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Find six kids in a dark rotten shack

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14 Nisan 2022
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This is not even a house, but the skeleton of a house, where you can see all its bones. Only lath remained of the outer walls. This shack is so rotten that you can break off any piece from it with your hand. And it is so dark inside even during the day, that you need to turn on the light to see each other. Light is on all the time - two dim light bulbs. When you stay there for a while, your eyes get used to darkness, and you start to distinguish the faces of the residents. And there are nine of them - six children and three adults. They live in darkness and crampedness.
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Find six kids in a dark rotten shack


You are horrified and can’t come to your senses, right? This ruin is a shelter for the Khosiashvili family

This is not even a house, but the skeleton of a house, where you can see all its bones. Only lath remained of the outer walls. This shack is so rotten that you can break off any piece from it with your hand. And it is so dark inside even during the day, that you need to turn on the light to see each other. Light is on all the time - two dim light bulbs. When you stay there for a while, your eyes get used to darkness, and you start to distinguish the faces of the residents. And there are nine of them - six children and three adults. They live in darkness and crampedness.

We were lucky to see Gabriel - the youngest and quickest - in the yard in daylight. “They came to help!” - he called his mother Zhanna. And then he asked me: “And when will this help come? I'm already hungry now. I asked my mother for food, but she said I should wait. I don't know what we're going to eat today. Do you know what we eat today neither? I already got tired of playing in the yard, the children left for lunch. Uuu…” Gabrielle whimpers resentfully.

Loud singing can be heard from the house, but it stops when I enter. Natia, the eldest of the children, hugs me tightly and asks: "How are you?" Children whisper among themselves what to ask for "help."

Gabriel immediately asked for some food.

- Zhanna, and who was singing?

Gela (11-year-old) (answers ahead of his mom): Sit down and you'll find out if you want to know that.

Zhanna: I am so embarrassed that my children can immediately ask any person for food.  I have cried a lot thinking about where to go, what to bring them?

Gabriel (6-year-old): Why are you embarrassed? (Cries) Is it embarrassing to be hungry? (Wipes his nose.) And there is no more lunch in the fridge, Natia ate it all at night.

Zhanna: Sometimes I'm about to go crazy. This is our everyday problem: how to get through the day? What to eat? Children sometimes miss school because they get weak and tired because of hunger. I can’t even give them a simple bun for school lunch. What should they learn when it gets dark in their eyes and they feel nauseous?

The owner of the store where I take groceries on credit takes pity on us and does not ask for money for weeks. "For God's sake, take what you need, I can't watch your children suffer." It happened that our debt reached up to 900 GEL. Then I tried to pay off the debt from our social allowance (we get 900 GEL from the state). Now we have 200-lari debt in the store and 50 lari debt for gas. As soon as money appears, I do not know what to choose. I must choose one thing: either buy food, or shoes for children, or pay off the debt.

We would not be able to show you the faces of the children in the room if it were not for the special camera mode. It's dark in here, like in wormhole

Living room


This nook is Natia's room

“After you bathe in our bathroom, you need to be treated for a cold”

Natia (addressing me): How are you? What’s up?

- I’m talking to your mom.

Gela: You haven’t got yet, right? (Tells me with a smile.)

Natia: “Aralee, aralee…” (Suddenly begins to sing loudly.)

Gela: She will ask you a hundred more times: "How are you?" And will sing all day.

(Natia sways heavily on her chair and sings.)

Gela: Natia, it’s enough, stop. Our guest will have a headache.

- No problem, let her sing, it does not bother me.

Gela: I wanted to help you. We already got used to, but you are not, and her songs will drive you mad.

Zhanna: Our girl, Natia, has epilepsy. She shouldn’t worry. She shouldn’t be too happy or very much upset. I am always nearby to monitor her condition.  If she suddenly stops talking and stares at one point, you need to return her attention. Sometimes she freezes like that for an hour. I do not give her rest, I hug her, I call her: "Natia!" At this moment, you can only see the whites of her eyes. Then this state can turn into an attack.

"You haven't taken your pill today, Nati"

- Poor girl.

Zhanna: Yes. (Sighs.) She is 22 years old, but she looks like an adult child. Natia can't read or write. She dresses herself but can put a sweater over her jacket. We help her. Every day I give her pills for epilepsy. It doesn't really work, but if you don't give it, she will get worse. When she is nervous and cannot sleep, I give her diazepam.

“Nati, don’t sing for a while. Let’s read a little bit”

Zhanna: Show your fingers to this auntie.

Natia: Here they are! (Brings her hands to me.) “Arale-ee, Arale-ee…”

Zhanna: She gnawed all her nails along with the “meat”. I put furatsilin so that everything heals. It's okay. But I can’t buy diapers for her, and she really needs them. Both day and night. I put cellophane in her bed. She pees on herself - during the day as well. Then she gets nervous, she can tear her wet clothes, scratch herself.

-  Has Natia been sick since childhood?

Zhanna: She was a baby when her mother left her due to her illness. I married a man with a child, my Guram. And she became my daughter, and we raised her together. And then five more children were born: Nikoloz, Gela, Barbare, Gabriel.

- And how did you meet?

Zhanna: Our mothers worked together, they traded. I liked him. He is not a drinker, not a drug addict, he worked in the landscaping service. This house, by the way, belongs to my mother-in-law. We've been living here for about 20 years.

- So, you saw this house from the very beginning? But you did not get afraid of poverty?

Zhanna: Am I the minister's daughter? I grew up in poverty. My dad was a craftsman, we lived a simple life. Dreams are luxury. Still the life goes in its own.

-  Does your husband work now?

Zhanna: The problem is that he doesn’t. But this is not his fault. He fell off a bridge two years ago. This happened while he was at work. Since then, he has had big problems with his spine. He can’t even sit - his back becomes numb.

I have a pretty crazy life. What kind of work can we talk about when I can’t even go to the toilet calmly? They immediately start calling me: “Mom, hurry up, Natia rolls her eyes!  Gio jumped and hit his leg!” We still have a yard full of hillocks, something happens all the time ... My mother fell down the stairs, broke her shoulder. She barely raises her hand. She fell down once, did not pay attention, and the place of injury hardened and then turned into a tumor. The doctors had to cut above her leg - they removed a huge piece.

The entire yard is full of pits and potholes, the asphalt is broken into pieces

Barbare (8-year-old) whispers in my ear: Grandma’s buttock hurt.

Zhanna: As we are, so are our relatives. Who to complain about?

- Do you go to the social canteen? Are you entitled to go there as a disadvantaged family?

Gabriel: Go there yourself! (Whimpers.)

Zhanna: Wait a minute. (Rebukes Gabriel.) We only take bread from there. The kids couldn't get used to that food. No matter how often we go there, they don’t like it. I can't say it's bad though.

Gabriel: And I can say! It's bad and tasteless!

- Gabriel, can I talk to you?” Okay?

Gabriel: Are we just going to talk? Or will you bring me food later?

- I really want you to have food, that’s why I came.

Gabriel: I also want a car with a remote control, chocolate and a mobile. My toys are random.

- What do you mean?

Gabriel: Some of them I found in the street, some of them someone gave me. Do you see this cat? An unfamiliar aunt called me and asked me: “Who’s boy are you?” She stroked me on the head and gave it to me. My neighbor gave me a rugby ball. The ball is already old, he does not need it. I can throw and I know rugby tricks. I saw it in the street and learned. Look! Hop! (Throws.) Don't be afraid, I won't hit you.

“I also have such a game - hanging upside down on this thing. Do you like it?

 “I can already chop wood. But then I really want to eat.”

Do you know why I need a cell phone? You can open TikTok on it. There are interesting things to see. It's fun there, but at home it's always dark and boring. And there is no food. You still need to have hurry up and eat when there is food, otherwise it will disappear.

- How?

Gabriel: Natia can eat a full pot. She doesn't understand. Gets out of bed and steals food at night. She's my sister, but still...

- Oh, it’s so hard. I don't even know what to say, my friend. Children, think, and tell me what you need most of all?

Gela: Trousers and shoes for the boys - that's for sure. My sneakers have long been torn - I wear boots. Mom says: “Put your trousers over the boots, and no one will notice.” Far from it! They stare at me at school, so that I get angry. They stare at me and look at everything. And my clothes too. It’s very unpleasant.

Zhanna (disappointed): But you study well, son. You can be proud of this.

There is a streak of light by the window. You can read book only here

Gela: What's the point, wishes still won't come true.

Zhanna: I promised him once: study well and I will buy you a bicycle. My boy gets only 9 and 10, he does everything. He frees a space in a corner of the table and writes in this darkness. Look at his handwriting. And I ... (Turns away so as not to cry.)

Gela: I learned to ride adult bikes at the age of 6. I had my own bike, it's such a thrill! I was very happy when I rode. Then it went out of order, and there was no money to fix it. And so it got rusty. Every time I wished I had a bike, there was always a bummer. Should I tell you? Or it won't work?

- Of course, you should tell me!

Zhanna: Gela was an altar boy in Sameba church. He removed candle stubs, baked prosphora. They taught him there. And now he goes to church on Saturday and

- Are you religious, Zhanna?

Zhanna: I get asleep with God's Word. I ask Him to protect my family from troubles and illnesses, to give them a piece of bread for tomorrow. He is holding me.

Barbara (sneaks up from the side): Can I have you for a minute? (She waves her hand so that I enter the next room.)

I didn’t have time to talk about the girl’s clothes. Please make a note that I want a dress and blouses. Mom needs tights. Her tights got old, you know. And also - big clothes for Natia, she's even bigger than mom. And she has nothing to wear. We all can speak for ourselves, but she can’t.

I so want to dress up this wonderful girl in a new dress, give her beautiful hair clips. Because we can give her that little girly happiness that Barbare doesn't have.

- My sweet dove! Do you attend any coteries?

Barbare: I quitted the Georgian dances. They told us to buy uniforms. The lessons are free there, but you have to pay for uniforms. Niko quitted going to chonguri lessons, because he had to rehearse at home, but he did not have an instrument. He can’t play his notes in the air! (Laughs.)

- Who do you communicate better with, boys or girls?

Barbare: With both. I have many friends. Well, there are some kids whose grandmas don't let play with us. And who look bad at us. But there are few of them who have mean grandmothers. Okay, let's go to mom.

Zhanna: Everything that the Fund once gave us, we use very carefully. And our stove works well, and the washing machine, and the refrigerator. Will I ever forget in my life how you helped us? Will I ever forget the notes made on the gifts? Stranger children sent toys to my children, and there were short letters. “I give you this toy with all my heart. Be happy!" (Cries.) When I heard a call from you, I wanted to cry with joy. How do you get, that things have become bad for us?!

 “The Lord is with us. He gives strength and holds me."

“Calm down, son, they will help us, they will come up with something”

- Please, Zhannochka, calm down. What do you need right now in addition to what your children have named?

Zhanna: I want to ask you for diapers of Natia’s size. Hygiene products, washing powders, shampoo, soap. One new sturdy bed for Natia. She sleeps on a springy bed, which got sagged a long time ago. And linoleum. One in this room got already rotten.

I hope that one day I can welcome you to a normal house, and not in this kennel. God bless you in your good deeds.

Natia: Are you leaving? Gotta hug!

- Okay!

Barbare: Me too!

Gabriel: Me too!

Zhanna: They will come again. Won’t you? (Smiles and cries.)


These kids are still right before my very eyes A big softie - Natia, who sings all day long. Barbara - insinuating and sweet, like a cat. Gabriel, crying with hunger. Proud honor student Gela, who is shy of his boots. And the older brothers - Gio, Nikoloz ... And this terrible house that is breathing its last.

You have the opportunity to meet them personally, to become their happy Angels. Let the light of hope shine in this dark shack. Let it be you  to do that!

The Khosiashvili family lives in Tbilisi: Chugureti District, 2 Gedevanishvili street.

Every time you can help someone, just do it and rejoice that God answers someone's prayers through you!

Let’s show our mercy and make them believe that miracles happen, that they can live in a warm and cozy home and have a lot of food! They believe in us. Don’t let them down. Show them what generous people live in Georgia

We are sure that all together we will manage to give them unforgettable moments.

Please don’t forget to repost our story. Let your friends know about the grief of this family! It’s extremely important!

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We have already helped thousands of disadvantaged people! Let’s support this family too! And who knows, maybe someday we ourselves will need help of strangers! Life is always unpredictable!

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