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Mold and rot poison the children's lungs!!!

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November 8, 2021
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Mom Irine and her three children - 12-year-old Saba, 10-year-old Togo and 2-year-old Mariam - live in unbearable conditions. The rotten walls of the shack are covered with mold, which floats in the air and then settles in the lungs. All their time the kids are in this room, breathing this air, stumbling over holes in the rotten floor. What will happen to their health? It's scary to even think about it. But that’s not their only problem.
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The day of happiness has come for my children!


Crunching on delicious cookies is so much fun!

Look at that pretty face! Blond blue-eyed beauty, a real little princess. When she laughs, it brings you desire to live! She is life itself! She is joy itself!

But reality is cruel. Until we published a post about the Vashakmadze family, this wonderful baby, along with her brothers and mother, was slowly dying in a miserable shack. She breathed mold, froze in the draft, starved, and slept on a broken bed.

It was you who gave them a normal life, which every child should have. You saved them from that nightmare!

The house where the family lives today does not belong to them. Their housing keeps being a problem. But now the children are not in danger, they are warm and comfortable. Irine says that she loves and hugs all of you. And looks at you with hope...

"Now try the waffle"

- Irina, we are so happy to see you smiling! And our readers will appreciate your attitude. What has changed since the good people took part in your life?

Irine: My children have changed a lot - they have become joyful and self-confident. I watch my children every day after you and kind people have provided us with support. They felt what kindness and support means. They saw that someone feels their pain, someone is happy with their happiness and that people need them. It makes me happy and fills me with hope for the future. I hope that human kindness will become a lesson for my children, and one day they will save someone in trouble too.

- We know that many people have expressed their desire to help. Is there anyone from these kind people who you remember the most and would like to single out?

Irine: So many people came to visit us! Many of them called and expressed their desire to help this way. Everything happened thanks to you. Everyone who helped us - you are the guardian angels of my children!

There were many women among our guests. A couple from Chkhorotsku brought us a bag of flour, meat, potatoes, and a large supply of food. Isn't that happiness?! They treated my children as if they were their own children. It warmed my heart - they remain my friends for the rest of my life! Three guys from Batumi came with toys, children's clothes, sweets, they spent a lot of money. They showed such a caring, sincere attitude ...

Do you know about the nice girl who pays our rent? She is wonderful, amazing. Our new friend is an emigrant. In total, we pay 250 GEL for housing, but this kind girl pays a major part of the amount from her earnings. Can a person do something more merciful?!

I also want to name Lasha, he also became friends with us and treated us as if we were his close friends.

But I love everyone, I hug everyone! All together you saved us! Lord, you see everything! Give this good people happiness, give them health, give them a hundred times more. Save them, protect them.

– What makes you and your children very happy today?

Irine: Our daily routine used to be a disaster. We had nothing - no food, no home appliances. I did not care about myself, I was worried only about my children. Every day I was in a terrible expectation that they might get sick. In a house covered in dampness and mold, my children seemed to languish, and I felt like I was a accomplice of the horror that was happening. How can I compare today with that life?!

With the help of the Lord and good people, we now have everything that we lacked so much before. They brought us a fridge! They gave us a great washing machine! Furniture! TV set! And most importantly - we have a house, which, however, we rent, and it is comfortable.

One way or another, we have the necessary conditions for life. Children need a lot for normal development. The fact that we no longer live in that terrible house has saved my children from daily stress.

My constant worries and sadness naturally had an effect on the children. Do you know what is the most important thing in my story? With your support, my children have become interested and diligent. They are proud of the fact that, as it turned out, they can also live a normal life. They believed in that, and that makes me stronger!

 Irine: “My children started to live with dignity, to live good!”

Can you describe your emotions and the emotions of your children when you felt the love of other people? In a previous post, you said that you do not rely on anyone. You said you feel alone in this world. What was your first emotion at the first call, at the first person who came to help?

Irine: I can tell a lot about my past and about that life, but even recalling that makes me feel terrified. I don't want to get back there! I want my kids to be happy like now. I want to see joy in their eyes. They got many gifts. Children started to live with dignity, as all families should live.

Mariam and Togo also learned to express their love and support. Here's an example for you. When children come to visit us, Mariam wants to give them toys. She never did that before. My girl remembers how sad and bitter it was without toys. She thinks that other children have no toys either. And she wants to give them toys as soon as possible so that they do not feel sad. (Smiles.) This is the love she learned thanks to you.

The first call sounded the day after your Fund published a post about us. They told us: “We saw your post and want to come to visit you.” It was just an indescribable joy! The very first call made me feel that the day of happiness for my children had come. Thanks to you, these kids have acquired such people who brought back joy to us. Good people did what I had to do, and I will be grateful to them my entire life. The blessings of my children will be more than enough for you and everyone who has supported us.

- How do you children greet guests who come to help you?

Irine: When Mariam noticed someone standing at the gate, she ran to me shouting: “Mom, mom! People have come again. Come out soon!” Every morning began with questions from my daughter: “Mom, is anyone else coming today? Is anyone coming to visit us?" I answered: “Yes, dear, they will come.” Then she asked me a new question: “What will they bring me?” “I don’t know that” - I said. (Smiles.)

- Did the local authorities do anything after our post?

Irine: Unfortunately, they did not keep their promises. They partially pay our rent for housing - 100 GEL, but even that they are doing with a delay. I went to the office after post was published. There they told me that they had read a post about Mariam and they wanted to send gifts to the child. They wrote down her name, but we have not received anything to this day.

I was very angry with the social service. They said that they would take the children, and I could take them back when I find a job and become stronger financially. It’s a madness! Would I ever be able to return the love of my children if I let that happen? The main thing to me is that my children are next to me, and I share everything with them.

"Here are my new clothes"

- Marie, you are like a baby bird nestled on your mother's lap. What about gifts?

Mariam: Which one are you asking about - for children or adults?

- About all of them.

Mariam: Oh, they're all good! I have many toys! I’ll take a small break and will play again. And then I'll watch TV. The washing machine is mommy’s gift, but I also like it. It spins all the time. I'd be dizzy if I was spinning that much. (Laughs.)

- Mariam, I saw that you looked into the fridge. What are you doing over there? Aren't you afraid to turn into ice cream?

 Irine: “Mari saw these things from others and so she took these gifts emotionally”

Mariam: I am not afraid! I won't freeze, I'm warm. I also like my mother's gas stove! There you can quickly cook food! I have a similar toy. I cook food there. Mom won't let me here.

You're kidding, I won't turn into ice cream"

- Mariam, you dreamed of a big, big doll. Did you get it?

Mariam: I did! (Nods contentedly.) And little ones too.

Mari also has a four-legged friend

- You are a good and beautiful girl. You look like a little princess.

Mariam: Really? Good.(Mariam blows me a kiss with her small palm.)

 Mariam learns poems and songs from TV

Irine: Mariam, what poems did you learn from TV?

Mariam: A red apple rolled, Mariam ran to school. A mischievous and pretty bunny is running along the path... (So, she told us the rhyme to the end.)

- Now let's talk about Togo. (As soon as I mentioned his name, the little boy immediately found himself next to me. Mariam did not like that her brother came, she wanted to keep on chatting)

- What did you get as a gift and what did you like the most?

Togo: I am glad that we have a house. It's not cold here. They gave us a lot of things. We have a TV, and a refrigerator, and food, and a stove to warm it up. And I love the bike. But it broke.

- Why, what happened to it?

Togo: I gave it to one boy, and he broke it.

- Maybe you still have some wish? What gift would you like to get?

Togo: My brother Saba and I want a car with a remote control. Most of all I want to have such a car.

– Togo, what you think about those people who brought you gifts and changed your house? What would you say to the friends of our Fund who have become your friends too?

Togo: Thank you very much. I want us to have our house for a long time.

(These words confused Togo. Thrilled with the memory of his old experiences, he curled up on the couch and buried his head in the pillow.)

– Irine, we know that you have a pretty comfortable house, and kind people gave you household stuff. But the problem remains: the house is not yours, and after some time you will have to think about housing again.

Irine: I don't want to worry, but you have a point. I am thinking about that. To have at least one room, but of our own. And the kids want it. Children understand that we rent housing. There are risks - sooner or later, our annual rent term will run out. And what will happen next? Will we find ourselves in the street again?


  Togo is a little smart boy. He understands that the house where he lives now, although it’s comfortable, but does not belong to him. He reads all his mother's anxieties and is also afraid of the future.

“I beg you, do not let my children fall into poverty again,” Irine said sadly in the end. Yes, the single mom is right. We will not let that small holy candle that we lit blow out. Let our good deeds make it burn long and bright, so that these children have home, food, and life with a smile. Their happiness is in your hands, and yours is in the hands of the Lord, who is generous and just. The Lord surely rewards a person for kindness!

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

Thanks again to all!

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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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