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If this baby dies of cancer, we will never forgive ourselves!

May 17, 2021       3450
Such a long-awaited, such God-given 3-year-old Saba can leave his parents at any time. Hemangioma, or tumor, might become malignant any time! Doctors diagnosed that immediately when a baby was born.
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Such a long-awaited, such God-given 3-year-old Saba can leave his parents at any time. Hemangioma, or tumor, might become malignant any time! Doctors diagnosed that immediately when a baby was born. 

After 3 years, they just shrug their shoulders: they would like to help, but where to get money...

“He needs a surgical intervention, otherwise he could develop complications. But unfortunately, my husband and I do not have the funds for the operation. This is killing me!" - 43-year-old mother Maya cries at night. Her son, her little angel, is one step away from a serious illness, and maybe an imminent death. But this is not the only problem, which does not let a woman sleep at night... There is no food to give the child, no clothes to dress him, and no place to bathe him.... Is this really life?!

“Not every job will suit my husband, he suffers from epileptic seizures and has to take medication all the time. But he no longer thinks about himself, he is looking for any job, because the life of our son is at stake - he can leave this world either from a congenital disease, or he can just starve to death."

They only can hope for the Lord and the kindness of people - they won't leave their family.

- Maya, could you please tell me about your son? What’s wrong with him?

Maya: Saba is our long-awaited child. I got pregnant three times before his birth, but I had miscarriages all the time. You can’t imagine how hard it was for me to think that I would never have a child. And then my baby was born. My husband and I were so happy! It was a real happiness for us! But we immediately noticed some spots on our son's hand. The doctors said that the child had a congenital hemangioma. The disease, although it belongs to tumor-like neoplasms, is considered to be benign. However, we must pay attention to the disease, it requires surgical intervention, otherwise complications may develop. Unfortunately, we have no means for operation. This kills me! My son takes special medications now to prevent the growth of hemangioma. But we often have no money even to buy medications. 

- What do you live on? What is your income and is it enough for you?

Maya: The state pays us social allowance - 200 GEL. That’s our whole income. I have no idea how to distribute this money, what to buy - food or medications. What is more critical? My husband used to work hard before the pandemic. But then he lost his job. And now it’s very difficult to find any job. You know, not any job is suitable for my husband - he suffers epileptic seizures and must take medications all the time. But he no longer thinks about himself, he is looking for any job that comes along, just to earn some money. I worry so much both for him and for our son! (Cries)

- Maya, we feel your pain and empathize with you very much! Let’s better talk about how did you meet your husband.

Maya: Our friends brought us together. When I saw him, I immediately felt how kind he was! And I was right! We soon got married and have been living together for seven years now. Eldari is a wonderful person, he is loving father and husband. 

– What is the main problem of your family?

Maya: My priority is my son. The most important thing for me is for my son to get well. But we are short of means! Sometimes I think that I will soon go crazy from constant thinking of where to get money... How to distribute 200 GEL for a month - how to buy food, medications, and clothes? How? So, I got a cow and chickens. But this is still not enough to provide for the family. 

- What does your son eat?

Maya: Mainly soups and pasta... But the child needs a nutritious food. I can't even buy him candy; I count every penny so as not to spend too much. So, we live - from payday to payday. And our living conditions are unbearable too. 

- Maya, could you please tell me more about the place where you live? How many rooms here are suitable for living?

Maya: This entire building is not suitable for living! Especially when you have a child. It’s cold and damp here, our roof leaks, we have no flooring here - just a bare cement. We have three rooms here - one is where we all sleep, another is a kind of hall, and in the third one we store our goods. We bring water from a well. The toilet is in the yard. We bathe at home in a plastic washing basin. Sometimes it feels like a ceiling is about to collapse. My God! It’s not life, but hell! 

-  What help do you need?

Maya: First of all, we need medications, diapers and food for our child. My husband and I don’t think about ourselves, the most important thing is to have enough food for our son.When you live in such terrible condition your clothes get dirty soon. But I don’t have a washing machine - I wash all the laundry with hands. It is so hard, especially in winter.We really need fridge and a TV set. We have old ones, but they keep going out of order. We fix them but they go out of order again. What kind of life is this?! Feels like everything is as if out of spite! Saba has no toys, but if we had a TV, he could watch cartoons.We don't have enough beds too. We have old iron beds at home, all covered with rust. It is impossible to sleep on them.

- Does anybody support you? Maybe your relatives help you? 

Maya: Unfortunately, no. My mom is not alive, and my dad lives far away. He is a pensioner, and his pension is barely enough to buy medications. How can he help us? On the contrary - I should help him as a daughter, but I can’t. I also have brothers, but they have their own families – they live in dire conditions themselves. The same situation is with my husband’s family - all of them are poverty-stricken. I can’t ask them for help. 

- And what about state? Did you address the local authorities for help?

Maya: I addressed them many times, I wrote numerous applications. But with no results! They don’t help us although they know about our family. I got tired of calling for help. You are my last hope.

- Maya, why did you decide to address our Fund? 

Maya: I heard and read that you are doing a lot of good things and have helped a huge number of people! You know, at some point I even lost hope. But you brought it back to me! 

- What do you believe in?

Maya: I believe in God and kindness. I believe that kind and empathetic people will not leave us, and we will manage to get on our feet. I already feel that our family is not alone anymore,


  Friends, the Izoria family really needs help of kind people. They live in dire need. We cannot remain indifferent and not help them! They need home appliances, clothes, medications, and foodstuffs. Little Saba is permanently malnourished. But children must not starve! Let each of you imagine that he is your son. Let’s support them, let’s show them our mercy, let’s help this poor family.

  Friends, come to visit them and ask them what do they need, cheer them up and support them, let them feel that they are not alone and that we will not leave them in trouble. It’s extremely important!

Their address is: Chkhorotsku municipality, village Kirtskhi, Saizorio settlement.

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts a charity campaign to help the Izoria family. Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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