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At night snakes crawl into the house! It’s so scary!

March 2, 2021       659
- There are many of them, I saw it myself! And we have holes in the walls, what if a snake crawls into the house and bites us?! - says 10-year-old Bachuki with his eyes wide open. He and his brothers - 4-year-old Gegi, 2-year-old Dato, 13-year-old Mate live in a wooden dilapidated shed, which cannot be called a house! “It's terribly cold here in winter and hot in summer. Moreover, the house is in such a state that it’s about to collapse! - Izo (36 years old), the mother of four wonderful boys, cries and shows us the walls of the falling down shed "insulated" with cardboard where they have to live. - The walls are rotten through! But what can we do? We don't have enough money even for food.
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