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When only grief is all around, and there is nowhere to seek help!

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February 14, 2022
Do you know how it happens? You live a happy life - you adore someone, you want to live with him all your life in grief and joy, in illness and health, till death do you part. And then it is not death at all, but someone else who parts you! It does not matter how it was before or how it will be later, if you just want to die right now... Either because you were betrayed, or because you feel your insignificance, that you have been exchanged for another, or because everything has already lost its meaning.
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Good people have given new life to my children and me


We should see only smiles on the faces of all Georgian children!

“When I wanted to die of despair, God sent you to me. It was my sin - God forgive me that I let these thoughts into my heart" - Lamzira repeats these words like a prayer every day when she sees a smile on her child's face. She didn't believe in anything. She did not believe us when we promised her that all of Georgia would come to help them. 

We published the story of Ramaz, a little boy with cerebral palsy, one year ago. His father abandoned his family and left for another woman. His mother tried to commit suicide several times. Lamzira (Ramazi's mother), left without any means of livelihood, had to huddle with her two children in a ruined hut. They had no roof or floor. When it rained, snails walked along the walls, in the heat of the day rodents got in, making the difficult life of a mother who had to carry her sick son on her back completely unbearable. Is there anything more horrible that a person could know or read about? Is there only death next? Lord, save all children from such misfortunes! 

  • Lamzira, when you addressed us, your situation was just unbearable. What happened next, how did your life change?

Lamzira:  I don't even know how or where to start ... Our story had so many responses - I couldn't even dream of that. The gifts your Fund and good people made for us - it was incredible for me! I don't feel alone anymore, I feel like the whole of Georgia stands by me!  When your truck first came to us, I saw the most important thing in it - a gas heater.  I was so happy... I thought, would it really be warm in our house? Then came the oven, TV, refrigerator, small home appliances - meat grinder, blender, and many other necessary things. That was the peak of happiness. God, you didn't even forget about the hair clipper. Earlier I told your journalist that it was a big problem for my little boy to get his hair cut. I just mentioned it. You know about his condition - he couldn't sit in a chair for hours! He suffers from a serious illness. You pay attention to everything, you consider all of our needs. You don't forget a single word, a single request... God, how grateful I am to you...

“Will it be warm here?”

  • That's why we are here - to take into account all your needs!

Lamzira: And that's not all... Your team visited us a second time, a third time, a fourth time... When you visited us the second time, you brought us materials for the roof. I got just speechless with happiness! Thank you! Thank you! -  I bubbled. I was happy because we could certainly survive the winter then.

"Now there will be no more rain in our house..."

Then there was a water heater - to equip our "wretched" bathroom. And the front door! You didn't forget even that! It was impossible to close our door. You helped us with groceries. Many times!  Both people from your Fund and our visitors brought us groceries many times.

"I like the new front door - we feel safe. It closes well! However, we will always open it wide for good people.”

"Meet the white queen of ice - that's our new refrigerator! We didn't even dare to dream of such a refrigerator ... 

  • As far as I know, your main goal was to conduct a rather expensive examination for Ramaz.  Could you say anything about that?

Lamzira: Yes, it was also sponsored by your Fund.  Thank you for that. I learned a lot - thanks to this examination. First of all, the doctor gave us hope that if massages were given to Ramazi on a regular basis, he would be able to walk. But unfortunately, we can do nothing with his speech... However, my dream is that he will say at least one word - Mom. It's been eleven years since he was born, and thanks to these studies I found out just now, that he was operated on right after he was born.

  • How is that possible? You knew nothing about that?

Lamzira: I was eight months pregnant when my kidney stones started passing. They prescribed me medication and painkillers. One day I had a terrible attack. My family members thought I was "giving birth" to a kidney stone and the pain was related to that, since I wasn't due to give birth anytime soon. But they were wrong. Instead of kidney stones, I gave birth to a premature baby. We did not have time to get to the maternity hospital. The baby was born at home. I fainted. The baby fell on the floor, hit his head, and developed a hematoma. Then they took us to the hospital, but my mother-in-law and sister-in-law did not tell me that Ramaz had his hematoma removed. It turned out that the hematoma should have dissolved on its own. That's when all our problems started. 

  • The fact that Ramaziko will be able to walk on his own someday is already encouraging. He can't take a step without you, and does he always cry when you're not around?

Rita (14-year-old): He can't even do a minute without mommy. It's like he's still a baby... I have to help Mommy with the housework. I already know how to cook dinner and bake. Do you know how happy I was when you brought us the stove?! 

"Now I can invite you for tea!"

  • I thought you liked the tablet the most.

Rita: Of course, the tablet made me immensely happy. As soon as I saw it, I clutched it to my heart. But do you want to know the truth?

"I never had a tablet... Now I have it, and I'm very happy!

  • Tell me!

Rita: The thing that made me most happy was the gas heater. It's so awful when your fingers are stiff, and you can't feel your feet...   I think it's easier for me to endure the hunger than the cold. 

  • Lamzira! Rita! Have you made new friends?

Lamzira: Strangers called us, came to visit us with gifts, bought groceries. Some of them did not want to reveal their names. For example, one woman brought us a lot of necessary groceries, another brought us clothes, a third brought us toys, and so on... Also, a local couple from Batumi came to visit us. This beautiful couple made us very happy with their visit. They bought tons of gifts for the children. There were others too...  I don't know the names of many of them, but the Lord knows them - and that is enough! I will pray for their health every day. 

Rita:  They gave me such a beautiful bag, a warm jacket, and dresses.I really love the gifts I got.A military man - Levan - also came to visit us. I think he came from Tbilisi, he helped us a lot. He gave us warm greetings from the soldiers in his unit.

Lamzira: Mr. Goderdzi visited us twice. The first time he came alone, and the second time he came with his wife and son, he introduced us to his family. Both times he paid attention to us and bought groceries for us. We will never forget his visit. They promised us they would visit us again. People were interested in our situation. Everyone supported us so we wouldn't die of cold and hunger this winter. It is your Fund’s merit. If it wasn't for your article, who would have known about us? I contacted several TV shows before addressing you. I asked them to describe our hopeless situation. They refused to. Some of them could have put us on a waiting list. But who knows what would have happened to us before our turn came? The social workers responded quickly to your post. They came to visit us. They investigated our situation. They took pictures... In short, I am extremely grateful to you! 

“How many years we've missed the sound of the TV...  And you even gave us this, thank you for this joy!”

  • Doesn't the children's father have a guilty conscience? Did the relatives respond? 

Lamzira: What conscience are you talking about? He left the country with his new family.I tried to kill myself because of him. It's good that I came to my senses in time... Now I know I have to fight to save my children. No unfaithful man is worth not only a woman's life, but even her tears.  As for relatives, the children's uncle (my husband's brother) sometimes helps me in any way he can. He gave us a laminate flooring. Do you remember in what condition this house was?  We had nothing but tin walls. We didn't even have electricity. I laid the cables myself. I was working like a man. And I got electrocuted. I miraculously escaped death. If it hadn't been for my girl, my Rita, who didn't hesitate to call the neighbors for help, I probably wouldn't be sitting here right now. It was then when I realized how much my children needed me. I will never forget Rita's frightened face, her eyes full of tears, and her cries: "Mom, don't leave us!"

  •  Perhaps this story has given you more strength. God loves you!

Lamzira: What does not kill us makes us stronger (laughs).

  • Was there any reaction from local authorities after our post was published?

Lamzira: Nothing from the authorities. This is a common story in Georgian reality. They are rarely generous. Oh, I want  to say one thing now - not to forget it. I want to acknowledge the generosity of the Socar representative, who promised to install gas in our bathroom with his own resources. This requires a distributor and pipes. We won't have to buy them. He will bring them to us himself. Thank him for being so kind.

  • Despite solving such important problems, such help from our compatriots, you still have unresolved issues. Which you can't deal with alone...

Lamzira: Now the only things I have are the ones you gave me. Groceries are a constant problem for me. I can't work because of Ramaz! Social allowance and my child's pension are enough only for medications and hygiene products. We have no furniture. We have no table, dishes, pots and pans... Any help for us would be the most precious gift from God and from you.

These are the children of our little Georgia! These are our children too!


Friends, what would you feel if a teenager told you that he preferred hunger to cold, that he had to choose the lesser of two evils? Most kids dream of tablets, computers, and phones, and you meet a teenager who just wants to get warm. The only thing he wants is to keep his little brother, who is already sick and can't walk or talk, warm. He wants his mother, the only hope and support of the family, not to get sick. What would you do in a similar situation? We look forward to hearing from you, your charity. Our Fund continues the project of helping Kirkitadze's family. 

If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.

Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need!

Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!

Friends, we have one more request for you - if you find out that your friend or neighbor needs help, please show your caring attitude and drop us an email at: 

Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything.

Friends! Thanks again to everyone!

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