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They suffer from hunger and cold, a caring mother works like a slave to somehow keep her beloved child!

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January 24, 2022
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Lika (6-year-old): Mom hugs me very tight in the morning to keep me warm. Then we have tea. Then mommy leaves me with a neighbor, and she goes “tormenting” the cow. - What do you mean - “tormenting“? Lika: Well, how to say... Well, so that she gives milk. Milking... Can you do that?? My mommy can! She is something! But I don't know yet how many cows she has to milk so that I can go to the dancing classes. I still can't count to that much. (Little Lika talks and gently strokes her mother on the cheek.) I never want candy. I never ask my mother to buy it... But sometimes she brings them to me herself. But I never ask. It’s true!
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