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When my brother cries of hunger I sing to him...

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March 22, 2021
Nine-year-old Mariam does her best to comfort her 4-month-old brother Gabriel when he is hungry and bitterly cries... How to explain to a baby that there is no food and there is no money to buy it? At this time, the unhappy mother rushes around like crazy trying to get some money - find, borrow, beg – to buy another pack of formula, which will be enough for only three days ... “I believe that God will not let my children starve to death! - loving mother Sofio could hardly hold back her tears.” - Mariam is already an adult, she is conscientious and doesn’t ask for anything. But the babies... Saba is only two years old - he cannot understand why I can’t buy him sweets and toys and he cries bitterly. Gabriel is just four months old. I can’t breastfeed him and baby formula keeps getting more and more expensive... God help us!”
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