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Face to face with death. Literally!

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April 9, 2021
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Cancer! Is there any word that sounds scarier? It all started with a tiny pimple, which looked harmless. And after just a couple of months, 46-year-old Khvicha was diagnosed with the fourth stage of soft tissue sarcoma.
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“He was prescribed morphine, but sometimes, when the wounds open and start bleeding, he needs Toradol shots too - and I can't even buy bandages and sterile napkins... I made it from children's old t-shirts...” Elmira, Khvicha’s wife stares blankly at the wall. Her husband’s fate is sealed and there is not even a drop of hope left. 

A huge tumor on his face bleeds at the slightest movement. The once cheerful and caring father no longer plays with his two wonderful children, because every turn of his head causes a burning pain, blood and pus start coming from his disfigured face. 

“It’s blood! It is red! I call “Mommy, mommy” and she gives me t-shirts to wipe it! Poor daddy! It hurts him...” - says little Alexander. Together with his dear daddy, he travels this very harsh road. Every new day is like a feat, like the last opportunity to talk, hug, say: "I love you, dad."

“My husband has very little time left, and he wants to spend the last days with his children ... Lord, give us the strength to endure all this!”

- What's next, friends? What will happen to Elmira, her little son Alexander and daughter Elena, when they are left alone?

Elena (9-year-old): Daddy is always sad now. Once I saw him crying, but he said that these were not tears, but just dust got into his eye. 

- What he used to be like?

Elena: Oh, he used to be the kindest and most cheerful dad. He played with us, we danced a lot. He taught me how to dance the waltz. He said that when I grow up, we will dance waltz at my wedding. But now he cannot. It hurts him... And when he turns his head or coughs, it starts bleeding.

Alexander (4-year-old): It is blood! It is red! I call “Mommy, mommy” and she gives me t-shirts to wipe it! Poor daddy! It hurts him...

- Elmira, how did it all happen... I still can't come to my senses.

Elmira: Indeed... It was a shock for us! As the children said, Khvicha used to be the best father! And not only a father. He is a wonderful person, a wonderful husband. He literally adored us! He surprised us. We very often went for a walk with him. We did everything together... The trouble came unexpectedly!

- How did you live before Khvicha got sick? How has it happened?

Elmira: We used to live happily. We never lived in need. I cannot say we were living the high life, but we had everything to be happy! One year ago, a pimple appeared on Khvicha’s face. It did not hurt, so he didn't pay attention, and the doctor said: "Nothing dangerous, I will remove it if it starts bothering you". Over time, this "nothing dangerous" began to grow very rapidly. We saw an oncologist, and he made a verdict: soft tissue sarcoma, fourth stage, impossible to be treated. (Cries)

Elena: You burst into tears again! You say it is nothing dangerous! That he will get well soon! Mom, please do not cry, do not scare the lady... Do not behave like a baby!

- Does your mommy cry often?

Elena: It happens just sometimes, and she says that she recalled something sad. But she's not a crybaby! Sandrik and I can make her laugh in three seconds! And dad too! 

Elmira: They give us the strength to live on and fight! You see for yourself: the situation is not easy at all. When we were left without funds, it was very difficult at first. I sold everything of value we had to buy painkillers for my husband. Our landlady kicked us out - she said she cannot accept the sick person living in her apartment, she said that if something happens to him here, she will become unable to rent the apartment anymore. Can you imagine that? I hardly found this room to move here with my husband and children. We pay 160 GEL for it. Our income is just 250 GEL of social allowance. With the remaining money I buy cereals, pasta, and couple of kilos of vegetables... What else can I do? I have to take care of children somehow. But I cannot buy medications for Khvicha. He has to suffer through the pain! He has nerves of steel and the kindest heart. Why is he suffering so much, I don't know... Why should he suffer so much? 

- What medications does he need?

Elmira: He was prescribed morphine, but sometimes, when the wounds open and start bleeding, he needs Toradol shots too. It a very expensive painkiller, we just cannot afford it. I can't even buy bandages and sterile napkins... I made it from children's old t-shirts... He wipes himself and then I wash and boil them... What else can I do? 

- It’s terrible, I have no words. Does anybody help you?

Elmira: Khvichas parents died long ago. He had a wonderful sister, but she also died 2 years ago... Khvicha was so worried, my dear... My parents are old, but sometimes they help us with their pension. That’s what I say: if not our children, Khvicha and I would have laid hands on ourselves long ago.

Alexander: Laid hands? On your head? On me? On my sister?

- Well, kids, let’s talk to you now. 

Elena (9-year-old): It will be better. We will tell you joyful stories. Look how I help my dad. I make him tea - I know what he likes. Sweet in the morning and sugar-free in the evening. You know, once they asked me - who I love more, mom or dad? What silly questions do some people ask!

Alexander (4-year-old): They asked me too! 

- What did you answer?

Alexander: My sister, of course! I love her the most! I have very good sister!

- Doesn’t she offend you? The elder children tent to often offend the younger ones.

Alexander: Well, she does, but I am not offended! 

- You are just superkids! What do you want most? What are you dreaming about?

Elena: Daddy promised me to buy I small table for studies! A special small table, where you never eat and only study. Do you know that? That is what I am dreaming about. Nothing else.

Alexander: And I dream to play with my daddy again. And to have a small car. That’s it! 

- Let’s now ask your mommy, what does she need most.

Elmira: I need dairy products for my husband - he cannot chew. I also need painkillers and hygienic products. We would be very happy to have a washing machine, small fridge, and sofa.

Elena: And can we have a TV? Very small one! Just tiny! Please! 

- You can have anything! You are wonderful children! I think many friends of the Fund would like to meet you.

Elena: Excellent! We love the friends! It is great to have friends!


What can we say more? How can we support this family and alleviate their suffering? We cannot make Khvicha as healthy as he used to be, but we can improve his condition. Maybe with our joint efforts, our common prayers and financial support we will manage to work miracle? Do you believe in that? We do! 

The family needs foodstuffs, home appliances, medications, and hygienic items, they also need a sofa, and table for studies. 

Come to visit Elmira, talk to her children. Believe me, you will be excited from their warmth and great love! 

Their address is: Tbilisi, 17 Zakaria Mkhargrdzeli Str.

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund is starting a charity campaign to help this wonderful family. Count them as your relatives. And we are sure that God will bless you!

Please repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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