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Baby-girl with a bomb in her head!

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21 Eylül 2021
Anna is one year old. She struggles from the very first days of her life. Doctors say that any second may become her last second. Everyone around her is worried and anxious. Despite the fact that there are five more children in the family, everyone talks about Anna only. Did she sleep? Did she eat? Did she cry? Why is she so calm? Why is she so restless?
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Anna is one year old. She struggles from the very first days of her life. Doctors say that any second may become her last second. Everyone around her is worried and anxious. Despite the fact that there are five more children in the family, everyone talks about Anna only. Did she sleep? Did she eat? Did she cry?  Why is she so calm? Why is she so restless?

Her diagnosis is just scary: “a brain aneurysm” Do you know what does it mean? It is like a bomb that can detonate at any moment. The bomb can detonate when Anna cries, or when she laughs, when she moves actively, or she sleeps for too long. “We lived on a powder keg for a year,” - her mother says. – “Anna was not able to eat, she could not breathe. They said that the only way for her to survive was for her to be operated on. Without the operation any second might become her last second of life. Cost of this operation abroad was fifty thousand dollars. We have not ever seen that much money. It’s a fortune. Even if we sold everything, we would not have raised even half of the necessary amount. And then a miracle happened... "

Friends, we will tell you the story of a miraculous salvation, which you must continue and where you must add your names too.

This is Anna. She had huge health problems when she was born. They said she was not here for long. But the baby-girl proved that it was not true.

What do your children do at the age of 18 months? They are probably running around the house, or maybe they try to pronounce words? Maybe they call you by name, and it makes you happy? And there is more than enough noise from them! I think, every parent has dreamed that their child would sit quietly for at least half an hour and give them a rest. And Anna's mother only dreams of her daughter not having seizures, not vomiting, she just wants for her daughter to live!

Tamara: Anna is our sixth child. She was born a perfectly healthy child, but when she was two-week-old something went wrong. She did not eat, she was lethargic, she cried all the time. Having raised five children I realized that I had no idea what was wrong with her. The diagnosis was really scary - “an aneurysm”. It is easy to imagine what we felt: our life has turned upside down. We constantly feared for her. We came in terms with the fact that our baby would have serious speech problems, motor problems, developmental problems. The aneurysm is insidious because you never know which second may become the last...

You can’t leave Anna alone. While mommy cooks porridge her older sisters looks after her.

- Did Anna need to be operated on?

Tamara: Yes. The first thing we were told was to urgently operate her on. But no one in Georgia dared to undertake such a complex surgical intervention. We found a neurosurgeon in Russia. But the pandemic has made everything very complicated. Leave alone the pandemic, we simply did not have money for treatment and transportation. Even if we sold the apartment and all the things, we would not be able to raise the necessary amount. And then the miracle happened.

- You often mention the miracle. What was it?

Tamara: You know, when you lose all hopes, when you give up, when all your tears have been cried out, when the only thing you can do is to pray for the health of your child - they call you from the hospital and say that a miracle has happened! A group of pediatric neurosurgeons from Novosibirsk, Turkey and Europe came to Tbilisi and will operate on children using a new method, without even having to open the skull. We agreed with no hesitation. The surgery was successful. They removed the aneurysm. And they put a cerebral shunt in her head The excess of cerebrospinal fluid drains from the head to the stomach via this shunt. Doctors say it is a temporary measure.

Anna can’t cry. Mom clasps her to heart. They can spend hours sitting this way.

- How is Anna’s condition now?

Tamara: I can’t say that everything is brilliant with her. She has a developmental disorder, she does not talk. Sometimes she does not communicate. But you know, she need time for rehabilitation after such a complex surgery.

“We should control temperature to avoid possible complications. Her life is hanging by a thread”

Comparing her condition before and after the surgery, are there any positive changes?

Tamara: It changed completely! She was not even able to eat before the surgery. We poured food into her mouth with a syringe. It was scary, we were afraid that she would choke. She almost did not move. Now she can sit independently. We still can’t leave her unattended - someone is constantly next to her - either me or the children. They help me so much!

“We want Anna to communicate with us so much, but she can’t”

- Please, tell us about them too.

Tamara: I will say nothing new if I tell you that my children are everything for me, that they are the best. Mariam is the most communicative, you can talk to her.

Mariam (12-year-old): As far as I see, I will have to answer for everyone. Well, okay.

- I won't ask you too many questions. I have already seen that you help your mother with Anna. Is it hard for you to cope with her?

Mariam: No, not at all. She is so quiet and calm. I can make a porridge for her. But I can’t feed her - I am a little bit scared. Mom is better at it.

“I’m scared to feed her, but I’m good at babysitting Anna”

- What else can you do better than your mom?

Mariam: To draw and to ride a bicycle. (giggles)

- Your mom can’t do that?

Mariam: No, she is adult. It is better to be a child.

- What are you drawing? What do you do best?

Mariam: A nature. I want to learn how to draw beautiful girls, but they turn out to be ugly. Hopefully someday I will learn.

- Is it your dream?

Mariam: No! My dream is to have a bicycle! This dream drives me crazy.

- What do you think is necessary to make your dream come true?

Mariam: You need money, but we don’t have money.

- Tamara, I haven’t yet asked you - what means are you living on? You have six children and one of them permanently needs medications and examinations.

Tamara: Our only income is a social allowance - 700 GEL. My husband used to work before the pandemic. He is a tutor - he teaches mathematics and physics. He used to give private classes to prospective university students. He used to be a visiting tutor. We live in cramped quarters: eight people huddle in two rooms. We have no appliances - everything is old and broken.

‘Lazare is ten, he suffers autism. He has developmental problems, but all together we help him to learn.”

Anna constantly gets ill, and our fifth child - Lazare has autism. He is ten years old. He is developmentally delayed and has behavioral disorders. He can stay quiet, and then suddenly scream! In one word, my husband can’t host his students at home.

My husband Beka used to go out early in the morning and come back late in the evening. He had as many pupils as it was possible to teach during the day. But during the day all the lessons became on-line, and that’s it. We were left without livelihood.

“If I had a computer I would have watched cartoons on YouTube”

- What can be 700 GEL per month be enough for for eight people? It is less than 3 GEL per person per day.

Tamara: You should be a magician to survive on 3 GEL per day. Anna has special nutrition needs. She must not lose weight, she must be strong, otherwise everything that was done will come to nothing. It has been just few weeks as she learned to eat. Before that, we poured food into her mouth with a syringe.

"One spoon for mom ..."

"One spoon for daddy ..."

“Baby, you’ll get sick again if you don’t eat. You need to gain weight "

- Tamara, you can address the entire Georgia now!

Tamara: I’d like to address Georgian moms. They will understand me. My family is on the edge of the abyss now. We need help more than ever. All our finances are spent on Anna's food and medications. If my husband could work, I would have never addressed you.

“Please help my chicks to survive”


Dear friends, would we help this wonderful Georgian family? We wouldn’t leave them in trouble, right? Let’s all together lend them our helping hand. They really need foodstuffs, a washing machine, fridge, and TV set. But the most important thing they need - is your attention and your kind heart! Let’s help them, let’s show them our mercy, let’s give their children a chance to live normally. Let each of us imagine that these could be our children who are malnourished.

You can visit Tamara and her wonderful children yourself and provide them help. Their address is: Tbilisi, Mikhiani I microdistrict, building 2, apartment 27.

We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

Friends, there is one more request: if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

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You can also transfer money from our website.

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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