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Happiness is to have a house, dumplings, and a bit of a bike!

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15 Kasım 2021
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Maybe happiness for you is something immeasurable, indescribable, unattainable. It is sometimes so difficult for us to explain simple things in words. But little eight-year-old Demuri knows exactly what happiness is. This is a house, dumplings, and a bike! He has only one and very simple dream - to live like other children do.
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Happiness is to have a house, dumplings, and a bit of a bike!


Maybe happiness for you is something immeasurable, indescribable, unattainable. It is sometimes so difficult for us to explain simple things in words. But little eight-year-old Demuri knows exactly what happiness is. This is a house, dumplings, and a bike! He has only one and very simple dream - to live like other children do.

“Isn’t this broken car a toy? Adults always make things too complicated.”

“My heart hurts, but not in the way to take medications like an adult, it hurts in a different way,” - he says. Do you know why an eight-year-old boy's heart can hurt? In the summer, on June 19, when his birthday was, he knew that he would not have any party, but deep in his soul he still hoped that his mother would manage to give him at least a tiny cake. But his mom just hugged him and said: "Congratulations! I love you very much and will try to make a cake for you next time." But this next time never came...

Demuri seems to be already an adult, he is eight years old, but he burst into tears like a baby, he could not resist ... "Why does everyone have everything, and I have nothing?" - he cried, but then stopped. What’s the point to cry? Demuri knows crying doesn't solve anything.

“It’s a bit unfair. Some have everything, while others have nothing"

  I am not going to tell you anything new today. It’s so common: five children, mom and dad living in an old, ruined house on allowance which is enough for nothing. Is not it common? It is. We've probably talked about this for a thousand times already. All these stories are so similar to each other that you can just change the names of children and parents, and you get a story about a new family. Magda is 12 years old, Demuri - 8, then Bejan comes - he is 6 years old. Merab is not yet 2 years old. And the youngest Giorgi was born in August. He does not know yet that very soon he will dream of a piece of bread, like his brothers and sister do. He does not know yet that it is a real punishment to be born in Georgia, in a large, socially disadvantaged family.

To be born in a socially disadvantaged family in Georgia, is the real punishment

  Mariam: I don't like complaining, but there is no way out. We have debts in all shops, we have borrowed money from all our neighbors. Even the bed on which I am lying with my five children was lent to us by our neighbor. These beans, which I cooked today for my children for two days, are also gifts from kind people. Children cannot only eat bread.

- Mariam, have you always been struggling to survive? Were there moments when it wasn't that hard?

  Mariam: It used to happen... But since my husband got his toes amputated, he became disabled. Physical labor was always hard for him. He has been disabled since childhood. He has one arm and one leg paralyzed. Now he also needs to be looked after like a baby

- Did you manage to work?

  Mariam: Yes, before Merab and Giorgi were born, I worked here in the village, in the field. Someone needed their land to be cultivated, others needed help with sowing or harvesting. I did everything I could. You know, women are very hardy, and when it comes to their children - they are capable of anything to keep their kids from starving.

- What social allowance is enough for?

Mariam: For a bag of flour, pasta and sunflower oil. I make the dough and bake bread. It’s the only food my children have. They don't let bread out of their hands all day long.

"Get ready faster, I can no longer endure!"

"Now let's add some firewood, and our lobio will cook faster"

  Bezhan (6-year-old): Will you stay for lunch with us? Mom's cooking lobio today. Look how delicious it is! I will share with you! Now I'll put the wood in the stove, and it will cook faster. Do you like lobio?

- I love it. What else besides lobio do you like?

Bezhan: I love toys, but I don’t have them.

Magda (12-year-old): Ma’am asked you about food. Do you like eating toys?

  Bezhan: Oh, I thought she just asked me what I liked. Well, I don't know, I love everything. It is so good to eat!

“If there was no need to share with others, I would eat two hundred dumplings!"

Magda: And I love dumplings. I can probably eat a whole pot! But I don’t know, I haven’t tried doing that. We share everything equally. The most that I managed to get were seven pieces. But I could defeat eat about two hundred of them!

- Do you want to become a record holder for eating dumplings?

Magda: Nope, I want to become a doctor to treat poor people for free. And to charge the rich ones. Because people like us have no chance to be treated. Daddy's toes were rotting, but we had no money to get him operated on. And the doctors told us that if we couldn't raise the necessary amount of money promptly, they would have to cut off his leg. But then we somehow managed to raise money, and they only cut off one toe. So, it’s not good to be poor.

“When you live like a primitive man, without water and food, you don’t manage even to dream”

- You need to study a lot to become a doctor. Do you know that? Do you manage to learn well?

  Magda: Well, I do my best. I really do my best!

  - What are you dreaming about?

  Magda: I don’t know. What can I dream about? Oh, I know, wait a minute, I'll tell you...

(Magda closed her eyes, maybe, she wanted to better see the things she has seen many times in her dreams.)

I dream of a beautiful birthday. With balloons everywhere, with everything decorated beautifully. Me wearing a beautiful dress. My friends coming to visit us. And mommy bringing a big cake with candles. I have never had any cake or candles. I will turn 13 on January 15. I have never blown out the candles on a cake in 13 years. I saw how other children do that, how they make wishes, but I have never had this.

"I dream of blowing out the candles on the cake at least once in my life"

  Demuri (8-year-old): And I dream about the same thing! But I don’t need all these girlish things. I want just a cake and khachapuri. And some yummies. And let them bring me gifts. No one has ever given me anything. How I want to be like other children at least once in my life.

- And how do other children live?

  Demuri: It is so unfair, others have everything, and we have nothing. Sometimes I want to cry so much. But I'm a man! And men don’t cry.

“Stones instead of toys. But you can't build a fortress out of them"

  Bezhan: My birthday is coming soon too, on October 27th! And I don't even want a cake. I'd like to have a blue bike.

- And when mom's birthday is? What would she like to get as a gift?

Mariam: Come on, what birthday are you talking about. I am so embarrassed, the children want so much, and my only concern is to feed them with bread... My God, how is it possible to live like that. Still, my main dream is foodstuffs, so that I always have them.

This is where the most delicious and naughty "dumpling" is hiding

  - I'd really like to know, and our readers as well, what do you need the most? Probably, there are such things that you cannot buy on your own.

  Mariam: Well, I won't even dream about a washing machine, TV and refrigerator. We also really need beds. My five children and I sleep in one bed, and my husband sleeps on the couch. If not for our neighbors, there would probably be only bones left from us.

- It is very hard to even imagine your state. And you have a baby, he needs so many things.

  Mariam: You are right. When I found out that I was pregnant, I cried so much. My little one does not yet understand how hard it will be for him to live.

"My baby does not yet know what a hard life he will have to live"

- Mariam, the entire Georgia will read the story about your family. Would you like to tell them anything?

Mariam: I want to say one thing: all children have the right to be happy...

  Bezhan: All children have the right to have bicycles, toys and food! Let's finish, lobio is ready! We are hungry! Wash your hands and join us!


  These children have nothing to eat, and they are ready to share the last. No one teaches this at school, it is impossible to teach this, it's in your blood. Probably, it is better to share with those who have nothing themselves, because they will be able to appreciate your kindness. As Mariam said, if good people had not shared with them, they would have been dead! Think about it. Everything is fine with us now, but life can change at any moment, and the help of strangers may become our last hope!

Friends, the Shavidze family has no one else to address for help. Complete strangers are their last hope. Mom worries about her children because they won't last long eating bread alone.

  The Shavidze family needs any help: foodstuffs, hygiene products, home appliances, beds! Together, we can help this unfortunate family, as we helped to thousands of other families in Georgia who were on the brink of life and death

You can visit them yourself and provide all possible help at: Zestafoni municipality, Ilemi village.

  Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you! Let’s show our mercy and make the children believe that miracles happen! They believe in us. Do not let our little compatriots down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

  We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

  Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

  Friends, there is one more request - if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend do a godly deed, drop us an email at:

Our Fund’s accounts are:




(purpose: The Shavidze family).

  You can also transfer money from our website.

It is also possible to transfer money from TBCpay and ExpressPay terminals. Find our Fund under "Charity" section (You can read more about rights and responsibilities of the Fund following the link

  We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

  We have good news for you - now you can read the stories of our beneficiaries on InstagramHttps:// and Telegram

Even if you dial once this special number, it might save someone's life. 0901 200 270! God bless you!

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