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Face to face with death. Literally!

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April 9, 2021
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Cancer! Is there any word that sounds scarier? It all started with a tiny pimple, which looked harmless. And after just a couple of months, 46-year-old Khvicha was diagnosed with the fourth stage of soft tissue sarcoma.
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You will be rewarded for making my children happy!


- Sandrik, what will you do if you have a lot of money?

- I'll buy all the ice cream in the store and put it in our refrigerator. There will be cups on one shelf and eskimo-pie on the other. And also, an ice-cream toast.

- What an ice-cream toast, Sandrik?! It’s an ice-cream sandwich.

- What a big deal that I forgot the name!

- And what will you do, Elene, if you have a lot of money?

- I will have a lilac room. And I'll decorate it with cherries.

- Why cherries? How funny! Maybe more apricots or plums?

- I want so!

- Children, are you still awake?

- We are dreaming, mom!

Do you think this is a normal children's dialogue? No, it is much more! Sandrik and Elene are dreaming again! In April this year, Sandrik, Elene and their mother Elmira got a blow and a shock. They lost their daddy Khvicha. Khvicha left so young at the age of 46 due to cancer... Not long before that, our project dedicated to the Meliksetov family has been launched.

We admit, it was a daunting task - to somehow console the children and mother in grief. We managed to do almost impossible, friends! Look at the kids: Sandrik and Elene smile again! Elmira gradually comes to her senses, tries to be strong and wants to return to work. This is a difficult and common victory for us.

They are so wonderful! And they smile again!

- We understand well and share the pain that you had to endure, Elmira. And at the same time, we want to know that you are on your way to healing. Our readers ask about you all the time, they worry about you.

Elmira: My dear warm people! I survived, because all this time you were by me. My life stopped after the death of Khvicha.I didn’t expect anything good, I thought I couldn’t be happy about anything anymore. It's very hard. May no one ever know this pain. My children lost their heart. We got orphaned. But the Fund’s project held us tight! You did not let us stay alone, to go into our sorrow. I got hope. Slowly, little by little every day, you pulled us out of grief, out of stress. (Wipes away her tears.)You cured us with your kindness and attention. We really needed it - both my kids and me.

I will not get tired, and I will never stop thanking you! Each person who responds to our story will forever remain in my heart!

I will never forget the reaction of children to the car with gifts. They ran out of the house and stood in front of it, waiting. After so many tears and worries, they needed positive emotions - joy, surprise. It seems that on that day they smiled for the first time for real, and their eyes were shining. Lord, I wish a hundred years of life to everyone who could do this! I didn’t know how to do it, and I couldn’t. I did not have the strength. But you could! We trusted you in everything: we took your love, attention, participation. Dozens of people called us, many came to visit without calling, bringing what they could... Helped us, supported us, my dear ones.

  “Life takes its toll. I am a mother, and children look and hope for me"

  - Let's remember together what happened, whose visits were especially memorable?

Elmira: All of them are so kind! How to single out anyone? I could not remember all the names, as there was a mess in my head, everything was in a daze because of experiences. I have their phone numbers, albeit without names. I remember Palm Sunday. I was attending a service at Trinity Church (Sameba) when someone called me. It turned out that he had already reached our house in Varketili (we live there in a rented apartment) and was waiting for me in the yard with food. And he waited until I returned from the church. Seeing my black widow's clothes, he could not hold back his tears. He spoke for a long time and apologized that he did not manage to come on time, that he did not find Khvicha alive... (Wipes away her tears.) He said that he was a soldier and that they get paid only after the 20th. He said he would help as much as he can. There was so much warmth and empathy in his words and eyes! God bless you! He had nothing superfluous himself, but he was eager to do something for us. And he really helped us financially.

Once he called me and said that his friend went fishing and caught a lot. He asked if it was possible to bring fish to children? He was so polite, so delicate. “Of course,” I said. He gave us a feast - he brought a lot of trout, tender and fantastically delicious. My children were so happy! I fried the fish. It was already cleaned, ready for frying or boiling. God bless you, man of pure soul! We will never forget your kindness!

I am grateful to the staff of the Fund, these amazing people. May I mention Nana and Dato? They called all the time, asked how we are, what is needed. After Khvicha's death, I did not have the means to somehow mark 40 days, to make some feast at home. It was the Fund's staff who helped me to resolve this issue. You can’t forget such a kindness.

I remember a woman who called me right after the post was published. She has a little baby who is two years old. Despite this, she came to visit us the next day together with her baby. She brought us a lot of food.

It's hard for me to single out anyone. You are all very dear to me! I will pray for your health and wellbeing. Do not get sick and do not lose your loved ones!

- Did the local authorities react to our post? Will we hear anything new from you now? Indeed, very often we hear the same thing repeated - they stay indifferent to the problems of people.

Elmira: No, nothing like that. But I will note one fact. After Khvicha's death, I addressed Giorgi Dokhturishvili (the majoritarian deputy of our region) and asked for help - to help bury my husband. He directed me to the district board (gamgeoba) and helped me to write an application. They really helped me with the funeral, they paid for a plot of land at the cemetery in the village of Lilo, helped with buying a coffin. (Cries)

- I see. Let's leave to ourselves the thoughts about the help provided by the state. It’s a sarcastic topic. The state of your mind is more important to us now. May God give you endurance and strength!

Elmira: My dear, I want to share with you how it all happened. Let me do this. My Khvicha suffered so much, even morphine did not help him in the end... He was prescribed four doses of morphine, and along with that they also gave him analgin with diphenhydramine shots. But the pain did not go... I realized that the end was near when his body stopped responding to the painkiller. My husband somehow quieted down, he did not worry. He passed away on April 18, and on the 26th he would have turned 47 years old! So young... My children and I pray every day. We believe that there, in heaven, he feels good, it doesn't hurt, that he is now our Guardian Angel.

My youngest, Sandrik, does not leave me a single step after the death of his father. Once he even said that he was afraid of losing me. Elene is doing well. They are very understanding. As if they grew up so quickly... Everything that you have done made them very happy, encouraged them! You will be rewarded! It is a work of mercy to please the hearts of orphaned children. And you gave me strength and support, you helped me to start a new stage in my life, you brought me back to reality. I live with the everyday routine.

Mom's tail

- It is so wise to live for today, to live in the present.

Elmira: Here, I use your practical gifts - a refrigerator, a washing machine. I get less tired, less nervous. Household chores distract me from thoughts.

  "I entrusted all the washing to the washing machine"

When they brought me the refrigerator, I immediately thought: “So good! If I buy a chicken now, there will be no longer be a need to cook it all at once, so as not to spoil. I’ll cut it into pieces and will put some in the freezer." (Smiles.) The children were so happy about the refrigerator, they began to shout: “Hurray!!! We will have a lot of ice cream !!!” It turns out they have their own plans. (Smiles.)

  "We have our own plans for the refrigerator"

- And now we will find out from them what their plans are and what they liked the most out of the gifts.

Elene (9-year-old): I will tell you. Sandrik dreams our entire refrigerator to be filled with ice cream. Cones, eskimo-pies, sandwiches, all sorts of ice-cream - vanilla, berry, chocolate with nuts.

Sandrik (4-year old): Why are you talking me about my wish? Say about yours! What am I going to say now?

Elene: Okay, good! Do not look at me this way. (Smiles.) I liked the bunk bed the most. I chose the upper bunk. Now I sleep well and do not wake up at night. And I don't cry at night. At first, Sandrik and I argued over who would sleep where. But now we switch sometimes.

Sandrik: I assembled this bed!

- You said that you had nothing to tell us!

Sandrik: When thee brought the bed, I helped my uncle. He called me. I brought what he needed and gave it to him. And he said: "Well done, you are so good at making beds!" And he didn’t tell that to Elene. And she still took the upper bunk for herself. (Elene laughs.)

- You are a cool furniture handyman, Sandrik!

Sandrik: This lady praised me too, did you hear that? (Turns to his sister.) I have a real tablet, it’s only mine. I watch cartoons on it, and sometimes horror films. (Smiles.) They gave us two, you know, ma’am? Elene also has her own.

"I assembled my bed by myself!"

- What are you watching there, Elene?

Elene: A TikTok video. I really love the "Vicky Show" program - this is a show for children "challenges" (exchanges), it is very funny and interesting. I also like the show about repairs. Someday I will have my own room. And I will decorate it with cherries and lilac. I love the lilac color!

"I want a lilac room with cherries"

- Guys, how happy we are that you are in a good mood! We are really happy that you feel good! To Mars and back!

Elene: Is it much?

- It is!

Sandrik: Mom is also happy when we are having fun. She hugs us tightly before going to bed and strokes and kisses us. And then I kiss her. And then she kisses me. Mom says I'm her tail. Ma’am, do you think daddy sees us?

- Of course! He guards and protects you.

Sandrik: And he is happy that they brought us gifts?

- Yes, dear...

- Your children are so wonderful, Elmira.

Elmira: They are my outlet.

  "Mommy, stay with me for a while"

- If there are any unresolved problems left, our readers will help you. We are by you. Do you remember that?

Elmira: I am embarrassed asking for help. I have been working since the age of 18. But my husband's illness, his terrible diagnosis, everything that happened to us over the last fifteen months, while we were vainly fighting for Khvicha's life, crippled us a lot. If not for your help, if not for the children, I would hardly have endured all this and survived. But I am a mother. I have no right to give up.

After your post, I even started working in a publishing house - this is my former place of work. It is located in Gldani. Every day I went to work with my children, because there is no one to leave with. They paid me 20 lari per day. Sometimes I worked on Sundays. This money was somehow enough for food. But alas, this pandemic and stopped transport tied my hands. As soon as a new wave starts, they immediately stop transport. And all that I earn will go away for taxi. We get 250 GEL per month as socially disadvantaged family. 160 GEL from this amount, is spent on rent. If we would have had our own, albeit a small room, life would have been much easier.

Khvicha was my support, and now everything is on me... (Sighs.) School is coming soon. Elene, like all girls, wants to dress beautifully. I really want to dress her up, I try as best I can. It would be great to get a job, then I would make sure that my children get all the basic things they need. I'm worried, of course, I don't want them to feel uncomfortable, to lag behind others in some way. But please don't take this as a complaint. I just share my thoughts. And I am immensely grateful to all of you for your tremendous support. You are dear to me! I appreciate each of you, everyone who responded, showed empathy and involvement, who was by me at such a difficult moment.


We cannot bring back to life those who are gone, but we can help those in grief, keep them from despair, lend our shoulder. We are not given to change the fate of people, but it is in our power to alleviate their hard fate! I would like to thank you, each of you, friends, for taking care of this family. We pulled them to the side of light, life, and hope. By the power of good deeds and sincere words. Elmira, Elene and Sandrik are gradually getting back on their feet, learning to live in a new way. Stay close. Help, love, and say kind words. You will be certainly rewarded.

Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Friends, thanks again to all!

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