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Granny, I sold scrap metal and bought you medication! Please don't die! Be alive, my dear!

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March 17, 2022
In the morning he goes to school, and then he goes to the port for scrap... He needs to collect a lot of iron "junk" to get some money to buy medications for his grandmother. This is the daily routine of 12-year-old Temur. He remembers how his grandmother looked after him, how she told him fairy tales, how she stroked his cheek with her delicate wrinkled hand and said: "You are my light, you are my hope, you are my everything!"
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Project completed!
When I grow up, I will be helping the needy Georgians like you do! Because it is my homeland!
“I won’t sell scrap metal anymore, but I will learn something new on the tablet”
Do you remember this little 12-year-old boy who decided to collect scrap metal instead of playing games to take care of his grandmother? Just recently, he dreamed of finding some old rusty bicycle:
Could he imagine that he would soon receive the gifts of his dreams along with the bike? That he will have a smart TV and a tablet? And at home he would have to look for a place where to put a refrigerator, washing machine and furniture. Temuri says that now he feels like the protagonist in the film, whose wishes came true as if with a wave of а magic wand.
His biggest dream was to stay at home and spend more time with his grandmother - and this dream came true thanks to you. You really are those good wizards for him who fulfilled his dreams with a magic wand.
– Khatia, our readers would like to know how your and Temur’s life goes after the publication of our post?
Khatia: Our life has changed a lot since you appeared. Peace reigned in our home. I didn't even remember what it felt like. You know, I was always afraid that something would happen to Temur when he leaves home. So that he would get into trouble. You know what a mother's heart and mind are directed to. 
First of all, I am very happy that he is now at home and no longer sells scrap metal. He watches educational programs instead and tries to learn something new all the time. What can make a mother happier than this? 
Honestly, at some point I no longer believed in the unity of the people, until you appeared and proved that we were connected to each other like a chain. That, it turns out, we can support and help each other. I have never seen anything like this anywhere. You gave me back my faith in humanity, and friendship. I thank each of you for these feelings.
“When we sit on this sofa, the pieces of iron will no longer bite into us”
- Khatia, have you made any new friends? Can you single out someone?
Khatia: The best thing that we have acquired thanks to your Fund is love and attention. There were so many well-wishers who called me, came to visit me and filled me with positive emotions. Someone brought food, someone brought clothes, someone brought medications, and someone just called and asked how we were.
“Maybe I’ll see myself on TV someday?”
I went through such a whirlwind of emotions that had been sleeping in me for a long time. I will certainly single out an emigrant woman from Italy, whose name is Nana. She asked how we were, gave us advice and encouraged us. Temuri’s teacher, classmates, and their parents really supported Temuri. As if the whole school united for Temuri’s sake. They come to us, bring us food. They even collected money for Temuri and took him on an excursion. The child flew with happiness!
I want in some way convey to you the emotions that you gave us. But I can't find the words. Thank you for your respect and for the happiness that you did not leave us alone.
"Grandma sleeps better in her new bed and won't feel hot now"
- Did the local authorities respond to our post? Was there any reaction from them?
Khatia: Yes, they came to visit us from the local municipality, they brought us hygiene products, medications, and food. They showed their attention once and promised that they would come again. But they haven't shown up for five months now. You really must appreciate attention and I am grateful for it. I hope they keep their word and visit us again.
– Khatia, can you tell me what this help and support means to you personally?
Khatia: For me, this help is something much deeper and more humane than just material well-being. I’ll try to explain to you... I went crazy with joy when you brought us household appliances and gifts. But the warmth and attention of people completely changed the axis of our life. Everything seems to have turned the other way. I don’t know how well I explain to you, but at that age you showed me what real happiness is.
Now everything is in its place 
– Now I have a question for Temur. Temur, you are a boy to be proud of. What is going on in your life? What is your morning now?
Temuri (12-year-old): Ma’am, first I want to thank the kind people for buying my grandmother a good bed. Let's go, I'll show you how big it is!
In the morning I go into my grandmother's room and notice that she sleeps better. My morning still starts with my grandmother. Then my mother pours me a cup of tea and fries me toast. I sit down at a new table and watch the program “My Family” on my new tablet.
“This is my mother’s top-secret pie. Mmm, it smells so good!
One more thing, ma’am - my classmates and teachers began to love me more, they caress me all the time. I was also very happy with the bike because I rode it both to the store and to the yard. You know, no one in the whole area has a bike as cool as mine. But recently its wheel broke, and I can't ride it anymore.
New kitchen corner, new tablet, and new life
– Khatia, maybe you have some other unresolved problem that our Fund can help you with?
Khatia: I already felt the support of your Fund once and I know that I can rely on you with confidence. I don't rely on anyone more than you! Our problem is that it is very hard for us to pay monthly rent - 100 GEL. All social allowance goes to pay bank debts. Often, I must choose between paying rent or buying my mom food and medications. I don’t want to offend my landlady. My dream is for Temuka to live in his own house, which we haven't had yet. At this stage, you will make us very happy if you help with the repair of Temur's bicycle to prolong his joy. You know that everything is related to finances, and we have no way to buy a new wheel. This makes me very upset.
God bless you for such attention and interest. For taking our pain and misfortune to heart. I will never forget that you took my son as your own, my pain as yours, and I am sure that you will also share my joy.
“The main thing is that the grandmother was well, and the rest will be okay”
Friends, the Dgebuadze family will never forget you. Your support has awakened great hope and love in their hearts. They picked up the rhythm of life and no longer feel rejected. Human relationships and fundamentals have always come first for them. Despite their financial situation, Khatia has already raised Temuri a good man and is proud of him. As Temuri says, he saw great love and support in the Georgian people, which he somehow did not feel before.
They always asked for what they really needed. And now they have limited themselves to a small request. I think you will be happy to do this little thing for them. And you will see their happy eyes again!
Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!
Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:
Kindness is the sun of each of us, which we must share with everyone who needs it. Kindness and love are never lost. This is a blessing for those who give and those who receive. God bless you.
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