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They are ready to kill each other for candy!

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March 16, 2022
The roof of their house is overgrown with moss, there are cracks in the walls, and the cracks are so huge that the boogeyman can get through them and scare the kids. “When the wind blows, he whistles from there like this: “Fuuu-fuuu”. Mom says if we don’t behave well, he will take us away,” - five-year-old Barbara says and points to the cracks in the wall. She and her seven-year-old brother Papuna try to be good children, they do not cry when their mother cannot give them food. But little Elene, who will soon turn two years old, cries all the time... The children are afraid because of that: what if the boogeyman does not make out who was crying, and will take them all? What will mom do then? What will they do without her?
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