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November 11, 2021
Gocha cannot talk. Terrible things happen to him because of this. Once his mom and dad and brother and sister did not understand, and his appendicitis burst. Another time they did not understand - and pneumonia developed. If they don't understand he finds himself in an intensive care unit. His relatives are always on the alert! He only whimpers faintly, when he is feeling bad, he cannot even show anything with his hands. And then his mom puts his head on her chest, on the side where her heart is. She does it very often because he is often feeling bad. Mother Maya’s heart aches for a long time, and she needs to see a doctor.
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When I saw so many gifts, I wanted to jump with joy together with Iza and Niko ...


  “Tears flow from my eyes when I see so many gifts, but these are tears of joy,” Maya tells me, “You know, I spent all my thirty-five years in need. Even the simplest gift was a great luxury to me, but now there are so many at once! This emotion will be with me for the rest of my life. I don’t know how to express my gratitude! I would say that the friends of your Fund themselves are the biggest gifts for all those in need!”

 “And my boy is happy, mom always feels it”

  Maya Khetsuriani is the mother of three children. The eldest, Nikoloz, is eight years old. He loves to solve mathematical problems very much - I called him a little mathematician. The middle one is Isa, a mischievous seven-year-old girl who likes to play football. The youngest, Gocha, turned six on March 5. He is wheelchair-bound. He simultaneously suffers from multiple diseases. He is given nutrition through a drip. He cannot talk and his hearing is impaired. Gocha needs a lot of medications, diapers, special cereals. The family is socially disadvantaged. It is very difficult for them to cope with everything.

  Our Fund published a post about the Khetsuriani family on November 11th.

  - Maya, how has your life changed since our Fund published a post about misfortunes of your family?

  Maya: I knew! I knew that the members of your Fund are extraordinary people (she means subscribers), but I really did not expect so much attention and so many gifts. How has our life changed? I will tell you now: you know that I feed Gocha through a tube. I used to crush everything, squeeze - it was hard... Now, this blender and juicer made everything easier for me. You can’t even imagine how much I needed them... Also, these medications, special cereals with vitamins, diapers... I can't list them all!

 “I will soon learn how to wash too, because it should be easy with this”

  Nikoloz (son of Maya, 8-year-old): Mom, do not forget about the washing machine, how many dirty clothes we had... Gocha's trousers, Isa's clothes, you had to wash them every day...

  - And what about your clothes, Nikoloz?

  Nikoloz: Well, mine too, but I was relatively neat. I am a big boy; besides that, I have few clothes. I gave everything to Gocha.

  Iza (daughter of Maya, 7-year-old): And how can I not get dirty when I play football in the yard?

  Maya: Children don’t argue! We liked the washing machine very much, and the oven, and the meat grinder, and the kettle and the iron!

 “Iza carefully studies everything”

  Iza: When I learn how to bake, I will make a big khachapuri on this dish and invite all those people who helped us so much.

  Nikoloz: Iza, do you know that there are a lot of them, because many have read and learned about us?!

  Iza: I will also bake a lot - my mother will help me!

  - And yet, Isa, what did you like the most?

  Iza: I liked the kettle! As soon as you turn it on - hop - and there is hot water! And the iron is nice...

 “There are so many gifts! Can mathematician Niko count them?”

 “Mom, look, everything is so new and beautiful…”

  Nikoloz: Yes, it's beautiful. But let mom iron, you are too young for that yet. You've already burned something and that's enough! Better tell how you ate more sweets than me.

  Iza: Not at all, we fraternally divided them ...

  - Is Nikoloz telling the truth, Iza?

  Isa is embarrassed.

  Iza: We haven't eaten such tasty treats for so long, I couldn't count well! I have already apologized, haven’t I?

 “Oh, what goodies, it would be nice if they didn’t end!”

  - Nikoloz, what of the gifts did you like the most?

  Nikoloz: I was happy with the juicer and the thing...  that whips up food...

 "I'm glad, I'll help my mom whip up food for Gocha too"

   - And why a juicer and a blender?

  Nikoloz: I will give Gocha more food and he will get better soon. I don't want him to be taken to the hospital again. He likes to be with me more than there. He makes me understand something. You know, he likes the sounds of horses ... If only I had my own tablet or phone, I would often let him listen to them...

  - How did you get that he liked the neighing and snorting of horses?

  Nikoloz: He smiles then. I need a tablet too. I love math and I can find a lot of problems on the internet...

  Iza: I don't want to miss online classes either, can you lend it to me?

  Nikoloz: I'm not as greedy as you...

  Iza: I'm not greedy, I'm little. Little ones love chocolate. And mom and dad don’t have any money to buy us chocolates. Then there will be no money left for food and medications for Gocha... I liked it so much that you brought us a lot of "cookies". There was a lot of them!

 “My bunny was so happy with your gifts”

  - In general, which of the sweets do you like the most?

Iza: Snickers - I tried it before and I really liked it.

   - Maya, did the local authorities respond? Was there any reaction from them after the publication of our post?

  Maya: Absolutely no reaction. No one remembers us, no one is interested... They keep silent. We have such a child in our family. He needs special attention and care. We don't even get his pension in full because part of it is kept by the bank.

  - Did you have a bank loan?

  Maya: Well, we took out the loan for his treatment and medications. We have been to an intensive care unit many times. Three times, he was in a completely hopeless state. When the doctor told me that there was no chance for him to survive, I fell on my knees and began to pray. I don't know what I mumbled - I don't remember that... But I remember praying for all those mothers who have disabled children like me! I prayed for all those children who were fighting for their lives at that moment! And a miracle happened, my Gocha was saved! Thanks to all the doctors of the Iashvili clinic. In fact, they raised my son together with me!

  - Maya, I know that our gifts made you very happy. But your problems didn't end there. What else do you need?

  Maya: I am very embarrassed to say that, but we constantly need medications, diapers, and cereals for Gocha. If I buy all this with our meager social allowance, Nikoloz and Isa will stay hungry. Paata and I don't think about ourselves anymore. If only they had food and didn't have to go to bed hungry. I feel very embarrassed to ask you for anything else while my children are hungry...

  Satisfied that we made the family so happy, but still with a heavy heart, I ended our interview. Maya told me a lot more: how they sold their cow that fed the family, how they dismantled the flooring in the house and sold it to buy medications for Gocha. How difficult it was for her husband, Paata, to find part-time jobs to bring at least some bread to the children... She also said that Gocha had already grown up, so the doctor increased the dose of the drug for epilepsy - Epix. Now, one blister is not enough for him even for a week... One box of porridge is not enough for one day. Lord, there are so many expenses... Why?

  We can't leave this wonderful woman in trouble. She needs your support again, for Gocha, Iza, Niko. So, while the little mistress Iza bakes a huge delicious khachapuri for all of us, we will try, our faithful readers, to give these little angels a few more beautiful, happy days.


  If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you opened your kind heart and helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.

  Our problems are nothing if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.

  Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

  Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

  Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

  Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!

  Friends, thanks again to all!

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  Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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