Chernovetskyi Charity Fund


Friends, if you look at these photos and read the words of gratitude of the people you helped, don't forget to pray for them! God gave all of them to us in order to fulfill what was written in the Bible "...If you help the poor, it's not him who you help, but me – God"!
Call them, congratulate them on holidays, include them "in your family", because they give us the opportunity to save our own souls. So it is written in the greatest of books – the Bible. And I have been following this very goal, saving my own soul, for almost 30 years.
Friends, it is not obligatory to transfer money. But it is always possible to do something good for our neighbor! You can just wish them happiness and pray for them to God. It will be your help which is even more significant than money! Good luck to everyone! 
Leonid Chernovetskyi