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How does sick and old "she-wolf" live?

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April 14, 2021
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"If I cannot walk, if I will have to crawl on my knees - I will not abandon my grandchildren, I will not allow them to feel bad, I will not leave them... Until my last breath, I will be with them and will do everything possible so that they are not left alone!" Eight-year-old Jony, 11-year-old Luka, and 12-year-old Nino have a Guardian Angel named Nunu. She is a mom, grandmom, and friend for them. She lived a hard life, she is seriously sick, she needs care and attention, but the hard fate befell her - to bring up her grandchildren who do not have a mother.
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Well, don't worry! The mother of these kids did not die. She is safe and sound and she probably feels well... But she's somewhere... Not with her children. She left them seven years ago. There has been neither sight nor sound of her ever since. But our story is not about her. We have no right to judge people...

- Nunu, could you please tell us how it happened?

Nunu: In our family, we do not discuss this topic with the children. We don't want to hurt them. But I will tell you. But please, just don't ask them about their mother. They don't like to speak about that. And they don't even remember her well. They were too little. Nino was four, Luka was three and Jony was eight-month-old. Only once in seven years, Luka asked me: "Where is my mom? They say she died. Is it true?" I was taken by surprise - I didn't know what to answer. It is hard to tell the child that his mother left him. I put him on my knees, hugged him, and said that his mother was not dead, that she just decided to leave, that it happens... (Cries.)

- But that never happens!

Nunu: You know, they have me! Well, I'm sick. I have diabetes, I have cancer... But for them I will turn into an ironwoman: if I can't walk on my feet, I'll walk on my knees; if I can't walk on my knees - I'll crawl, but I won't let my children be offended, I will do everything for them! 

- They are very lucky to have you!

Nunu: It would be better if they were lucky in something else... But this is what the Lord willed! So it should be like that.

- What is your biggest problem now?

Nunu: I would have never bothered strangers if not for a dire need. We were left without any livelihood. It is impossible to keep children with the social allowance alone. My son lost his job because of the pandemic, my husband is a sick man, he cannot work. And I, what can I do? I can hardly walk within the house. I needed to visit a doctor - but I have no money either for the doctor or for transportation. 

- Which doctor you were planning to visit?

Nunu: As I said before, I have diabetes. I should be transferred to insulin. But I can't reach the doctor. God forbid, but what if my blood sugar rises, and I'll come down? Who will look after me? My grandchildren? Oh, no! No way!

– What do you need first of all? How can we make your life easier?

Nunu: The biggest aid for me will be a washing machine. A gas heater will serve too. We also need medications and foodstuffs. I think that's it. And if it’s possible please rejoice the children with something. 

- Sure! We will talk to them separately. But I promise not to ask them about their mother. Could you please call them?

Nunu: Sure! Just a minute. Nino, Luka, Jony! Don't be shy! This lady wants to talk to you, tell her how good you are.

Jony (8-year-old): I am the best and the most joyful! I know how to amuse everyone, I know a lot of funny stories. Even when granny feels bad, I hug her, tell her jokes, and she immediately gets well! 

- And what else do you like to do besides joking?

Jony: Well, I love doing everything, which is fun. I love wrestling and playing football. And when I grow up, I will become a "football wrestler". (Laughs.)

Nino (12-year-old): He's so childish, only he can come up with such a thing... He's really good. We can't even take offense at him. He is so affectionate. He comes to you, hugs you, and makes you forget all the insults. 

- Don't you quarrel with Luka either?

Jony: Nope, you know how good he is? We often play backgammon with him. He often loses... In wrestling as well...

Luka (11-year-old): Jony is a worthy adversary, and don't think that I play at give-away with him. He's a cool guy!

- It's great that you are friends. Luka, could you please tell me about yourself?

Luka: I am a good boy - granny says that and everybody says that. I love to study, I love history so much. I keep pondering how the people who lived in the caves have achieved whatever they have achieved without anything? How did they build a civilization? It is so cool! But do not think that I only read books! I want to become a wrestler! They are so strong!

- Do you attend any sport classes?

Luka: I don't manage to. We cannot afford that. There is no sports club here in the village, and we cannot get to the city and pay for the sports classes there. But I'd like to! From the bottom of my heart.

Nino: I dance well. And I love to watch cartoons. I also dream of performing on stage, but I have no dresses. Do you know what beautiful dresses Georgian folk dancers wear?!

- Oh yes, I know ... When I was a child, I also dreamed of such long beautiful dresses and long braids. I think your dreams will certainly come true! What else are you dreaming about?

Jony: I dream about a bicycle, the same as other children have. I dream about it so much!

Luka: And I need a tablet. Do not think that I just want to play, there are many interesting history programs you can download.

Nino: I want a washing machine for my granny. It is so hard for her to wash, and she does not let me help her. She says that little ones shouldn't mess around in the cold water. But what about her?

- What do you want for yourself?

Nino: A phone. It is my pipe dream. I would make beautiful photos. Sunrises, sunsets, beautiful landscapes of our village. I know, I would do it well!

- We will write an article about you, and I am sure that many people will decide to make friends with you. You will see, everything is gonna be alright!

Nunu: God bless you for such support. I believe they will support us. We are experiencing hard times now.


Friends, the Milorava family needs the help of kind people indeed. They are in dire need. We cannot remain indifferent and not help them. They need home appliances, furniture, linen, clothes, medications, and foodstuffs. Let each of you imagine that these are your children, that Nino, Lika, and Jony are your flesh and blood! Because they are our future, the future of Georgia!

Friends, come to visit them and ask them what do they need, cheer them up and support them, let them feel that they are not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble. It's extremely important!

Their address: Senaki Municipality, village Nosiri.

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts a charity campaign to help the Milorava family. Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It's extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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