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There was one wedding, and fourteen deaths after that

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April 28, 2022
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Levan went to the wedding to Lanchkhuti. He was young, and handsome, and cheerful. He was a second-year university student - 18 years old. When else one is so eager to enjoy life? And then at night, acquaintances came to his mother Olya: “Olya, don’t worry now, we must tell you something. Levan…” – “Oh, what are these people saying! Shut up, shut up! It's not true, no way! Are you trying to kill me?! What happened to her Levan? Where to go, why?!
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Project completed!
The song of a severely ill guy about Georgian kindness!
Now Levan has the mood to joke and fool around. 
         Friends, do you remember about the tragedy that happened to this wonderful family?
Levan got into a terrible car accident. His brain was like a mess, and the doctors had to remove half of it.
Levan has turned into a child who cannot eat or walk. He wears diapers and speaks in single words.
We told you the story about Levan in April: (
“And suddenly we got so much happiness that it does not even fit in our house! My disabled son started singing!” - Olia hugs me and calls me to her room. – “All day long we have music playing - everything that my son loves. “Mom, turn on Keti Topuria, mom, I want Queen, mom, I want Sakhe ...” When I see him like this, I forget about my blood pressure, blood sugar, I become a hundred times stronger. My boy is having fun, enjoying the new TV, tablet.  I hug you all, kiss and love you for making him happy! My dear ones, thank you for being so worried about my son, thank you for taking my pain to your hearts.”
- Olia, you said it correctly - the dear ones. Did you read the comments to our post? There were so many kind words. So many of our readers were eager to help.
Olia: My faith returned to me, dear, my faith in kindness. I’ve got a hope that kind people still exist and will always come to help! We are not alone - and it is a real blessing! We received so much warmth and love from everyone - my son and I needed it so much! Your warmth gives me the strength to endure the pain and difficulties that are associated with the tragedy of Levan. 
 “Levan already has a wheelchair that fits him”
- Levan, how are you? How is our blue-eyed boy doing?
Levan: I love you! (He puts his hand to his heart.) Sing! Me too!
(Olia turns a volume up. I want to cry and laugh when we sing together with Levan: “Chemo Tbilis kalako...” (translator - Georgian song about Tbilisi))
Olia: This TV is so good, so modern, it has Internet. I can turn on anything he wants. I turn on comedies: “Home Alone”, “Operation Y”. He laughs so much, he is happy. He used to be a smart spoiled boy, with good sense of humor before the tragedy. At times he seems to be like that again. Now he knows the words and phrases from the films by heart, he repeats them. 
Do you know that he can dance? He has a little strength to get out of his wheelchair. He holds on to it with one hand and makes movements with the other. I don't remember him like this for many years. God sees everything you have done for him. I wish each of your readers and their families to have good health, happiness, and well-being. Special thanks to all the staff of the Chernovetskyi Fund! I pray for you!
- Levan, what do you watch on your tablet?
Levan: “Tom and Jerry”. Meow and rat will come out. Bang! Bang! Meow cries. Bang! (Laughs).
Olia: He even remembered how he met girls at the university. Can you imagine that? His brain works when he digs into the tablet.
Levan: Do you have a cigarette? I said that.
- Oh, Levan, you have not forgotten making your blue eyes.
(Levan laughs.) 
Levan can make eyes
- Olya, we know that a huge number of people responded. Who do you remember the most? Can you name them?
Olia: It’s true - a lot of people called me, asked how we were, consoled me, said a lot of sincere words. And then they made transfers to the account of the Fund. Thanks to you, today we have everything that Levan needed so much: a new wheelchair, a large-screen TV, a tablet, new windows and doors to keep Levan warm. All together you took care of us, and I am immensely grateful to you.
Do you know what excited Levan the most? Once a guy came to visit us - he recently came back from America. He found out about us from your post. He brought Levan his favorite sweets. We had a heart-to-heart talk. He suddenly came up to our piano, which has been silent for many years, and began to play some melody. Levan wanted to sing. He played piano for two hours and Levan sang along as best he could. Will I ever forget it? The young man did not reveal his name. But I will never forget his face and his kind eyes.   This guy became a symbol of goodness for me.
You know, even such a sad mother like me can sometimes feel happy. Before the accident I had a dream that my Levan would graduate from university, marry a beautiful girl, and live happily.  But our life has changed. Now I am happy with the new wheelchair that we needed so much, the medications that keep my son alive, the food that we dreamed of.  Your help and support have made me as happy as possible in my situation.
Let's go, I'll show you my today’s joy. The Fund brought us new doors and plastic windows. I was so worried about the upcoming winter, and suddenly I received one more surprise from you. Do you like it?
- I do! This means that Levan's room will be draught-free.
Olia: That makes me happy. I'll be in a good mood all day long! Look at the old wooden door in Levan's room - the yard is right behind it. Windowpanes are held on by nails. The cold came in from the cracks. Now I calmed down, you calmed me down.
There is a new secure door instead of an old wooden one
- Olya, did the local authorities demonstrate any activity? Our post is a signal to action for them too.
Olia: Oh... There was no reaction at all, dear. I receive a pension and an allowance. In total amount is so small that meat, fish, cheese, and biscuits are luxury for us. We just dream about them. Leave that alone - we can't even buy vital things and medications. Despite that, the government doesn't help us.
Thanks to the good people, my boy has a new wheelchair of his size. He did not fit the old one and even collapsed badly a couple of times. To get to the street first you need to come across our steep and broken stairs. I can’t lift Levan alone and carry him across the stairs - we need a ramp. I wrote a statement and asked the local authorities for help. They promised to help us, but no one knows when. Levan has not been out in the street for a very long time. It is a pity, because he wants it with all his heart, he wants to roll his new wheelchair himself.
Levan: Oh, street, I want it! Let’s go!
- Levan, come on, show me how you roll your new wheelchair.
(He turns the wheel with his non-paralyzed hand, drives up with a sly smile and suddenly salutes me.)
Olia (smiling): That is how he plays the ape and fools around.
- You are so cool, Levan!
(He blows me a kiss back.)
- Which gift you liked the most?
(Levan looks at his mom waiting for hint. Olia brings a tablet. He starts talking then.)
Levan: I love a tablet a lot! Cool tablet! 
Olia: I used to get the necessary medications for free once in every three months, but now for some reason it has become impossible. It's good that you helped us and bought Epix and Finlepsin. He can't live without medication: as soon as he doesn't get enough sleep, epilepsy attacks happen to him immediately. I still have the medications you brough, and I have not seen my son have seizures for a long time. With God’s help, by the time when we run out of them, something will change for the better. I rely more on ordinary people than on the state.
Dream tablet already belongs to Levan
He watches his favorite cartoons and movies on a big screen of their beautiful TV
Levan wants to dance!
- I feel you are afraid of further problems. Please, share them with us
Olia: Of course, I am afraid. I'm not young anymore, I can't leave Levan and start working. We will have problems - the medications and food you gave will be over soon, and the history will repeat itself. The carefree life will end because I have no job and we only live on pension. Sorry for bothering you and all of you again. I feel awkward saying this and asking for help again because the Fund has done a lot of good for us. I have no right to ask you for anything else - we are not the only ones who needs help. We will bear our burden ourselves.
But this staircase is a real problem. I have no idea how to make them build a ramp for us. Whom to address? Where to go? They do not respond. I roll Levan to the front door and then we turn back. It’s a pity. I want so much to give him this joy! I will be very happy too if we manage to go out for a walk outside of our home.
“We have a new wheelchair, but there is no ramp, and so far, I walk with my son only at home and by the front door”
Friends, just listen and see how our Levan sings! How he tries to dance even with one hand! How he wants to get out of his wheelchair! What a thirst for life! This is so emotional - this is what we dreamed about and what we wished him with all our heart! For people who can work such miracles (what else to call it ?!), it will be easy to work one more miracle - a ramp for this wonderful guy! The things that seem to be simple to us - food, diapers, medications, a ramp - are a great joy for Levan's family. You will sing with happiness too when you see what we have achieved. You will remember such moments till the end of your life.
If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.
Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need.
Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Go on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!
Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything!
Friends, thanks again to each of you!
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Let's believe that helping others, we take care of our own souls and draw closer to Lord through the suffering that we share with them!

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