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Baby cries from pain, and the family cries in despair.

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Friends, can you imagine that your beloved, sweetest child in the world lives only thanks to pain killers that slowly but surely kill his little body as well? Can you imagine that you give a dangerous poison to your most beloved creature every few hours?
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Friends, can you imagine that your beloved, sweetest child in the world lives only thanks to pain killers that slowly but surely kill his little body as well? Can you imagine that you give a dangerous poison to your most beloved creature every few hours?

The pain killers only work for a few hours. During this time, baby Danny can smile and rejoice in his mother's hug. Then pain comes back again and brings tears and torment to the poor little angel making the life of a sweet large family full of endless pity and suffering.

Everything would be fine if it were not for the difficult childbirth that Natia - the baby's mother - had. She almost died, and Dani got crippled as a result... Hip dislocation is a diagnosis that makes the words "step" and "pain" synonyms.

“There is a way out,” - the doctors say - “he just needs special massages - and the boy will start walking.” Special massages mean 100 procedures of five thousand GEL worth, and the family managed to cover only half of this amount by themselves - getting into loans. What to do next? The total income of the family, including social allowance is 900 GEL, and banks refuse to give them more loans. “What to do?” - poor mom and dad keep puzzling, - “To starve or to treat Dani? To endure hardships or watch how your beloved baby suffers?"

God forbid everyone from making such a hard choice!

Danny cries when he steps on his feet. It hurts him.

- Does he always cry like that?

Natia: Always when he steps on his feet. Even when I give him a pain killer, it helps just for a few hours, and then the pain and screaming come back again. You will see. It will have effect in half-an-hour. And he will turn into angel. You have to hold him in your arms all the time - when he settles comfortably, he smiles.

‘God, thank you for this little angel!”

- While Danny has calmed down, tell us about your family, about your problems. I can't take my eyes off your girls - they are so beautiful!

Natia: I am so proud of them! Liza is 8, and Mari is 14. But all my attention and all our finances are now being focused on Danny. The girls do not protest, they love their brother, they help me with him. I have diabetes and I get tired very quickly. Look, Mari just came back from the social canteen, she brought bread from there. Bread replaces sweets for Danny. Look, how he eats it! My little piglet loves eating so much! Look, how cute he is!

“Bread, I will eat you!”

- How did you live before Daniel was born?

Natia: I can’t say we were pampering ourselves before Dannie’s birth, but we used to live normally. Both my husband and I worked... I can’t say we had some prestigious job: my husband is a janitor, and I worked as a cleaner in a restaurant. You know, that work is dirty, but the money we earn by our honest work is clean. And then Danny was born. Something went wrong when I was giving birth to him.

- Is it dangerous for Danny?

Natia: It is very dangerous! Taking painkillers constantly destroys his body. But baby is in pain! And he wants to run around... Why does he suffer so much?!  It is so sad. We have no money for treatment. We took a bank loan to pay for special procedures, we took 50 massage sessions. You still need the same amount. But no one lends money nowadays. We need to pay off that loan first. But how can we do that? I can't work, I carry Danny in my arms all day long. I can't leave him with the girls - they worry that they might hurt him. My husband works as a janitor and his salary is 600 GEL.  We need to eat something. The food we bring from the canteen is not enough. And children not always can eat that food. And they are not picky. They understand everything.

‘We play with him, but his leg bothers him. He calls for mommy all the time!

Lizi (8-year-old): But we will be fit because of hunger, right, mom? As all the cartoon princesses.

- Which princesses you love the most?

Lizi: Snow White, of course! Do you know why? Her friends are dwarfs, and there are seven of them. I love when someone has many good friends.

- Do you have many friends as well?

Lizi: Well, what to say... I have two - Anastasia and Andria.

- And what if the whole Georgia will become your friends? How many friends will you have?

Lizi: It is impossible! All of them have children of their own. And Anastasia and Andria understand me well.

- What do you mean?

Lizi: They know what makes me feel sad, what makes me feel offended. And probably, they will protect me if someone offends me. Let’s go, I will show you something. I painted them by my bed. To be honest, they don’t look very much alike, but the small one is Anastasia and the big one is Andria. Do you also paint your friends on your walls?

“This is my friend Anastasia”

“This is Andria. They are not that scary, it’s just because I am not good at drawing”

- Wow, you draw great...

Lizi: Good joke. Mari is really good at drawing - you will go nuts! She can draw all day long. Let’s ask her to draw you.

- Mari, Lizi says you can draw me. Is it true?

Mari (14-year-old): Well, of course I can draw you, but nobody knows whether it will look alike. Let’s try.

“One circle, another circle, nose and mouth”

“Here is a little boy!”

The most valuable gifts are those made by your hands!

- Cool! Am I that pretty?

Mari: You are beautiful. It is my present for you. Will you take it? I really can draw all the time. I always draw during the lessons. Sometimes my teachers scold me for that, but when I answer well and do all the homework, they say: “Okay, keep drawing”.

- What else do you love doing besides drawing?

Mari: I have my own world. All my pictures are like my best friends. I don’t like communicating with people, probably I have no proper skills for that. I love to be alone. All my peer girls keep talking about marriage, they fall in love with someone, but I don’t. I want to be alone. Don’t get me wrong that mommy or daddy, or Lizi and Daniel bother me. I just want no one to bother me.

- What are you dreaming about? What would you like to change in your life?

Mari: I want Lizi and Danny to be obedient.

- Are your mommy and daddy obedient?

Mari: Yes! (giggles). They are the best! I see my daddy rarely - he works day and night. I miss him.

“Daddy goes to work early in the morning, when everyone sleeps. And he comes back late, and he is very tired!”

- I knew one girl who was embarrassed because her mother was sweeping streets. She even hided when she saw her in the street.

Mari: Please, stop! How can one be embarrassed because of his parents? When I see him, I just rush to hug him. He works for our sake! It is so silly!

- Mari, you think like an adult.

Lizi: It is so boring to be adult! I don’t want to be adult.

- Why so? Do you think that children have a better life?

Lizi: Sure! Adults are not free. I can play if I want, or watch cartoons if I want, or anything else. Mommy is adult. Can she do that? Not, of course. She carries Daniel all day long, or feeds him, or tidies up home. She has no time to play, she does not watch cartoons at all. Is that life? No, I want to be a child.

- You know, baby, I have never heard such reasoning. But you're totally right!

Lizi: That’s what I say. Do you want me to show you my princess dress? Like one that Snow White has? Look! Is it beautiful?

“When I put this dress on, I am a princess!”

“When it becomes small for me, I will give it to you”

- So, when it becomes small for you will you give it to me? It is beautiful!

Lizi: You are so funny! If you were my classmate, I would have made friends with you and painted you on a wall next to Anastasia.

- I have never heard the compliment better than that. Girls, you are really wonderful! Thanks to your parents for bringing you up like this!

Natia: My husband and I do our best to give them all our love. Thanks God we have such a wonderful children! It is a real happiness.

“One step, another step, we will start walking”

- Natia, let’s summarize our conversation. What do you need most of all?

Natia: First of all, we need money for 20 massages for Danny - 1000 GEL. I will be also grateful to have a fridge and a gas stove. Our washing machine went out of order as well, but I can’t ask for so many things. My baby is our first priority.

- What about you, girls?

Lizi: May I say? I really want a mirror! You know what kind of a mirror? One you can put on the table, so that you can look into it and do make-up. And a bicycle. And sweets. That’s it! Now, let Mari say.

Mari: I have only one dream - a computer! That’s it.

“A little piglet can eat a half a loaf of bread!”


One more story has come to an end, although, there is much more one can talk about them. These wonderful children, who have not got embittered yet with the world, need our help and support. First of all, let's help little Daniel so that he can walk without feeling pain. Let’s help his mom with foodstuffs and appliances so that she has no reason to worry about how to feed her children. Let’s fulfill the cherished dreams of the girls - a computer, a mirror, and a bicycle. And the rest is up to you.

You can visit them: Shindisi, 3 Tsinanuri I turn.

Friends, Chernovetskyi Charity Fund starts charity campaign to help the Mezurnishvili family.

Please repost our publication. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

God gives us chances to care about people who are unable to take care of themselves. Not all people are the same. Not all of them are as kind as we are. Do not pass by someone else's trouble! Those poor people are sent to us by heaven so that we could prove not by words, but in deeds that we trust in God!

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