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I'm really scared!

June 16, 2021       1236
“He starts to twitch, throws his head back and waves his hands. If he does not sit firmly in his chair, he may fall. Therefore, you must look at him all the time and hold him tightly! - tells us little Natia and shows how it looks when her brother Giorgi has an attack. - Do you know how scary it is? Have you ever seen this? It's very scary! Sometimes I even have nightmares that he gets bad, and I do not have time to help him."
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“He starts to twitch, throws his head back and waves his hands. If he does not sit firmly in his chair, he may fall. Therefore, you must look at him all the time and hold him tightly! - tells us little Natia and shows how it looks when her brother Giorgi has an attack. - Do you know how scary it is? Have you ever seen this? It's very scary! Sometimes I even have nightmares that he gets bad, and I do not have time to help him."

  Poor Giorgi, he was not lucky with his health, but he is very lucky with his brothers and sister! They literally dote on him! They fuss over him. They refuse all the childish joys for his sake (if food and clothes can be called childish joys). He is the most important and dearest person in their family! But unfortunately, a sick boy cannot live with love only! He needs medications, diapers, food!

  How can these unfortunate people live on 550 GEL? The children know that this is money for Giorgi, he will not survive without drugs, but they can do without food, clothes, and toys. They can do easily!

- Keti, don’t cry please! Tell me more about your son. Is he sick since birth?

Keti: He was diagnosed at the age of three month. My husband and I were expecting for a perfectly healthy child. I could not even have imagined that Giorgi could have any health problems. He suddenly felt bad, he stopped breathing, he almost died right in my arms... We found ourselves in the hospital. Everything was as though in a daze - I could not understand what was happening to my son... He spent a month in intensive care unit. When the doctor said that Giorgi would never be able to walk or talk, he would remain disabled for the rest of his life, I wanted to die.

- Has he any chance for recovery? Is it possible to help him somehow?

Keti: When I ask doctors the questions they just look away. His state is hopeless, he will forever remain disabled... His brain does not develop at all. He will never be able to walk. They said that his hip bone is in such condition that there is no sense to operate him on. They said it can only make it worse. Recently, he was operated on an inguinal hernia, which bothered him a lot - that’s it. Nothing else can be done.

- Keti, what would you advise to the mothers in the same dire situation as yours?

Keti: How can I advise anything? What could be worse than watching how your child suffers and realizing that you can’t help him at all? I want to wish all of them patience and stamina. And strength to overcome this terrible pain!

- What is the most difficult thing in raising a sick child?

Keti: Everything is difficult - Giorgi is absolutely helpless. He needs diapers, special food chopped in a blender. Only by expression of his face one can understand whether he feels good or bad. He can't say what bothers him. My mother helps me a lot, she took care of him from his first days. If not for her, I don't even know how I would have coped with all this... She walks with him, turns on music for him - this is the only thing that can somehow entertain him.

- Do the authorities help you?

Keti: Once a year they finance medications for my son - that’s the whole aid. I have addressed them many times, wrote them about the terrible poverty my children live in - I have two more sons and a daughter besides Giorgi. But they ignore my applications.

- What means do you live on?

Keti: We get an allowance - 550 GEL and Giorgi's pension, which is not enough even for his diapers and medications. And we just borrow the foodstuffs. I don't know how do we even manage to survive.

- Do you or your husband work?

Keti: You know, you can’t find job in the village. He takes any opportunity to earn even a penny, he used to work in a bakery. Sometimes, when they need some extra working hands, they call him to the brandy factory. But it is a drop in the ocean. I used to work in the David-Gareji monastery, as a cleaner in a public toilet for tourists. But everything is closed due to the pandemic now, and I lost even this tiny income.

– Keti, how did you meet your husband?

Keti: We met while visiting our relatives. Probably, it was love at first sight, I immediately realized that I had met my destiny, and very soon we got married... I was not mistaken in him, Amiran does everything in his power, for me, for our children. If only he could find a permanent, good job...

- How did you imagine your future then - 12 years ago? What plans you made?

Keti: Well... Like everyone else, I guess. We dreamed of a strong family, healthy children, we thought that we would both work. Who would have imagine that we would find ourselves in such poverty, that Giorgi would be ill...

- What supports you? What does not let you fall into despair?

Keti: Only faith. I believe that everything happens according to His will. And all trials are sent to a person for a reason... We are very religious, we often go to church. When I worked in the monastery, I went to church every day, lit candles, and prayed for my children. And we also have many icons at home. My daughter often approaches them, crosses herself, and whispers something. She is just 8 years old, but she already understands everything...

– Does anybody help you? Your relatives or friends?

Keti: I am the only daughter. My dad had diabetes, he got a leg injury once, which caused gangrene. He was operated on twice, but to no avail. He passed away 19 years ago, and my mother had to sell our house in order to cover debts and have at least some livelihood. My husband is an orphan, and he is the only son as well. He was only 10 years old when his mother died, and after that his father drank himself to death. He neither has place of his own. We have no one to ask for help. Of course, we have distant relatives, but everyone has their own problems, their families, children...

- Is this apartment yours?

Keti: My mom bought this apartment in a very low price when she sold her parents' house. Not surprisingly - this building is old, there are no amenities here, and it needs major repairing. There are seven of us, and we can hardly fit here. Our toilet is in the yard - the children are afraid to go there at night. And I have to bathe them in a plastic washing basin right in the room. We heat the room with a wood-burning stove, they cut gas off to us for non-payment... When I cook dinner, I do it at my neighbor's place. We are friends, she helps me as much as she can. Sometimes when she cooks something she brings it to my children too...

- What do they usually eat?

Keti: We buy the cheapest foodstuffs - pasta, potatoes... And the children, of course, ask for fruits and yummies. I try not to go shopping together with my children, because they want everything, and it’s hard for me to refuse them all the time.

- Tell us a little bit about them.

Keti: Probably every mother thinks that her children are special. That they are the smartest, kindest and most talented in the world ... My elder Omar is a good boy, he studies well, he is always ready to help everyone, all the neighbors adore him! Natia studies in the second form; she missed the entire second semester of last year and this year too. I'm afraid they won't transfer her to the third form. I do not know what to do. The school netbook went out of order, and we don't even have a smartphone with the Internet so that the children could attend lessons...

I tell them the truth about their brother. They know that he will always be like that, that his disease is incurable. Valery is still a baby, he can't even talk well.  He misses the kindergarten, children, and toys a lot. They give us foodstuffs now - cereals, pasta, jam... A little help, but thanks for that.

– Can I talk to your children, please? Omar, you are the oldest, let’s start with you. What is your favorite subject at school?

Omar (11-year-old): Mathematics, I love solving difficult problems. I study well, and my mother is very proud of me, and they always praise me at school!

– What will you become when you grow up?

Omar: I want to become a famous football player and earn a lot of money. Then I would buy everything for my family!

- What are you dreaming about, Omar?

Omar: I dream that Giorgi would be healthy, we would play football together! I go up to him, hug him, kiss him... And he smiles to me! I also want to have a computer.

- What do you need it for?

Omar: What for? My sister and I would attend lessons then. There are so many interesting things! You can watch cartoons, play games...

Natia (8-year-old): Yes! My netbook went out of order. Dad said that it burned out and does not turn on anymore... I was so upset!

- And what about you, Natia? What will you become when you grow up?

Natia: I want to become a doctor, I will cure people. And our Giorgi as well! Mom says that he will never get well, but I believe I will become the best doctor and will certainly cure him!

- What are you dreaming about, Valery

(A baby hides behind his mother).

Natia: He is shy! I know he wants cars and sweets. He always asks mommy to buy them, but she has no money. But he doesn't understand that you have to pay money in the store.

- Let’s ask your mother now. Keti, what are you dreaming about?

Keti: I only want one thing - for my children to be fine. So that they have a normal home, that they have delicious food and nice clothes. So that they grow up, learn, become successful people. My heart hurts because they are deprived of everything. The elder kids already understand everything and do not even ask... Perhaps, schools will be open soon, but they have neither notebooks nor pens. I do not know what to do…

– What do you think, you need most in your home?

Keti: We will be grateful for any help. Giorgi needs so many things! Medications, diapers, routine visits to doctors. We are unable to cope with such expenses.

His brothers and sister have no proper clothes and footwear, they are constantly malnourished. We have nothing, you know? If there was even hot water in the apartment, they would not catch colds all the time... The beds are broken, we don’t even have normal chairs, wardrobe, everything is jumbled in one place.

I am embarrassed to ask, but God knows, I dared to ask you for help only for the sake of my children. I always read the posts on your page. God, there are so many people in trouble, there are so many of them who need help! I wrote to you hoping that fate would smile on me and that good people will not pass by our grief. God bless you!


  Friends! Grief, poverty, her son’s disease - all at once befell Keti, the unfortunate mother of four wonderful children - 4-year-old Valery, 8-year-old Natia, 10-year-old Giorgi who suffers cerebral palsy and 11-year-old Omar.

 They live in terrible conditions, in cramped room, with no amenities. The family is unable to cope with the costs of medications and diapers their sick son needs, children are constantly malnourished, wear rags and are deprived of the opportunity to study!  But these angels, are the future of our country!

  The Musalbishvili family is in dire need of any help: food, diapers, medications. Children need a computer to study. There is no hot water in the house, all the furniture is old. 

  You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Musalbishvili family.Their address is: Gurjaani Municipality, Gurjaani, 13 Takaishvili Str, first floor.

  Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support the Musalbishvili family too, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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