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Diana Kobalia, 57, 02/03/1965
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Diana Kobalia, 57, 02/03/1965

Diana: I am completely blind, dear! Once upon a time, my relatives supported me ... But for a long time, I have been an outcast in my own family - it hurts me doubly. Everyone left me, I moved to Tbilisi and live here alone, in complete darkness.

- What are you dreaming about, Diana? How can we make your life happier? Please tell it to the friends of the Fund!

Diana: I am really sick, dear! My blood pressure changes all the time, and it is important to me to control it. How to do that? There is a special pressure monitor that talks to you. It says Hi, then it asks you to wait, it’s like a real person. Once I had one, but it went out of order. I cried as if I lost my pet.

- I am pretty sure that a lonely blind lady has more things to ask for. It is not likely that your pension is enough for everything.

Diana: I don’t like bothering anybody, I got used to suffering silently. But I will answer if you ask. If someone will help me to pay utility bills, and buy the medications I need - I'll just be in seventh heaven with happiness!

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