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They live in the open air next to rats!

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November 30, 2021
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“In good weather, I can see the starry sky from my bed,” says 11-year-old Giorgi. And this is not just a joke. He offers me to lie down and take a look. Actually, it is not night now, and there are no stars in the sky, but I can imagine it. From the minute I entered this house, I can only count the holes in the ceiling and floor.
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They live in the open air next to rats!


She is cold and hungry. And rats scare her.

“In good weather, I can see the starry sky from my bed,” says 11-year-old Giorgi. And this is not just a joke. He offers me to lie down and take a look. Actually, it is not night now, and there are no stars in the sky, but I can imagine it. From the minute I entered this house, I can only count the holes in the ceiling and floor.

One hole is so big that a large person can easily fit in it.

This one was covered by the old door. What a nightmare...

And from this hole, a rat fell right into the room recently.

And rain drops fall from these holes.

And from this hole, which was covered with an old saucepan lid, rats entered the room. They did not creep in or sneak in, but just entered, as it was their apartment. And I was not surprised. This house belonged to them for many years. It was the rat house where the family had to move two years ago.

It is not a house, but a torture chamber!

After the head of the family lost his job two years ago, the family became unable to pay for rent in Tbilisi. They decided to move to the village, to the paternal house. The house, where no one had lived for many years, fell into decay, became a refuge for rats, stray dogs, livestock, wind, and mold! There was not even a single whole glass in the windows.

Madonna: When I stepped into this house and looked around, I felt scared. My only wish was to turn around and run away. But there was nowhere to run. So, we moved here and started living in this nightmare. There was not even some space to put our baby to sleep. Then kind people gave us a bed and a table. There were only bare walls, but even the walls were not whole. There was a hole; there was a crack.... Despite the fact that my husband works tirelessly - he takes any part-time job, these pennies are barely enough for food and diapers for the baby.

“Is it her fault that she was born in our family? Does she deserve to starve?”

-  It is difficult to find a job now even in big cities, and in the countryside it is probably even close to impossible. 

Madonna: You are right, it is very difficult! Sometimes my husband stays without a job for a month or so. And sometimes chops he firewood for someone and helps someone to harvest their field. Now, for example, he helps our neighbors to put up a fence.

- Did you live well in Tbilisi before you had to move to this house?

Madonna: We never had much money; we didn’t have our own house there. We rented an apartment, but we lived well! We had enough for life. My husband worked as a car mechanic, and I worked in the cellophane production. During the pandemic, my husband's garage went bankrupt. So, we decided to move to the village - at least, here would be no need to pay for rent. To be honest, we had nothing to pay for rent. You know, just allowance is not even enough for food.

Probably the cavemen lived in better conditions

- I look at these cracks and holes and start wondering - how do you heat this space at all?

Madonna: You have no idea what it is like to live here with children. It is impossible to heat this room. It's only warm next to the stove. So, we sit next to each other until late, and then we go to bed, dressed. We hug each other and fall asleep. If it rains, you can forget about sleep. We are looking for a place where it pours less. The children have become so depressed. We promise them all the time that everything will change for the better, but it only gets worse.  We can’t save even a couple of laris from our allowance to buy cement and fix the holes. If we buy cement, we will be left without flour, which means we will be hungry. We try to support each other, but it doesn't work.

We can only get warm next to the stove. It's our savior

- Nobody helps you at all?

Madonna: My mother is 80 years old My father died long ago, and my husband’s parents have long been gone as well. Our neighbor Tsitso supported me from the first day we moved here. She's like a sister to me! When she noticed horror and confusion on my face, she brought us bedding, blankets, she even gave us these beds. There was no place here to sleep! As I said, all the windows were shattered. So, her husband, without saying a word, brought and put in the glass. Besides that, they gave us milk for my children. I hope the day will come when the Lord will give me the chance to return them the favor. I think, this can only happen in Georgia. They do not live well themselves, but they help their neighbors!

"Before they gave us these beds, we all slept on the floor!"

- Did you address the local authorities for help?

Madonna: I asked them to help us at least with the repair of the roof, but they told me they could not. They have no money in the budget, they didn’t even accept my application. Fixing the roof is our main problem now. I don't even know how we will survive this winter - our house is completely rotten.

Giorgi (11-year-old): If I could work, I would make our house amazing! Don't you believe me?

“Mom says I have golden hands. But these hands can only do small things so far. I'll grow up and then... "

- I believe you! Today I watched you - you cleaned the yard, you fiddled with your little sister, you laid the firewood beautifully. And you study well, I even think that you are an excellent student at school.

Giorgi: I can study well. I love Math the most, it’s easy for me. But it’s impossible to study here. We have neither phone, nor computer. Nini and I cannot attend the lessons. I wish I could become an adult as soon as possible!

- Do you think being adult is cool?

Giorgi: I am sure! Adults can work. Daddy doesn't even allow me to chop wood. When I grow up, I’ll become a mechanic, I’ll fix cars and buy a car for myself! Not just a car, but a BMW!

“I will grow up and drive my sister in my BMW. Maybe she won't quarrel with me then?"

- Will you drive girls too?

Giorgi: No! I will drive only my sister! All girls are kind of strange. You say “hello” to them or give a flower, and they either hit you or drag you by the hair. That’s why I don’t make friends with them.

Nini (14-year-old): He doesn’t even make friends with me. It's so hard to communicate with these little children!

“I love drawing. There I can draw my world. Everyone is beautiful there, and everyone has food.”

- Well, let's not talk about little boys. Tell me about your dreams.

Nini: I have no wishes since we moved here.
 All my dreams were left in the city. Mom always says that this is temporary, that we can handle it, but when it rains on you when you sleep, it's just terrible.

- What would you like to change in your life?

Nini: I don’t even know. I would like to change everything, except for mom, dad and sister... I would even change Giorgi’s temper, but don’t tell him - he might feel offended.

“Children can be very evil - they can say things that make you want to cry.

 They often pointed a finger at me saying that I was miserable."

- Well, please name at least one thing that could make you feel happy.

Nini: I love drawing. When I draw, I am in my world. I want to always have art supplies. I dream about a phone!

- You see, it turns out that not all of your dreams were left in the city ...

Nini: Well, this one is so unreal that it doesn't even count as a dream. These are just words. I know that it will never come true.

- We’ll see.

Nini: Well, I don't need anything. Better fix the roof for us. I am, sorry, I need to leave... 

“We really need a washing machine. Mom broke her arm last year. And I don’t have enough strength to wash that well as my mother does”

Madonna: You know, Nini is really worried about our conditions. Once her peers laughed at her because we are living on social allowance. Is it funny? They also pointed a finger and said that Giorgi was not their father. This made her very withdrawn, she bursts into tears all the time. Children can be cruel. They don’t yet understand that they can hurt someone a lot with their words.

- Madonna, what the social allowance is enough for? What do your children eat?

Madonna: I try to buy a little bit of everything when I get allowance. Children are already deprived of everything. Our menu is quite meager - soups, potatoes, pasta. If it seems funny to someone - let them laugh. We have no time for them, we need to survive.

We don't have a refrigerator. It's a pity - my husband works so hard to earn money for this dinner, but everything turns sour overnight.

- What do you need the most right now?

Madonna: We need absolutely everything. We even have no tableware at home, not even a normal spoon! Food, diapers - we completely fail trying to cope with expenses. And my children really need a computer or a phone so that they can attend lessons. One year ago, I broke my arm, and washing turned into real torment for me. A washing machine, a fridge, a TV - is just unaffordable luxury for us. But first of all, we need building materials to repair a roof and to fix the holes and cracks in the walls. We won’t be able to survive winter in such conditions.

If these horrible holes are not repaired before the cold weather sets in, this family could die of the cold. These are not just words! They really might freeze!

– Giorgi: I really want us to have our study corner, and a computer, of course. I also need a car with a remote control! And the girls want sweets - especially Mariam, she loves them very much. But she haven't eaten them for a long time.

“When it’s very cold you can hug a chicken - it’s very warm.”

- Madonna, what would you like to tell those people who will read this post?

Madonna: I’ve read almost all the stories on your page, my heart breaks when I see how much grief is around... I want to say only one thing: “May God bless all of you! All those who lent their shoulder to lean on in time of need, all those who, after reading this, simply crossed themselves and prayed... It's worth a lot! "


The situation of this family is just terrible. These photographs can’t convey the unbearable conditions where little Mariam, 11-year-old Giorgi and 14-year-old Nini live.
 The house literally collapses on their heads! It’s impossible to heat this space! Only God knows how these innocent children will survive the coming winter... But it depends on us as well, friends!

Their mother Madonna is in despair, the family needs absolutely everything. They will be happy for any help: foodstuffs, a washing machine, a TV set, fridge, the most basic household utensils. The children need a computer in to finally keep up with the school curriculum.

You can meet the family in person and provide them all possible help. Their address is: Zestafoni Municipality, Zeda Sakara village.

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