Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

All children have a right to get good education!

We help children from disadvantaged families to get an education, to change their future.
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Project completed!

The academic year has already started in Georgia. Parents buy new clothes and best school tools and that makes them happy. But many children have never been happy when going to school. The “adults” that are next to them cannot afford such “luxury”. The adults sometimes cannot provide their children with food, not two or three but seven, eight, nine children… Sometimes they are more. The parents brought them to life and, unfortunately, they cannot supply their kids with necessary things. Many famous and outstanding persons were born in large poor families. They grew up and confirmed that their birth was not vain, that their birth was God’s Will. That is why when due to different reasons we refuse to help children, we might not give the possibility to a little genius to raise and change Georgia or the whole world.

Our Fund takes care of 10 socially unprotected large families in which there are seven and even more children. The children become monthly financial support in amount of 100 GEL, as well as food and necessary hygienic means. The goal of the Funs is to involve as many people as possible into charity. With joint powers it will be possible to help more poor children. Those who have means and wish to help, please don’t be indifferent, your help could change the future of these children!

You can donate money for school tools and clothes or bring some children’s clothes, school bags, notebooks, pencils and anything the children might need in their study.

If you cannot provide financial support we would be very grateful for sharing this article. Your any action will change somebody’s life in the better way!

Despite parents’ capabilities, the children must have the opportunity to learn in order to be able to escape poverty in which they have to live. They must learn and see that besides poverty there is life, more beautiful and carefree. They must learn, develop and become useful persons for their country.

For assisting the children, you may transfer amount to the following bank account:GE15TB7194336080100003

Alternatively, by through the fund website:

You may bring the school accessories and clothes to the office of the fund to the following address: Building 88a, Vazisubnis str., Tbilisi.