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There are only three people in the small Bichiashvili family, two of them are disabled since birth. Both mother and son suffer from a terrible genetic disease, which gradually, year after year, more and more constrains their leg muscles causing their deformity and preventing their motor activity. Seven-year-old Nikoloz, still walks independently, although with difficulty, but his mother, 28-year-old Maka, can no longer do without a cane and someone’s help.
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There are only three people in the small Bichiashvili family, two of them are disabled since birth. Both mother and son suffer from a terrible genetic disease, which gradually, year after year, more and more constrains their leg muscles causing their deformity and preventing their motor activity. Seven-year-old Nikoloz, still walks independently, although with difficulty, but his mother, 28-year-old Maka, can no longer do without a cane and someone’s help.

The difficult situation in the family and the complete helplessness of the mother and son makes the father of the family stay around all the time, depriving him of the opportunity to earn at least some money. As a result, the family's only income is two disability pensions, and after paying the rent and paying off the “endless” loan taken once for treatment, only 255 GEL is left. And how to live on it?

25-Kilogram sack of flour that the family can afford once a month becomes their only salvation from hunger and the hope that tomorrow will come again. But no one knows what it will be like in this vicious circle of hopelessness.

"We lean on each other and slowly move forward!"

Seven-year-old Nikoloz firmly holds his mother by the hand meeting us at the door. She can't take one step without him: her legs are so disobedient, twisted by the disease. “Come in, please, I’ll show you our house, because my mother can’t do that, it’s very difficult for her to walk,” - the little boy tells us confidently in an adult way. Easy to see, he has got the makings of a real man, a real handsome Georgian man. However, one cannot fail to notice that it is not easy for Nikoloz to move - a genetic disease affected his legs too, and over time it will bind them even more ...

"This disease is like a family curse, and it did not spare my son"

- Maka, what’s wrong with your legs?

Maka: This is a genetic disease - I inherited it from my father, and he inherited from my grandfather and great-grandfather. When I found out that I was pregnant, I prayed for only one thing, that my child would be healthy.
 But he was not lucky either... Unfortunately, this disease is incurable, nothing can be done, there is no medication or any other means. The only good thing is that it does not cause pain, it only makes it very hard to walk. I'm afraid that I might have to get into a wheelchair over time. In any case, it is already impossible to help me, and I am very worried about my son, but I hope that while he grows up, they will come up with something new, and he will be cured. Unfortunately, this is not the only problem that makes us suffer.

- Do you mean your living conditions?

Maka: Yes, exactly. Everything in our house is broken, the floor is pitted and cracked, and the walls are ragged and rotten. I laid pieces of linoleum, old carpet, plywood, in general, everything I found to prevent us from stumbling and falling. I attached an oilcloth to the wall to create at least some kind of coziness and decorated it with stuffed toys. I want at least some kind of beauty - so that it would be easier to look at all this. But who am I kidding?... Most of all, the fact that we cannot break out of the vicious circle of poverty, we cannot change anything here, in order to create at least some comfort for life, this is depressing.

“My mom is a real designer! She decorated the wall with oilcloth and stuffed toys, and now we have more fun."

- Are you renting this house?

Maka: Yes, we pay 100 GEL monthly for rent. We cannot count on anything better - we won’t be able to afford it. Our entire income is two pensions, mine, and my son's, 250 GEL each. Total - 500 GEL per month. Besides rent, another 145 GEL from this amount goes to pay off the bank loan, which we once took for our child's treatment. We are supposed to pay it back by 2027. So, we have 255 GEL left to live on, which is only enough for flour and pasta.

- Tell us about your husband. Does not he work?

Maka: Yura is a very good, caring father and husband. He would like to change something in the current situation and is trying his best, but now Nikoloz and I are completely helpless, we cannot cope on our own and we cannot stay alone at home. So, Yura has to be near and help us with everything. He has serious problems with the spine as well - he cannot do heavy work, and there is no light work here.

- How do you manage to live on 255 GEL per month?

Maka: The main thing for me is to immediately buy a bag of flour as soon as I get my pension. (This is 25 kilograms worth 35 GEL.) After that, I can draw an easy breath. I will be sure that until the next payday my child will certainly have bread, and he will not faint from hunger.  This has happened to us too... Those who know what hunger is, will understand me.

“I can’t run or jump, but they say that you can even play football on a tablet”

Nikoloz (7-year-old): Honestly, I'm not starving! But do you know what I would like the most? To have many friends! But I don't have them, because I can't play any games. I can't play football, I can't run. So, I dream of a tablet. There I would run and jump, and I would find many new friends. But I know for sure that I will never have a tablet ...

- Why do you think so?

Nikoloz: Because we are poor. And I understand very well that my mom can't even buy candy. Leave aside candies, you wouldn't guess that I like more than candies.

- Well, let me try to guess. Is it ice cream?

Nikoloz: No, no, what I love is not sweet.

- Cheese?!

Nikoloz: No, but cheese is also a good thing. Okay, don't worry. I love sausage with eggs! I love it so much, especially eggs. I can eat ten at once!

- Have you ever eaten that much at once?

Nikoloz: No, how can we get so much? Mom buys one at a time.

Maka: Yes, unfortunately, there is no other way. And dairy products and meat do not exist for us at all. In the market I buy only the cheapest stuff.

- Maka, do you have a cherished dream?

Maka: Yes, there is one. But it is even more impossible than a tablet for Nikoloz. Sometimes I close my eyes and see my own house, so small, almost tiny. I can imagine what kind of curtains are there on the windows, how warm and cozy it is, and how the three of us sit on a soft sofa and watch a movie on TV. Oh, I will certainly burst into tears now. Let's better talk about something else.

Dreams crash against concrete floors and rotten walls

- Okay, what you need the most, what could make your life easier?

Maka: I really need a washing machine. I just can't cope without it in winter. In my situation, hand washing is such a complex work, it’s almost on the verge of impossible. I would also like to have a TV. We also have big problems with clothes and shoes...

Nikoloz: Mom, don't ask for so much!

- Nick, what would you like to have? I will write down your wishes separately.

Nikoloz: I really need school supplies: a bag, notebooks, pens, and everything of that kind. I also really want a desk. We don't have a table and it's hard for me to do my homework. And I have one more dream... Honestly, I haven't seen it myself, but I've heard that there are cars like real ones, but only for children, in which you can sit and even ride. Do you know about these? This is what I dream about the most. But this is a very expensive dream, and I know that it will never come true.

"What should we do to make our dreams come true?"


  Friends, what is your most cherished dream? We know for sure that as soon as you read this article, you started to dream that there would never be hungry children in our beautiful Georgia! So that such simple childhood dreams cease to be expensive and impossible but become a reality that brings joy and unforgettable moments for children! You are friends of our Fund, people with the kindest hearts! Therefore, we never tire of telling you these stories. Stories that hurt to read - but not knowing about them is a crime.

  Friends, do not pass by this post, please help these unfortunate people. They need food, clothing, school supplies, washing machine, TV, tablet, beds. You can meet these people personally. Their address is: Tsnori, Sakobo village, 9 Gamarjveba Str.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make the children believe that miracles happen! They believe in us. Do not let our little compatriots down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

  We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life!

  Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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  We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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