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If thief will come here, he will cry with pity

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August 20, 2021
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Vaziani. People move here when everything goes too bad and you need some place to live, when you need to have just a roof over head. Zhanna and her two little daughters found themselves here, on the edge of life. Luck of love brought her here.
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This family needs clothes the most. Clothe them, and your soul will be enveloped with God's blessings!
I asked for bread but found love!
Elene hugs fruit cereals
Nine months ago, Elene and Anastasia did not want to talk to us. They only looked sullenly as their mother Zhanna was crying non-stop. When they had only two spoons of jam left at the bottom of the jar for breakfast, and their house looked like after a demolition (they had no windows, no doors, no things) - they did not want to talk at all. Misfortune has made them silent. 
We so wanted to disenchant them so that they too could laugh like other little girls! They needed a lot of love, warmth, and care. Efforts of all of you were necessary for a miracle to happen.
Try to stop Elene now! She makes split, and shows us the backbend, and recites poetry in Georgian. She does not run away from visitors anymore. Do you want her to explain why?
“I’ve got toys. And new backpack. And a pillow. And a TV. And sweets. And I also have a dad, like other children!”
Friends, we have another incredible news! Our project helped Zhanna find a husband, and Elena and Anastasia found a dad. The story of salvation also became a love story.
Anastasia liked the cookies with a cherry
- Congratulations, Zhanna! What unexpected news! I remember your words: "I was not born to be happy." What do you think now?
Zhanna: I am happy, indeed! I met a wonderful person who supported me and promised that I would no longer be struggling alone against the cruelty of life. He accepted my children as his own, my fate as his own. We temporarily live with my mother. Besik goes to the old apartment every day to bring it back to normal, he makes renovation himself. I will introduce him to you.
Do you remember, you came to visit me last summer? I was so upset, my children were crying. I completely lost my heart. I could not even imagine how much my life would change! I swear to you, I could not even imagine that! I thought that I would be a beggar until the end of my life, I would be unhappy. And you turned everything around! This is no longer just help, this is a fairy tale!
Can I say something to the other poor people who lost hope? You must be patient. You shouldn’t expect the worst. Miracles happen! Such a miracle happened to me after I met the readers of the Fund.
“I also found a box with such things”
Anastasia: “Give me one, come on!”
- Zhanna, what a heartfelt confession! The post about you and your little daughters had a huge response. We all want to know how it happened, how people helped? Who do you remember the most?
Zhanna: A lot of people helped me and my daughters.  They transferred money to the Fund's account. I saw how our figures were growing, and I was about to jump and scream like a girl! This meant that we were no longer hungry, not abandoned, that they would buy everything for us. My children were happy too.
Zhanna: “We’ve got a new fridge”
A big sofa for the entire family
Beds for children...
And such a gas heater! 
They brought us things, food, toys, kitchenware. Many people came along with their families and children. Big thank you to each of you! As big as our joy is! I saw how friendly and caring Georgia is. (Smiles with wet eyes.)
Someone called only their names - others did not. Will there be enough space to write about good people? I really want to say something.
- Of course, there will be! 
Zhanna: First I met Natia Zazikashvili. I just stood there with my mouth open and watched her unloading gifts for us. She brought us a washing machine along with a large supply of detergent powder, an oven for baking, bags with groceries, bags with children's clothes, hygiene products. How generous she is! Oh, there were books too!
One day Temo Zaburashvili came and took me to Carrefour. I haven't been there for many years. What to do there when you have no money? Temo said: “Get whatever you need!” I took groceries, and the children took everything they wanted from the heart.
I remembered Khatia and her boyfriend. We had a good conversation. They spent a lot of money on us - they bought us food and hygiene products. Suddenly, when they were about to leave, they noticed that we didn’t even have light bulbs. They ran to the store, brought them in and screwed in the light bulbs all over the house. Such a good couple!
And Lika? She is an athlete - a gymnast. She is so cool! She invited Elena to her studio for free. My girl has been dreaming of this for so long. She knows how to do a backbend and split. We’ll go to see Lika soon.
They learned about us even in Greece! Elene went to school with a new backpack. The emigrants sent several backpacks and everything girls needed for school. When we finish our renovation, I'll put up our new curtains. They are very beautiful.
Soldiers from the Vaziani military unit helped us - they are our neighbors. When we watch TV, I remember Keti. This is her gift. I remember Maya and her husband, I remember Levan, Ucha, a girl from Rustavi...
One woman came with a child, she also brought us gifts and encouraged me: “The main thing is not to be afraid. I used to be in the same hopeless situation, but today I help others.” Her words gave me strength.
Thank you that there are so many of you! I will never forget how you tried to give us everything, how you tried to save us. I am very happy, thank you! You have succeeded!
Besik, my future husband, was also one of those people who decided to help us.
- How it was, Zhanna?
Zhanna: When I got the building materials from the Fund, I immediately started the renovation. I dreamed about this for so long. But it was hard to keep living in the same apartment with children. Besik offered us to move to his house in Ozurgeti, in the village of Konchkati, while a renovation was underway at our home. That's how we met. And then we looked at each other ... (Smiles.)
He is a former athlete, taekwondo teacher. He also went through a lot in his life. Once he crashed so badly that no one thought he would survive. But he did. Besik says that he opened his eyes to find his destiny and start a new life. And he found! (Smiles.)
Our kids got along too. Beso’s daughter, she’s 12, is friends with Anastasia and Elene. One must see how happy he is when three children at once say to him: “Dad!” tailing him.
Anastasia and Elene opened up, started to communicate with everyone.
- We'll check it out now. Elene, will you talk to me?
Elene: Yes, I can talk to everyone now.
- Why didn't you talk to me before?
Elene: I did not want to. Children did not play with me, they laughed at my toys. I didn’t have ice cream, and beautiful shorts. I didn't have a dad. And they talked about their dads.
- And what about now?
Elene: Now I have beautiful dolls. And a sofa, and a TV, and pillows. And I have a dad! I can talk about him too. (Zhanna is about to burst into tears of emotions.)
- That’s it! Our girls will have everything. The Fund has so many friends, they took care of everything.
Anastasia: Children started playing with us, they come to visit us. But they say: “Your house is ugly!”
Elene: It is not beautiful yet, Anastasia! But it will become beautiful soon!
-  Sure, Elene! The renovation will end, and everyone will see what a beautiful house you have. Zhanna, did the local authorities somehow react to our post? Did they do anything?
Zhanna: Yes, they came too. They said - if you need anything, write an application, and we will help.
But I don't even know where to start the list of my problems. My apartment is not registered on me. First of all, I want someone to help me register my apartment. It takes so many efforts to arrange everything here. If one day someone comes and takes it away, I won’t survive it ... I’ll probably need the help of a lawyer. There is so much to do, but the main thing is that we started.
Here is Besik. (Joins our conversation.)
Besik: Zhanna's story shocked me. I really want to make her happy. I will not spare myself, I will work hard so that our children feel themselves full-fledged people and grow up carefree.
Children say: “Our house is ugly”
– We are very happy for Zhanna, happy for your new family! Zhanna said that you are trying to make the renovation with your hands. We know that there is a lot of work, everything has to be done from scratch.  What do you need most right now?
Besik: We already installed the windows that were donated by the Fund. Now it looks completely different! The Fund helped us with building materials 2000 GEL worth. Thank you! Now I am combating with walls and ceiling. We need to finish them with plasterboard, and then I will paint walls or put on wallpapers. I clean floor to lay at least linoleum. Ceramic tiles and laminate are expensive. It would be great to build one more small room to arrange nursery there. Our neighbors said they would help us. If only there were building materials - I'm not lazy to work.
Kids used to ride the frame without window. But you won’t be able to ride such a window.
It looks good from outside as well
Zhanna: I am determined that everything will be fine with us, everything will work out.
- Would you like to address our readers? What did this help and support mean to you personally?
Zhanna: Sometimes it happens that no one and nothing destroys your childhood and life as much as poverty does. Poverty is a terrible enemy of a human being. I don't want anyone to experience it. You helped me start fighting with it. You shook my life, helped me raise my head, and look forward to happiness! So many people took care of me and my children! They called us and came to visit us in person so many times, hope flashed in my heart so often. You gave me energy, gave me the strength to live. I believe that my life will not be the same as it used to be.                           
Friends, you inspired Zhanna to start a new life. And they gave a lot for this new life. All this time Zhanna and her daughters felt your love. It remains quite a bit - to help them complete the renovation. To get rid of the traces of horror that used to be here. It will be a new, happy home. And it will be so nice to know that you took part in creating this happiness. Many thanks to each of you for your response.
Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!
Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:
Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!
Friends, thanks again to each of you!
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