. It is impossible to stretch this money over a month. I always have a debt in the grocery store. I buy the cheapest products: flour, butter, pasta ... I bake bread myself at home, this is a significant saving!

- How do you manage to bake bread yourself? You have neither oven nor bread maker...

Rusudan: You are right. We don’t have any home appliances. There is a homemade clay bread oven in the yard. Actually it’s very old, its walls are about to collapse, but it still works and helps me a lot.

- Is there anybody who helps you? Parents or relatives?

Rusudan: My parents are already old - they need help themselves... I have sisters too, they are married, with young children in their arms, they are also socially disadvantaged, like us ... Who should I address for help? My husband and his relatives do not even remember about our existence. But there is a kind woman, who lives in this village, his very distant relative. They live modestly, but they feel very sorry for us. They can't help us much, but, for instance, they gave us a Christmas tree and sweets for the New Year. It was her son who wrote to you - I would have never dared myself. And I don't have the Internet.

- And what about this house?

Rusudan: The house? It seems that it is about to collapse on our heads... We've changed our housing probably fifteen times... We used to rent room while my husband was still around... Sometimes friends sheltered us. Very old couple used to live in this house, but they both died. Then I asked their daughters to let us live here... They agreed, God bless them. If not for them I don't know what we would have done, we probably would have ended up in the street.

But living here is almost impossible. It’s cold here as outside, if you don't sit close to the stove, you can freeze to death! Not to mention that the room is dirty, damp, the walls are peeled off, the floor falls through and mice come from there!

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

Rusudan: Many times. The local government told me that there was nothing they could do for me.

- Rusudan, do you believe in God?

Rusudan: On that terrible night, the Lord saved my boy. We were on the verge of death. Everything in our life happens according to His will, and I believe that God will not leave us!


- How can we help you? How can we make your life easier?

Rusudan: It’s so embarrassing to ask ... If not for the dire need ...

Sometimes I have absolutely no food for my son, I have nothing at home. In the future, we will need money for treatment and examinations, I don’t know what amounts we are talking about yet.

What else can I say - this ruin is about to collapse on our heads, it is impossible to heat it. We light the stove, but the rotten walls do not keep warmth at all. I have to do laundry in the yard, in ice-cold water; after that my fingers can’t even bend... A washing machine is just a dream. I need the refrigerator very much. Sometimes it happens that our neighbors bring us some food, and if you don't eat everything at once, it gets spoiled next day. It's a pity because we are always short of food! Well... We will be grateful for any help!

Can I talk to your son, please? Saba, please tell me about yourself. - Do you like school?

Saba (8-year-old): Yes, I do. It's fun there, I like to play with my classmates during the breaks. But now everything is closed, and it is boring at home. Mom doesn't even allow me to run in the yard.

- Why?

Saba: She says that I can't, otherwise we'll find ourselves in hospital again...

- Are you in pain?

Saba: Not really, just my hand. They gave me shots there, so my hand was all bruised.

- Saba, what are you dreaming about?

Saba: I want a bicycle very much. I would have asked Santa, but he never comes to us.

- Rusudan, perhaps my question will sound strange for you, but still... What are you dreaming about? What is your biggest dream?

Rusudan: My dream? I dream of having a roof over our heads. So that we would have at least a tiny, but clean, and most importantly, our own room. We are so tired of wandering ...

No one will let you into normal room for free, even finding such a shelter is very difficult...


  Rusudan Sulkhanishvili is in dire straits - she was left without a roof over her head, and without a livelihood. The family huddles in a tiny, dilapidated house, and it is as cold as outside there. 8-year-old Saba got sick due to stress. Now he needs constant medical supervision. This family really needs our support very much. How can we stay indifferent and pass by such a disaster?

  The Sulkhanishvili family is in dire need of any help, they need food, a washing machine, a refrigerator, basic cookware and furniture.

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Sulkhanishvili family. Their address is: Telavi Municipality, village Kondoli, Telebis Ubani.

  Or you can call Rusudan and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 551 19 16 23.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Sulkhanishvili family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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