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Why am I given a hungry life on my knees?!
Why am I given a hungry life on my knees?!
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Why am I given a hungry life on my knees?!

- Beso, let’s talk about your life.

Beso: Okay. What to say about it? I'm not like everyone else, and my life is not interesting.

- Describe your typical day.

Beso: I wake up and my mom helps me to wash and dress. Then she puts me in this wheelchair.I hate it!Sometimes I slide down from it when my back starts to hurt a lot, and I crawl around the room. Then a special car comes here and takes us to the school and the day center. There are many children like me.

- Why do you need a school where no one teaches you anything useful and where you can't even talk with anyone?! What do you do there?

Beso: We do a lot of things there - everyone does whatever he is able to do. Some children there cannot talk at all, others do not even move at all.I am the healthiest of them. But most of all I love that they feed us there.

- Which food is more delicious - one made at home or at school?

Beso: We don’t have food at home! We don’t even have a tea. We are poor. If I don’t go to school, I will go hungry.

- Do you like to eat delicious food?

Beso: Even bread seems to you delicious when you have no other food. I don’t like to talk about food - then my stomach growls I always wish I had a cake for my birthday.

- When is your birthday?

Beso: On July 15th. But this is an ordinary day: my mother congratulates me, and that's it. She says how much she loves me, that she will always support me.

- Don't your classmates congratulate you? 

Beso: As I said - someone of them can’t even talk. Sometimes my teachers congratulate me - that’s it.

  • How do you want them to congratulate you?

Beso: I do not even know. Probably, so that there would be a lot of guests, and everyone would say “happy birthday” in chorus, and there would be music and a cake.

  • What gift would make you happy the most?

Beso: My only dream is a computer! For a birthday, and for the New Year, and always! I can already imagine how happy I would be! How many new friends would I make! My God!

  • Have you ever received a gift that made you that happy?

Beso: No. Never.  And I probably will never get it. Nobody cares about people like me. Nobody likes disabled people...

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