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The musicians to help 13 year old Giorgi Chalisuri!

Charity in Georgia
year ago
The non-governmental organization “Position” with Street Musicians and Zura Khachidze held the next fifth charity action in “El Centro” to help Giorgi Chalisuri. Gio Kipshidze, Robi Kukhianidze, “Chinka”, Giorgi Tsaava, Gela Donadze joined the action and sang songs and expressed their support to Giorgi.

13-year old Giorgi Chalisuri living in Kaspi is from socially unprotected family, he was operated twice and in order to be able to walk he needs expensive massage course. Giorgi has cerebral palsy; the boy has worsened vision, and accordingly he has difficulties with school subjects. The money collected at the concert was completely transferred to Giorgi’s family account.

With joint effort we can save more people!
#Charity in Georgia

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