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Oh, my God! What will happen to us?!

calendar February 8, 2021

Let me introduce them to you, friends! This is how it happens in life … This is what happened to the cheerful Georgian beauty two years ago!
God’s ways are past finding out, friends! Tears and bitter crying came instead of laughter and fun. She used to spin around like a top, but now she cannot even stand up on her own, drink water or cover herself with a blanket.

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– My God, what will happen to us? – Lia (55 years old) asks herself this question with horror every single day. – Inexorably I am getting old; my only daughter is disabled… Who needs us, two helpless single women?

The count to troubles has long been lost in this family… Misfortunes, deaths of loved ones, and diseases come down on them like from a cornucopia! Poor Lia is beside herself with grief. 30-year-old Natia is her only daughter; she raised and cherished her; she pinned all her hopes on her; she dreamed of how happy her daughter would be, how she would give birth to her grandchildren. But suddenly, her daughter lost the ability to move, speak and live like others. What could be worse? At the age of 30, Natia is already a widow; she has been through a hard miscarriage; she suffers from diabetes. By some terrible coincidence, she turned into a helpless disabled person. But she wants to live so much!

   -You will not wish it even to your enemy! Lord, hear my prayers, help us! – Lia cries. – The hardest thing is to look at the suffering of your child, your own flesh and blood; every day to see her in a depressed state, to feel her pain…

  Despite trials these poor women had to go through, they did not lose faith in Lord; they did not lose faith in human kindness and love for their neighbors.

– Natia, how did you find yourself in such situation? The girl just looked at me with longing, and tears welled up in her eyes …

Lia: Natia can explain to me if she needs something, but it is difficult for her to pronounce words, build phrases, and therefore to communicate…

– Lia, please tell me what happened?

Lia: Misfortune has been haunting our family all the time… Two and a half years ago, my Natia, my angel, became disabled. She cannot walk, talk, or even drink water on her own. Oh, woe is me! (poor woman cries) She is my only daughter – my joy, my support and hope … I cherished her so much, put so much effort and money into her education, but see how it happened? Now my only dream is that she could take at least a step. I do not leave her alone – I am afraid to leave her alone for a long time. She needs attention and care. What kind of work can I talk about? My daughter and I live in poverty… But this is not the worst part. Time moves inexorably. I thought that when I become old, my daughter will take care of me … And what will happen to us, when are we both weak and lonely? Who will take care of us? (Lia covers her face with her hands in horror.)

– Calm down, please, and try to tell us everything in order.

Lia: At the age of 20, my daughter got married. She became pregnant soon, but she lost her baby and was terribly worried about it… She developed diabetes on a nervous basis, and two and a half years ago, she found herself in a hospital because of a terrible coincidence.  She came out of there disabled.

She then worked with her sister-in-law in Akhaltsikhe. She did not manage to eat on time, so she fainted right in the street, and her head hit the curb… God, how scary is to remember all this …

– If it is difficult for you to talk about it, we can stop our conversation …

Lia: No, I feel that I just need to share, to pour out my pain … (takes a breath). Then it turned out that the ambulance doctors did not fix her neck when they put her in the ambulance car … It’s terrible! She was unconscious for six months, she had a stroke! My God, what did I have to go through! But I thank the Lord for not taking her from me.

– We are so sorry! What do the doctors say? Is it possible to help her?

Lia: Actually, she needs a lot of examinations, treatment, medications, massage. And all this costs a lot of money. Where can we get that money? We live on disability allowance and it is not enough even for food. Overall, the situation is not hopeless, if you have funds, of course. The Lord is merciful, I pray and with all my heart I believe that my daughter will return to normal life!

– It is hard to care for a bedridden patient. What is most difficult for you?

Lia: I am not young anymore – I’m getting old inexorably. I look to the future with fear … My legs hurt, my veins are dilated, it is very difficult for me now to lift my daughter. And what will happen next? Who will help us? We are completely alone! I’m getting old, my daughter is disabled, what can we do? How will we live if the strength will finally leave me? In addition to medications, Natia must follow a diet, eat by the hour.

– You said that misfortunes are haunting your family, can you tell us in more detail what do you mean?

Lia: I have lived a hard life … Everyone in my family has diabetes, except me. I dreamed of becoming a cellist, graduating from the Tbilisi Conservatory. But I had to earn a living, so I quit playing in the orchestra and started working at a factory. I was married by an acquaintance, I did not know this person at all, but did not dare to contradict my parents. And he turned out to be a good-for-nothing, he loved to drink … Well, I don’t even want to remember. I tolerated everything for the sake of my daughter. I sold greens at the marketplace to put bread on the table, to let my daughter study. She studied to be a pharmacist, she also graduated from accounting courses, but she did not manage to find a normal job. And as soon as she grew up, my husband and I divorced, each went his own way. My Natia is a widow. She married for love! But even here it did not work out … The Lord did not give them children, and her husband died of cirrhosis just when my daughter was in hospital. Six months ago, I lost my mother; she was our only support, she shared her tiny pension with us, depriving herself of everything. We have absolutely nothing to live on. 140 GEL – Natia’s disability pension – is our only income.

– What this money is enough for?

Lia: It’s enough for nothing. It is not even enough for food for my sick daughter. Fortunately, good friends do not forget us.  They sometimes help us with food, although because of the virus, everyone is left without work.

You know, sometimes a complete stranger will lend you a helping hand sooner than a relative. When I found myself alone, without work, with my disabled daughter in my arms, the ladies who used to work with me at the marketplace, raised some money for us, helped us with food … I am immensely grateful to them for that! Despite that it is difficult for everyone now, people try to support us as best they can. For the New Year, a friend of mine gave me flour, nuts and even sweets! God bless her!

– Do you relatives help you?

Lia: Who can help us? My both brothers suffer diabetes, they live poorly, they should somehow keep their families … This little room belongs to one of my brothers – he generously let us live here for a while. Everything here is rotten, the furniture is falling apart, the room needs major repairs. But at least we have a roof over our heads. We have nothing – my husband’s house was sold for debts.

– Did you address the local authorities for help?

Lia: They said that the state does not finance this kind of treatment, they didn’t even accept my application … We have the status of socially unprotected people, but they didn’t give us an allowance; apparently, they think that we live too richly.

– Do you believe in God?

Lia: We are a very religious family. Only faith gives us strength to live on! Imagine, last year Natia fasted the whole Lent from beginning to end, despite that she was not allowed to due to diabetes. Priest forbade her to fast strictly, he gave her a blessing for dairy products; she received communion on Easter and was incredibly happy!

– Lia, what do you need first of all?

Lia: We need a lot of money for Natia’s treatment. First of all, she needs an examination. If you can help us with this, we will be immensely grateful!

And you can see yourself how we live … We have no amenities at all. I would really like to have a washing machine – hand washing has become too hard for me; and I also really need a refrigerator. Ours is quite old, it went out of order. I can’t even cook soup for two days, it immediately turns sour, especially in summer … It’s very difficult for us, the allowance is not even enough for food! Moreover, Natia needs to follow a diet.

– What is your biggest dream?

Lia: My only dream is for Natia to get on her feet. I don’t dream of anything else; I don’t pray about anything else… If only my girl would come back to life and be happy! Do you know what she told me? She said that if one day she can walk again, she will not come to bed and lie down for one year! I believe that the Lord will hear my prayers!


Friends, Lia Toradze and her daughter Natia are in dire straits. A young and beautiful woman suddenly became disabled, lost the ability to move independently, eat, drink and even talk normally. And her mother lost the opportunity to earn a living, since Natia needs constant care.

Natia needs a rehabilitation course, the cost of which the family cannot afford. It’s vital for her! Mother and daughter huddle in a cramped apartment, sleep on broken beds, and are in dire need of basic appliances such as a refrigerator and a washing machine.

You can visit them and provide all possible help to the Toradze family.Their address is: Kutaisi, 85 Sulkhan Saba Str,  apartment 101

 Or you can call Lia and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 577 92 40 45

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else’s trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

   Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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(purpose: The Toradze family).

You can also transfer money from our website.

  It is also possible to transfer money from Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under “Charity” section (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link ).

We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Lia and Natia, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One call saves life – 0901 200 270.

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