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Mommy, wake up! It hurts and I am scared again!

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4 Mart 2022
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“Wait a minute, my girl, mother is coming!” It's good that Lia, lying half asleep, heard Nino's groan and her weak call “mommy”. She sleeps while her daughter is unwell. “Mom! Mommy!” - you can hear fear, complaint, and pain in this night moan. Lia sits down on her daughter's bed, strokes her face, takes her hand, and kisses her: “Mom is here, everything is fine, it will soon pass!”
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Mommy, wake up! It hurts and I am scared again!



Worries and fears disappear in mother's arms

“Wait a minute, my girl, mother is coming!” It's good that Lia, lying half asleep, heard Nino's groan and her weak call “mommy”. She sleeps while her daughter is unwell.

“Mom! Mommy!” - you can hear fear, complaint, and pain in this night moan. Lia sits down on her daughter's bed, strokes her face, takes her hand, and kisses her: “Mom is here, everything is fine, it will soon pass!”

Nino hardly calms down. Oh, God! It's good that today she had no attack. Thank God! Let Nino get some sleep. And her mommy will sit by her until dawn. No problem...

Lia has been coping with the reality for twenty years now - the reality where her dear daughter Nino has a complex form of cerebral palsy. Days go by but nothing changes. The girl lies motionless. Mariam, Lia's eldest daughter, is a student - an excellent student. The difference in age between sisters is only three years. In their mother's dreams, they spend all their time together, playing and sharing boundless energy with each other. In reality, one of them is chained to a wheelchair and is deprived of all the joys of life.

They discovered Nino's disease immediately after her birth. From that moment on, a great sadness settled in her mother's heart. Look into the eyes of this mother and you will see how great and boundless her sadness is. But she herself is filled with light! Sadness, pain, and mess in mind did not kill hope in her. Lia believes in God and good-hearted people.

Nino is a very warm child. She loves affection

- Lia, let’s first talk about Nino. How is she feeling herself now?

Lia: Fortunately, Nino's mental abilities have improved, as has her talking ability - she has learned to communicate using several words. When she is happy, she says “well” When she wants to kiss me, she says “mpua” Nino did not understand before what food I gave her, now she shows us what she likes and what she does not. She does not like porridge and soups, she always prefers to eat sweets and points to them. One year ago, she could not do even this, but now you can see a progress in her cognitive skills. But her physical state is still very hard. It’s really hard! Her weakness and epileptic state (i.e. active seizures) still persist. Each calm day, when she was very cheerful and did not complain about anything, can end up very bad. An attack can happen at any second. Nino experiences unbearable pain at that moment. She seems to be suffocating, she cannot breathe, becomes restless, sweats. She plaintively calls me, as if she wants to say: “Mommy, wake up! I am scared and it hurts!”

She also has psychological problems along with attacks.  She is constantly worried and afraid. Of course, she's scared of these attacks! It takes a lot of psychotropic drugs, a lot of time for Nino to come back to her former state of health. And then everything starts all over again. It's impossible to control.

Now Nino already makes it clear what she likes to eat and what not

- Can you explain in more detail what her weakness is manifested in?

Lia: Nino can't move or roll over. She constantly lies on her back, supine. Can you imagine? It became very hard for her to stay in a wheelchair, because it puts pressure on her limbs, and she does not like it. Because of the pain, I give her a very light massage almost every evening. Constantly lying in the same position creates discomfort for her. Turning, rolling over or holding something in her hands is an insurmountable difficulty to her.

– What are the difficulties associated with taking the daily care of Nino?

Lia: First of all, I would say that you really need to be physically strong. I am not that young now, so I can’t lift her alone. Nino is already very heavy - she has grown up and is large physically. I can no longer move her, so my elder daughter, Mariam, helps me. Almost two people almost all day long only deal with moving her.

She's a coquette, she always wants to look beautiful

– Is there a need for any medical intervention at the moment?

Lia: Doctors say that if I started treating her from her early age, perhaps there would be success. But now she is already too big, and massage is unpleasant for her, you need to give it very moderately. She's such an emotional child, I doubt she can handle anything. Once, my daughter told me she had a toothache, and she kept her hands to her face all day - she was so worried about everything. I can’t imagine any medical intervention in such case. I refused when they offered me to take her to France. I can't take it upon me. This will be a real pain for her. She won’t be able to stand that.

Her smile makes me want to move on

- Lia, taking care of such a patient requires a significant amount of money. How do you manage to cope alone? What is your source of income?

Lia: I can't cope with anything anymore. (Says sadly.) I can’t cope with rent, with food for the child, with diapers and medications.

I occasionally work at aesthetic and medical centers as a massage therapist. They had bad job offers lately, so I am unemployed at this stage.

The state used to help us, but now no one gives us anything. The only thing we get is Nino's pension of 275 lari. Imagine how to live on it when one family member is bedridden and requires constant care? When I worked, Mariam stayed with her, and now she does not have such an opportunity. We cannot exist otherwise. In fact, we need 350 lari for the rent only, plus utilities and thousands of other things... I really worked, not sparing myself. I did 7-8 massages a day - I could not stand on my feet when I came home. But now I don’t have this income for about a month, since I left there.

Lia shows us fatigue and sadness only when we are left alone. The daughter should not know about the experiences of her mother

– Lia, I see that your living conditions are pretty harsh. All the appliances are out of order. Can you give more details to the friends of our Fund on what you need the most?

Lia: Our refrigerator is in a particularly bad condition. You can see how it looks like for yourself. We can't do anything with it. Its door fell off. We have to put a brick on top of the washing machine, because it is about to go out of order. And the gas stove is such that you can't bake anything there. We almost have no home appliances, and whatever we have is good for nothing.

Fridge is in the worst condition

They have to put bricks on top of the washing machine

Poverty is everywhere Bathroom - with dirty rusty walls, a basin instead of a bath tub, an old kettle instead of a ladle

- What does Nino need the most?

Lia: My daughter needs the drug Epix (500 milligrams), which is quite expensive. So, we had to buy it from a reseller. But this is no longer possible - it is almost impossible to find it. And it is so expensive in the pharmacy that it is almost unimaginable for us to buy it there. But most of all we need diapers. Sometimes I have to put her on a towel, and we have a very bad time. These two things - medications and diapers - is what my daughter needs the most.

Most of all we need diapers. Sometimes I have to lay her on a towel

- I swear to you - while I was listening to you, I became very emotional myself. I admire your fortitude and energy! I am sure that the story of your family will evoke the same feelings among the friends of our Fund. We will unite to help you, and together we will certainly become able to

change everything for the better.

Lia: Thank you all in advance, I really hope for you!

We never lost faith in the Lord, everything is in His hands


Friends, Lia is really a special person. She is a true example of courage and selflessness. Let’s support this wonderful Georgian woman and her family! Our help is crucial for her and her children.

You can visit them at the address: Tbilisi, 6 Gogebashvili Second Turn.

Every time you can help someone, just do it, and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

We are sure that all together we will manage to change their life.

Please repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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We have already helped many disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers!

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