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A healthy heart for my sister and a tablet for me
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A healthy heart for my sister and a tablet for me

- Tamara, my beauty, how are you doing?

Tamara: I think everything goes well. The only thing is that my little sister will soon be operated on her heart, I'm very worried. And I didn’t get very good grades at school and got upset.

- Your sister will be fine. And you will get better with your studies.

Tamara: It’s all because I didn’t have a tablet or a computer. When we were transferred to online, I started missing all the lessons. It feels so bad! Everyone is learning, but I can't. That's why I want for my sister to feel good more than anything in the world, and then a tablet! After the operation, Lizi will have to stay at home for a long time. Imagine how pleased she will be when I turn on cartoons for her or we will play different games together. And heart surgery is not scary, is it? Just be honest, I'm more worried than she is.

- It's not scary... It's scary not to do it. And now we will ask everyone who reads your words to pray for the health of your sister. And everything will be well.

Tamara: Yes!!! Let them ask God for Lizi to be healthy and that I have a tablet!