Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Not all of us have the choice!

Chernovetskiy Fund begins to raise funds for the purchase of needed drugs to fight bedsores
₾ 2,996.47
Project completed!

There are lots of us, healthy, strong and energetic. We do not need any help. We will take care of ourselves and will live the way we want to, and the choice is quite diverse: we can take a walk in fresh air or watch a movie at home, cook the dinner or go to café… We are sure that all the time it will be so. Now let me introduce to you a person who a while ago used to live the fullest life, was healthy, strong, energetic, almost as we are, being the reliable support for relatives and friends... Now such person can do nothing on his/her own, has just the only choice - to be old, bedridden and to spend last years of life alone.

  The Foundation “Social Partnership” is one of the largest organizations, which take care of people who need assistance most of all. Currently, the Foundation foster 500 bedridden elderly. Some patients, due to being motionless for a time span, have bedsores – open injuries, which cause intolerable pain and discomfort. The problem of bedsores is traced down with 63 patients of the Foundation, each of them needing professional treatment, bandaging and medications, in order to avoid blood infections and necrosis. Our nurses render assistance to them, and often they become even closer to the elderly than their relatives do. No one else shows so much love and care to the elderly than the nurses at our Foundation.

The cost of one bandaging on average is 2 Gel, that is approximately 1500 GEL per month. Betadine, Levomecol, hydrogen peroxide, and the proud of Georgian pharmaceutics Uznadze-Mchedlishvili ointment – these are the medications alleviating torture to the patients of the Foundation.

Since establishment of the Foundation, more than 2000 bedridden patients have applied for the program of home care. During one year, the nurses of the Foundation implement 80000 procedures, and on monthly basis carry out approximately 3000 visits to the bedridden patients. These figures on their own are quite impressive, but when thinking about particular people standing behind them, the scope of the problem becomes obvious.

There are scientists, teachers, doctors, militaries among the patients of the Foundation. Before they all used to take care of the country intending to build happy future, but now only pain, loneliness and misery unites them. We might help them only through joint efforts, not to allow that in our country with the population of less than 4 million, people who did a lot for our country die in torture and absolute loneliness.

In order to help these people the Foundation starts to raise funds to buy antiseptics and healing medications.

The cost of processing of one procedure of injury treatment is 2 Gel. What one may buy with that money? Not so many things:  lemonade, khachapuri, bar of chocolate, cigarettes...

Or maybe attention, support and alleviation of pain?

It is up to you to decide…

Anyone can make life easier for others!

#Home Care