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Garibashvili calls out the Government to participate in charity action

Charity in Georgia
year ago

The Prime-minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili accepted Ice Bucket Challenge of Wehelp and challenged other members of the Government.

“The action that is popular around the world and thousands of people have already participated in it, is a wonderful sample of humanity, solidarity and doing good when the society unites for one goal despite their status.

“Doing good is catching” is a main slogan of the “Solidarity Fund” that we established on our initiative. I accept the challenge and as I am the head of the Government of Georgia I transfer money monthly from my salary to “Solidarity Fund” that I’m sure will help many people with our joint efforts.

According to the rules of the action I call out my colleagues from the Government of Georgia to participate in charity action of solidarity and how they will participate in the action is up to them” – it is said in the statement on “Facebook” official site of Garibashvili.

#Charity in Georgia

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