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Ma’am, please tell me why I don't have a bicycle?
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Ma’am, please tell me why I don't have a bicycle?

– Zhanna, I wanted to ask you a question, but you have such big and beautiful eyes that I have already read everything there. Are you sad?

Zhanna: Yes, I'm very sad...

- If you tell me what's going on in your heart, maybe I will manage to help you.

Zhanna: My mom kept telling me that she would buy me a bike when I grew up. I grew up, but I still don't have a bike. I will go to school soon, but I still don't know how to ride a bike. I don't even have toys to play with.

- Your mom really wants to fulfill all your wishes, but she can’t do it yet. But your mommy is so kind and good that she will certainly come up with something to make you happy.

Zhanna: My Mom is the best!But I know she can’t make the wishes of seven children come true. Therefore, my mother is sad, I am sad, and my brothers and sisters are sad too.

- What gift would you like to get the most?

Zhanna: Girlish bike, pink or purple one. And so that everyone in my family was happy.

- Zhanna, what happiness is?

Zhanna: Happiness is when no one is hungry. When it is not cold at home.

- Zhanna, I think there are many good people in our country, who can make you happy! 

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