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July 29, 2021
Mariam is having a hard time. She is ill. She is not like others. She can talk, read, write, dream, like her peers, but since her childhood she cannot walk. Can you imagine, friends, how hard it is for her family, living in in complete poverty, to see her suffering? They are so poor that they cannot help her!
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I found out where God lives! He lives in the hearts of Georgians!


“God, I beg you! Please let me and all the good people in Georgia see how Mariam walks.”

What a joy it is to just stand firmly on your feet. To stand without mother's support, independently. Mari is already doing that - a little bit longer every day. A little bit more, just a bit more...

- Well done, Marie, good girl! - her mother Eliso is so happy.

- Mom, did you see how much I could do on my own? Maybe I can walk too? How quickly God heard my prayers!

You already know Mariam Gumberidze. straighten her hand..." How little it takes to turn a new day into a real miracle!

It’s important to not stop now! The doctors say that Mari has a good chance to start walking soon. In her case, cerebral palsy is not a sentence. We must give her that chance too. Nothing will work without our help. The family has no means to take another course of treatment, exercises. It’s disappointing and bitter to know that the dream is very close, but you have to give it up now! Mari has already set herself up for success, her whole family is full of hope. We can give her the greatest gift - the ability to walk! The Lord has chosen us to help Mari.

- Eliso, we know your family has good news. I am happy that all this happened after the publication of our post.
 What has changed in your life?

Eliso: I am very happy! I used to be on the edge of crying all day long, but now I smile and laugh. This is not only to cheer up my children, but because I am really happy. Mariam has excellent results. Things are going for the better. She can stand on her feet more steadily and for a longer time. She can straighten her hand well. They do exercises with her, they teach her to walk.

- Could you, please, give us more detail on how it all happened?

Eliso: Sure! After the post was published, one merciful girl contacted us - Nata, unfortunately I don’t remember her last name. Everyone knows how expensive each massage session is. Our family would never have had that opportunity. Lord, bless our good Angel! First, Nata made several massages herself, and then, on her advice, I addressed the referral service and the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia. They financed all massage sessions for Mariam. The best results brought the rehabilitation course held in the Tbilisi balneological resort. The course included 9 massage sessions made in sulfuric water (It was arranged by the Referral Center.) Another 20 rehabilitation massage sessions were financed by the Ministry of Health of Abkhazia. The result exceeds my expectations!

Mari's motor skills have changed a lot - she straightens her arms, trains well, can stand steadily. Now we live in hope, we all have a completely different mood. If not for your post, I would not have had this happiness.

You know, we live on a high floor, and it is difficult for us to move with a sick child. But every day we were getting such encouraging news that Mari and I literally flew up these stairs! These new events and changes brought so much joy to my daughter that I forgot about myself.

– You have now made all the friends of our Fund very happy. It is a blessing that Mariam's condition has improved!

Eliso: I want to express my gratitude with the warmest and most touching words. My heart is overflowing with joy! You are the kindest and most empathetic people! You saw how much we struggled and helped us in a very important matter. Not to mention your attention and gifts. Thank you for the love!

First of all, we switched on the refrigerator. Cooking several times a day was killing me, especially in summer. Mariam was very happy with the TV, everything is interesting to her. My daughter stays at home all the time, she needs some entertainment, not to think about sad things. We still have not been able to install a gas stove - we need money for this, but hopefully we will soon be able to cook on it.

Zviad, Mariam’s father: A TV is a special gift for our daughter. She listens to songs and sings along. Mari has a good ear and voice. It’s a pity that she won’t agree to sing now, she’s shy.

 Eliso: “Mari is happy that all these gifts are for her. Thank you for the love!"

“Finally, we can store food in a proper way”

- Eliso, would you like to single out someone of your new friends?

Eliso: Please, write about the rehabilitation therapist who opened the way to happiness for my daughter.

Recently, a young guy, a tiktoker, contacted me, he said that he really wants to bring some happiness to Mariam. Many wonderful, kind people call me, many are asking how we are. Thank you, my dear ones! It will not be easy to repay your kindness, but God will certainly reward you.

 Marie's home life is more interesting now - now she has a TV

I have been looking for support for a long time, but I found it only with you. Your help was very important, you supported me so much. Once again, I got convinced that it was a right decision to keep fighting for my daughter. I can say the same to those mothers who, like me, are fighting to change the lives of their children: “Never give up and never lose hope. Kindness works miracles.” I gave your phone number to many people, because I have never seen that much kindness as your good friends have shown me. I want to say to mothers in despair: "Do not hesitate, call and change the lives of your children."

- You already know that you can speak frankly with friends of the Fund. You probably still have some problems left.

Zviad (Sighs): There are various problems due to the lack of funds. When you went up to our place you probably saw a steep metal staircase. It is logical that a family with a child like ours, who has problems with walking, should not live at such height. But it all comes down to damn money - this housing option just turned out to be cheaper. We need to rent an apartment somewhere on the ground floor, then Mari would recover faster. We would not have suffered so much if not for these additional difficulties.

- We must show our readers this staircase. Maybe they can help you to rent some other apartment? At least for a while.

For a girl with cerebral palsy, this staircase is a big obstacle on her way to freedom.

Eliso: Oh, if we could solve this issue, it would be a real salvation!

- Let’s continue our talk about problems. What else do you need right now? What can help you?

Zviad: The only thing that my wife and I care about - is Mari's health. I feel awkward to say that, but every minute matters for her. She needs to have intense exercises every day. If you miss at least one week, all the results will get lost. Exercises cost a lot, and we have not got the funding yet. We are waiting, but nobody knows for how long we’ll have to wait. We have again addressed the rehabilitation center in Temka, to Paul Walker's clinic. The prices there are much lower, the service is very good, and they know Mari well. But we won’t be able to continue the treatment without money. It takes only a year and a half of intense exercises for my daughter to get on her feet. Very little is left. This is the main question for us now.

Eliso: The only thing I want is for my daughter to start walking. I dream of seeing how my Mariam walks! I will do everything for this, I will even give my life.

I am just sharing with you - maybe someone can help. I know it's not easy. We were told that the best rehabilitation hospital for cerebral palsy patients was in France. They will certainly put Mariam on her feet there. I have no idea where and how to get means, but I keep thinking about it day and night. If there is someone who knows how to help, if kind people can do anything, I will bless them every day for the rest of my life! Lord, don't let me die without seeing my daughter walking!

Changes in Mari's life depend on us. She believes and waits so much.


You have so many plans when you are twenty. Just think about how many dreams, wishes, and beautiful days you used to have or have now, if you are twenty years old. Mariam also has dreams. She dreams about the simplest things. Can you imagine how she would feel if she could go out to meet her friends for the first time? How would happiness fill her heart if she could stand in front of a mirror in a beautiful dress, dressing herself independently? If only she could free herself from this cage?

How happy we would be if she could do all of this herself! But we can take part so that one day such a day will happen. We can take part in giving her happiness. Or we can leave Mariam with her dreams which will never come true... But we won’t do that. Having opened our hearts once, we always stay close, right?

You can visit Mariam and help her at: Tbilisi, 22 Gardabani highway.

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