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I dream about new shoes that will fit me well!
It is necessary

I dream about new shoes that will fit me well!

I don't even know who's shoes I’ve put on today. They hurt my feet a lot. And I need to run, you know?! 
I never had anything of mine. I always wear someone’s hand-me-downs... It's bad that I'm the youngest. They never buy me anything new,” - 6-year-old Oto whispers and blushes. - I really promise you that I will take good care of them for years. But I don’t know how to play football then? But ma’am, I am ready not to play at all, although I really want to, to be honest!"
- And if your feet grow?
- And I will order them not to grow. These are my feet!
The baby wants so much to have brand new shoes of his size, that he does not want to think that his feet will grow.

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