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He left his child and pregnant wife in a moldy boiler house

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July 15, 2021
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God, it's hard to imagine where people live, it's hard to believe where the state is pushing them: into former dilapidated hospitals, greenhouses, barns. Our today's heroes - little Anna and her pregnant mother Victoria - live in the boiler house.
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God, it's hard to imagine where people live, it's hard to believe where the state is pushing them: into former dilapidated hospitals, greenhouses, barns. Our today's heroes - little Anna and her pregnant mother Victoria - live in the boiler house.

An old torn dress serves there as a door, trying to give a scent of coziness to this concrete cave. Pieces of linoleum put together try to give you the feeling that you are in an apartment. But there is no way to hide the black mold on the ceiling. It is exactly this ceiling, threateningly hanging over you, that makes it clear that no one cares about these unfortunate people. They were put in this random place, and they should be grateful for everything!

Anna has health problems: she does not talk; she is delayed in development. She makes her mother know what she needs with a set of incomprehensible sounds. And she only needs to either drink or eat. The child simply has no other dream. And even if she has one - who cares?

When Anna wants to tell something to her mother, she shows it with gestures.

“My daughter understands everything what I say, she perceives the world around her. But she does not talk. Her intellectual behavior and development are behind her age. A course of treatment can help us. But I don’t have that kind of money. Doctors said that it is necessary to help the brain develop up to six years, otherwise irreversible consequences may occur. So now the most important thing is not to waste time. But I don’t know what to do. I am all alone with my daughter, and besides that... You see, I'm expecting a second child. I am already seven months pregnant. I have no idea how to raise the two of them...”, says mother Victoria.

Boiler house building where Victoria and her daughter live.

- Victoria, how it happened so that you are raising your daughter alone?

My husband left us. He found another woman... Sorry, I’d like not to go into details. It is hard for me to recall that last period of our life - he was distant, he almost did not talk to me, he was always late, sometimes he did not appear at home for a couple of days... And then one day he came, packed his things, and left. It happened two months ago. It was so hard for me! But I tried to hold on for the sake of Ani and my baby.

- I don’t understand how it was possible to leave a wife when she is pregnant! Does he help you?

Victoria: He does not at all. He sometimes calls me and asks how Anna is. That’s it! I have no idea where he is and what is he doing. I'm not even interested. Don’t get me wrong - I have a daughter and will soon have another child. I live for them, they are my future!

- Did he ever come to visit his daughter?

Victoria: He came couple of times... My God! Although I am angry with him, you should have seen how happy Anna is when she sees him. Her eyes start shining, she smiles at dad, pulls her arms to him, hugs ... She loves her father so much! It hurts me very much to see that. How could he leave his daughter? (Cries) Sorry, I can’t talk about that.

- Victoria, we understand how it hurts and we are so sorry! Tell us about your daughter. What is wrong with her?

Victoria: She hears everything, she understands everything, but she can’t talk. At first, I thought she was deaf, or she had autism. But doctors said my daughter has a language delay. Sometimes she utters some words. But when I ask her to repeat, she can’t do that. Now Ana just says some sounds, syllables... There is a chance for her to recover and will talk normally, but this needs treatment and visits to specialists for that.

- Do you rent this house?

Victoria: No, it belongs to town hall. It is a former boiler house. Few more families live here besides us. The state knows about all of us. They just allow us to live here.

- Tell me about your living conditions. How are things going here?

Victoria: It is very cold here. But in winter it becomes completely unbearable! It does not matter how much we heat - it is still freezing. And it is dump here. You can touch the pillows and blankets - all is wet. When it rains outside, water runs down the walls. Due to the dampness, we have mold. Anna often catches cold - she coughs all the time. Conditions are terrible here, but I have nowhere else to go!

Black corners, mold and dampness

- What do you live on Victoria?

Victoria: I have 140 GEL social allowance and 40 GEL food coupon. Well, at least we don't have to pay for this house, otherwise we would have lived by begging. We still have no money for anything. Neighbors sometimes, when possible, help us with food.

- Do your relatives help you?

Victoria: I only have mom. She lives in a village with my aunt. Sometimes mom comes to visit us, and she brings us some foodstuffs then. But she is ill, she has problems with the bones of her legs, she needs to be operated on, but there is no money for that. She tries to earn money somehow. But it is difficult for her to find a job, because my mother is lame and it hard for her to move around.

- It is extremely difficult to live in such conditions with a little child, and even more with a newborn baby. Is there any chance for you to move to your aunt’s place in the village? I suppose that the living conditions there will be better.

Victoria: My aunt has a family, and I am embarrassed to bother them. Besides that, there are specialists here in Tbilisi who can help Anna. I have no money for doctors. I only hope for your Fund and for good people. I believe that you will help me!

“It is so hard for pregnant woman to wash laundry with hands. The back hurts! But what else to do if the washing machine went out of order?”

- Victoria, what help do you need first of all?

The most important thing right now - is my daughter’s treatment. If you could help me with that, I will be very grateful! But we are far from having everything in our house. The washing machine went out of order, and I wash everything with hands now. I am pregnant and it is so hard for me to carry washing basins and buckets with water. And after the birth of a child, a washing machine will become even more necessary. The bed I sleep on is broken and wobbly. It would be great to have new furniture. And we don’t have a TV Anna loves to watch cartoons and music programs. Maybe cartoons will help her with her speech? It would be great to have a TV.

- Do you believe in God, Victoria?

Victoria: I trust only in Him! I believe that He will not leave us, that He will help my daughter through your Fund and our compatriots. Nowadays, being pregnant, I rarely manage to go to church. I have my own corner with icons at home. I pray every day! And I always feel that He is nearby even in a such terrible place like this.

"Lord, please help my daughter get well!"

- A good, kind, God-loving person - is a person who... Can you continue this phrase?

This is the one who acts honestly, who will not remain indifferent to the troubles and problems of strangers, who will understand and support you at any time. If a person has no love for God in his heart, he will never be kind.

- What is happiness for you?

Victoria: First of all, I am a mother. So, I will be happy when my children are happy. Happiness for me is to know that my children eat their fill, they are healthy, and nothing hurts them.


Friends, little Anna need your help! We should give her a chance to live full life. Let us pray for little Anna! The girl to become able to talk needs special procedures, visits to doctors.  Her mother has no money for that. Besides that, they need a washing machine, bed, and TV. Let us help this little family! Let us not remain indifferent to their problems!

Friends, you can visit them and provide all possible help to the Kvaraya family. Their address is: Tbilisi, Temka, 43 Iakyan str.

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts charity campaign to help the Kvaraya family. Please repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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