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Ma’am, put your ear to my tummy - there are terrible sounds!

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January 12, 2022
Six-year-old Sophia and her three-year-old brother Andria often have these tummy sounds. Their daddy is sick, very sick. He almost died five years ago. We will tell you about that later. We will tell you about how one accident can turn the happy, carefree life of any family into hell. No, we are not scaring you. We are trying to wake you up. The fact that children have the right to receive healthy food is rather an exception to the rule in Georgia. This is not a typo, but a sad reality. There are a lot of families in Georgia where children do not eat normally - they do not eat at all. They eat from time to time, while mom saves a meager allowance. This post, like most of our posts, will be about hunger... We will repeat it again: children should not grow up in such poverty! They shouldn't be hungry!
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