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With your assistance life of one person changed for the better.

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year ago

Some time ago we told you about hard life of Mrs. Tina Siradze. After death of her parents and relatives, she stayed alone, her house became unsuitable for living. Tina moved to one cold room where there used to be a cellar.

Thanks to kind people, 1729 GEL were collected on the account of the Fund. This money was enough to make her greatest dream come true. We installed water supply, water tap, and water heater. We also bought her a washing machine.

Friends, Mrs. Tina thanks all kind-hearted people very much for their help!

If you can help lonely people forgotten by everyone who are in heavy situation, you can transfer the money on the account of the Fund GE15TB7194336080100003 (Destination: help for old people) of direct from the web-site

Your slight help could alleviate their suffering and slightly improve the lives of the most vulnerable people!

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