Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

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If I have a car, I'll let you beep!
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If I have a car, I'll let you beep!

– Zura, you run so fast that I could hardly catch you.

Zura: And why did you want to "catch" me? Are you a wolf?

– I just wanted to ask how you were doing, what were you dreaming about? Do you remember - the last time you wanted to have something tasty, and what do you want now?

Zura: I'm doing well. They brought delicious food to me, but I'm still waiting for the car.

- Remind me, please, what kind of car are you waiting for?

Zura: It runs as fast as me but has no legs. It’s red, with an antenna and remote control. That's it, I will run away - I will run out of gas otherwise!

- Wait, wait, I think your remote control got broken.How is it possible to run that much?

Zura: If I have a car, I will run less. That's it, tell me that I will have it, and I will go.And I'll kiss you. Give me your cheek! Thank you!

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