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Death has been following us for five years!

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19 Şubat 2021
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“My sister and I waited so much for the birth of our brother, we even came up with a name for him, so we wanted to babysit him, play with him ... we thought he would be our protector ... but he is so helpless, so sick ... he can’t do anything himself,” says 11-year-old Anna. She and her older sister - 13-year-old Mari - became not only sisters for 5-year-old Luka, but also mothers! Sometimes they look after their brother even better than their mother does! The boy cannot do anything by himself, he cannot even ask for water.
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“Therefore, you need to be there all the time and look into his eyes. He is sometimes so weak that he makes sounds like a kitten, only blinks his eyes, opens his mouth a little ... and we understand that he is thirsty."

  When his unfortunate mother addressed our Fund, we immediately realized that this family simply could not survive without our help.

Friends, meet our compatriots: Mom Lia and dad Paata are very loving and caring parents. They dote on their children, but they have almost no power left

Lia: We with my husband, my mother-in-law and our three daughters - Marie, Anna and Thea - we all take care of Luka! He is the most important person for us, and our whole life revolves around him, the poor one.

- You have a wonderful family, please tell us more about Luka, what happened to him?

Lia: Luka has cerebral palsy. I have not left him for five years now. He's in my arms. I prepare for the worst, but I still cannot come to terms that he will leave me! It came so easily to me! We were waiting for his birth so much! Me, my husband and the girls were in seventh heaven! Pretty boy Luka was born! The doctors said that everything was fine, but I felt that something was wrong with him. Several times I asked the doctors to see what was wrong, but they rudely told me that I was very nervous, that I was panicking ... that I should be treated, not a healthy child!

- And it turned out that you were right?

Lia: When Luka was 20 days old, he passed out in my arms ... I remember every second of this nightmare! Every moment dragged on like an eternity! I screamed like crazy! I started calling and bothering the doctors again and again I received the same answer: “Calm down, ma’am! You're nutty." Then I decided to go to Tbilisi with my baby ... We took the bank loan and went there. We found ourselves in the hands of real doctors who diagnosed baby with cerebral palsy! And I realized that my life will never be the same!

- Were you ready for this?

Lia: Mom's heart always felt it! I wanted to believe that I was really going overboard and being nervous in vain! But I was ready for this. It is very difficult to care for such a child. I was warned about this, but I am not giving up! We spent many days in hospitals in intensive care unit, and they taught me absolutely everything so that I could look after him on my own.

- We understand your pain...  We can stop our conversation, if you want.

Lia: It's hard for me to speak, but I want to share my pain. I would not wish this on anyone, I wish all mothers in the world that their children are healthy! This is the greatest happiness!

- What would you advise to the mothers in the same dire situation as yours?

Lia: I am not the first or the last ... Unfortunately, there are a lot of such mothers as me. Never give up! Keep fighting for your child's life! Who will do that, if not us?! And more ... I don't want to impose my opinion on anyone, but, dear mothers, if you are not busy with work and you have such an opportunity, do not hire strangers to take care of such children, give them your warmth and love every minute, believe me, it is very important! Do not pay attention to evil tongues! They can destroy you morally!

- What do you mean, Lia?

Lia: Once a completely unknown woman in the street looked at us with contempt and said that it was better to take him to an orphanage! Can you imagine that? She spoke of my son as a puppy ... It killed me! She doesn't know how much we love him! He is our star, our everything! How can one even think about that? Hand over the child! It’s terrible!

– Lia, what is the main problem of your family?

Lia: You yourself understand in what a grave condition my boy is, he needs hygiene products, diapers, everything must be sterile - this is vital for him. He also needs good nutrition - meat and dairy products, special food - everything should be liquid. He cannot swallow normally.

- How did you meet your husband, how did you start your family?

Lia: We are from neighbor villages, we met by chance. All evening we did not take our eyes off each other. I loved him so much that I didn't even hesitate, and we got married a week later. Paata is the best father. He adores children, before the birth of Luka he worked all day long so that they had everything! But after Luka’s birth, our life became very hard. It is very difficult now to find a job. But my husband does not give up, he hopes that he will find some job. I want to thank him! I know that many men cannot withstand such grief and leave their families, abandon their children, but Paata, on the contrary, helps me a lot! May God grant him health and patience!

- Who does support you? You probably couldn't have coped without support?

Lia: Everything would be much more difficult without the support of relatives. My mother-in-law, husband and children help me a lot. The girls play with Luka, sing him songs, amuse him! Luka laughs so much! We know that when he feels good, when he is having fun, we have a chance to defeat his disease!

- What were your dreams when you started your family? Have you ever thought that such misfortune would happen to you?

Lia: We were young, we didn't need much. We loved each other, my mother-in-law is an excellent person, our children are healthy, my husband is a hard worker ... what else does one need to be absolutely happy? We dreamed of a boy, and God sent him to us!

- Does the state support you in any manner?  Did you address the local authorities for help?

Lia: Yes, local authorities sometimes help us with medications. Our region is very poor, there are not only we who needs help. I understand that.

- Tell me about your children. Do they got to school?

Lia: Mari and Anna are very kind and caring girls. They love studying and reading. I cannot say they are happy that they don’t not need to go to school, they miss school. They both dream of becoming famous! I tell them the truth about Luka, they know that he was sick from birth, never talked or walked. They know that he will never be cured and he will remain like that till the end. But they don’t want to believe in it, so they hope for a miracle. And little Thea is our fidget! She always wants to get attention from us. When I go somewhere, she worries and asks her sisters: “Will mom come back? Won't she leave us?"

   -I’d like to talk to your children now. Can I talk to you, girls? How are doing?  What do you do? Do you help your mom? What are you dreaming about?

Anna (11-year old): I love reading, now I read the book "Children of Captain Grant". It is very interesting. Sometimes I read books to Luka and he likes it! I know he understands everything and will start talking someday! 

Mari (13-year-old): I love reading too! But I also really like dancing. I used to go to dance classes, but then we couldn't pay, and I quit. Now the most important thing is that Luka is good. The rest does not matter!

 – Do you have dreams?

Anna and Marie answered together: "Luka to be healthy."

- Have you any personal dreams? What do you wish the most?

Anna: My sister and I really need a laptop to attend classes. I want to become a lawyer and I need to study well. I don't like that there is so much injustice in the world. I will fight that! And I also feel awkward to say that I really want to have a bicycle.

Mari: I want to have a library! With a lot of books there! So that they don't end! 

- Girls, you are just wonderful! Can I talk to your mom now? Lia, what is your family income? What’s it enough for?

Lia: Luka has a disability pension - 220 GEL, we also get an allowance of 560 GEL, and there is also the grandmother's pension. We have to pay 300 GEL to the bank. We had to take a huge loan from the bank - about 2,000 GEL for Luka’s examinations and medications! With the remaining amount, we buy diapers and medications, cover our debts in the grocery store and buy some food to eat, so as not to starve to death.

- Perhaps this is an unnecessary question, but we ask it to all our beneficiaries. What is your biggest dream?

Lia: Perhaps many will not understand me, but I dream that my son at least could drink water on his own! Or at least he could say what bothers him ... To take care of Luka we need diapers, medications, and we also need a special wheelchair with support for the waist and head. We need food, a gas stove and computers for girls. It would be great to have a TV! Luca loves to watch cartoons and listen to songs. 

- How did you learn about our Fund? Why did you decide to address us?

Lia: I have heard about your good deeds many times! I saw mothers with children like my Luka. I saw how grateful they are to you. So I decided to write to you.

- Almost the whole Georgia will learn about you when we will publish this post. Would you like to meet the friends of the Fund?

Lia: Yes, we would love to meet good people.


  Friends, we have no moral right not to help these unfortunate people after reading the story about them!  Let's pray for Luka, let’s all together ask the Lord to keep this boy alive!

Luka is in dire need of medications, hygiene products and a special wheelchair to survive! Help him to survive, consider him as your family member.

Friends, the Imnadze family is in dire straits.

You can visit them and provide the Imnadze family with all possible help.Their address is: Lanchkhuti municipality Lesa village.

Or call Lia and cheer her up with your kind words! Phone: 577 92 40 45

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

Friends, there is one more request : if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Our Fund’s accounts are: 




(Purpose: the Imnadze family).

You can also transfer money from our website.

  It is also possible to transfer money from Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link ).

  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support Lia and Luka, as no one is immune to bad luck! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

One call saves life - 0901 200 270.

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