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Four sisters - four terrible sorrows, each worse than the last! They don't know what happiness is, and neither does their son.

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June 15, 2022
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Even when it’s hot, a chill creep over you from this dilapidated house. You hear moans and crying coming from there. Five people live in this unblessed house: four sisters and their common "child" - 29-year-old Giorgi. Well, they do not live there, but eke out a miserable existence. A sad fate befell all the inhabitants of this accursed house. They are alive and dead at the same time...
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A miracle is happening to us! Is it a dream?
Irma (51-year-old):  I think I know Georgian language well. There are many words to express gratitude. But I still need more. I look for words to express my gratitude beautifully.  But I have much more feelings in my heart. Believe me, my heart blesses you much more. You gave us warmth.
Nunu (61-year-old): You warmed us both physically and mentally.
Irma: Listen, let me finish, I must tell this... It just slips out my mouth. (Laughs and continues) When you installed the windows, brought us firewood and clothes - we kept warm physically... 
They interrupt each other. They seem to compete in expressing gratitude. 
“A miracle is happening to us! Is it a dream?”
This is a story of kindness and love that you wrote, our faithful friends! You are the authors of this inexpressible joy, because without your support and kind hearts, this story would not have existed, and the Tediashvili family would not have survived this winter. Thank to each of you for the happy smiles you gave to poor, sick and desperate people!
Here is the life story of four unfortunate and needy people. Nunu, Vardo, Maya, and Irma Tediashvili were left without firewood in anticipation of a harsh winter and tried to stop the cold from the broken windows with cellophane and pieces of wood.
This is how their windows looked like 
These windows do not let cold air in and warm air out
Vardo (60-year-old): This boundless kindness warmed our souls, gave us hope, returned the joy of life to us. Even I, a one-legged woman, forgot about my pain...
Irma: Look, they don’t let me talk.
Maia (56-year-old): And food? They brought us food. I had no idea what to feed my sick child. Our social allowance was suspended for three months for the verification purpose. We were left starving...
House of the Tediashvili family today
Irma, I see that you liked the windows the most.
Irma: Your Fund installed metal-plastic doors and windows here. Do you remember what we had here before? How could we not be happy? We barely kept warm. The wind was buzzing so much, it was so cold... The stove could not heat up either. Well, we did not have the stove... We didn't have firewood and they cut off gas six years ago... We owed 650 GEL. We did not have such amount of money.
Maia: We are happy with a fridge. Our food is so-so, but we still must somehow distribute it and save what they give us. We must spread the food over several days! We can't eat everything in one day! Then the next day there will be nothing to eat. Now we will store everything in the refrigerator and use more economically. What can you do - such is the fate of a starving family.
“We already have a refrigerator! For someone it is a common thing, but for us it is a dream that came true!”
“I have much more feelings in my heart. Believe me, my heart blesses you much more”
Vardo: Your Fund helped us with medications too. Sometimes I experience unbearable pain. I need to ease the pain somehow. We all need medications. We are already old. When we addressed you, Irma had her hand broken. Maya's gall bladder burst, and her duodenum was also removed. But my situation is still the worst - I have no leg. Now I have problems with my blood pressure. It was 240 yesterday. I need to see a doctor, cardiologist. But I have no money for that yet.
Who else helped you besides our Fund? Lots of people read our articles. Maybe someone decided to visit you in person? 
Irma: Yes. A military named Tamazi came to visit us. Unfortunately, they did not tell us their surname. He visited us together with his mom and brought us a lot of clothes. He also bought foodstuffs for us. These people were so pleasant. Cute mom and son. Let there be more such people in Georgia.
Giorgi (30-year-old. Maia’s son. It’s hard for him to talk) I liked the jacket. It is so warm.
Giorgi Kvintradze - Maya's son is the third category disabled.
Irma: The girls who work in the local administration donated their personal savings and bought firewood for us. We are so grateful. This is how we keep warm, and we are no longer afraid of the cold of winter.
Does the local administration help you?
Vardo:  They repaired our roof three years ago. They gave us 5 kg of pasta. That was 3 years ago.  When my sister recently went to see if they would be generous with any other groceries, they answered - you already took the pasta ... They remembered what happened three years ago. It turns out that the pasta was supposed to be enough for three years. It would be funny if it weren't so sad. There is mud all around here. They haven't paved the road. Because of it I can't go out by my wheelchair. You can’t drive it… So, I stay at home chained to these walls. Now I at least can look out of the windows you installed in and see the sun. That sun warms me and gives me hope.
"We got warm!"
Nunu, you are the oldest, so I will ask you. We managed to do just a little for you, and you still have a lot of needs left. What is most important to you at this stage?
Nunu:  I'm very embarrassed, but... We need foodstuffs and medications all the time. Only three of us can use the social canteen, but there are five of us. Medications are very expensive - we cannot afford them.
Irma: We don't have enough beds. We sleep two to a bed. Mother and child have been sleeping together for 15 years. What can we do? There is no other solution. We can’t lay the sick boy on the floor. And you can see what the floor looks like.
Vardo: We don't have kitchen cabinets. We put the dishes in boxes... We don't have wardrobes either. We store clothes in plastic bags.
I haven’t noticed the bathroom...
Nunu: We use tandoor room as a bathroom. Tandoor is broken. We bathe in the cold. But we endure. We have no other way.
Ladies, could you recall any stories from your past? Even if they are funny - let's have some fun. 
The Tediashvili sisters are happy with your kindness and recall the stories of the past
Nunu: I will tell you.
Irma: She will tell you how she got lost in Tbilisi.
Nunu: I got married very young - I was 16. I was a young wife and wanted to present myself as a family woman. I told my husband that I would go to Tbilisi to buy cheap foodstuffs in the market and bring them home. He asked me whether I knew the way. I replied that I knew because I used to visit my grandmother with my mother. I went from Kakheti to Tbilisi. I walked around the market and got on the subway train. I found myself in Didube instead of Samgori. When the light came on, I realized that I was in a strange place. A voice announced - “Please leave the train”. (Didube was the last stop then). I asked the dispatcher how to get back to Samgori, and she answered in Russian: "Tuda i Abratna". (Translator: it means “back and forth” in Russian) I did not know the Russian language then. So, I sat down on the bench and waited for the transport, marked as "Tuda i Abratna". Then some woman helped me and went to Samgori with me. I reached Sagarejo in the evening. 
Vardo (laughs): After that, she started learning Russian language... And we used to call her "Tuda Abratna" as a joke.
     We all laughed a lot. I told the sisters that we - Georgians - never lose our sense of humor even in extreme hardship, and when we experience joy, we can cry for happiness.   Nunu agreed that and said: "When they installed new windows for us and I opened them for the first time, I started crying, I cried at the top of my voice. The representative of your Fund told me - “don't cry, ma’am, good things happened." And I replied - “I'm crying because I'm happy, I'm very happy”.
Friends, this story of joy written by you needs to be continued.  We should do good for every family until finally we save people from starvation and death. Together we will certainly manage to do it!
        If you have a heavy heart because of everyday problems or unresolved issues, as a distraction just see our posts on Facebook, or better call any of our beneficiaries, and all your problems will seem unimportant to you, compared with the problems of those to whom you helped in the most difficult moment of their lives.
          Our problems are noting if compared... Here are true misfortunes, in front of your eyes! Just thank the Lord for what you have. You are the happiest person in the world! Remember this and help those in need!
       Unfortunately, problems of this and other families do not end here and now... Therefore, from time to time, look through the stories of unhappy people on our website, talk to them. Every time you dial the Phone of an unhappy person, God is blessing you! For sure! Keep on helping these families! This is the best service to the Lord!     
        Friends, we have one more request for you - if you find out that your friend or neighbor needs help, please show your caring attitude and drop us an email at:   
          Your kindness is a chance for yourself to be happy in everything.
         Friends! Thanks again to everyone!
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