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"Despite that life had no mercy for her, she was not angry with God, nor with life, nor with people."

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16 Temmuz 2019
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The first thing we saw when we entered the house was incredible poverty and abandonment.
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 And then we saw her, an old woman, poor and sick, bedridden and unable to speak. She was probably very beautiful in her day. But those eyes... They gave out all the pain and sadness accumulated over a lifetime. And yet they looked at us with hope... 
The living conditions and the physical condition of this 84-year-old woman would not leave anyone indifferent. Ledi Chachkhiani lives in appalling conditions in emergency-state apartment with crumbling walls and ceilings. And what is much worse – she is bedridden, and it is very difficult to talk for her.
Ledi Chachkhiani is a disabled person of group II with the diagnosis of hypotension and Parkinson's disease. For already a while she has not been able to move because of a fracture of the hip joint. Sometimes her nephew Lasha comes to visit her. To his great regret, he is unable to help his aunt either financially or physically. 
We visited Ledi Chachkhiani and tried to communicate with her. Mostly, her speech was impossible to understand, so our questions were responded by the nephew.
We asked Ledi Chachkhiani to tell about her life. 
– She's from Tsageri, said Lasha. – She was 2 years old when her father was shot by the Bolsheviks in 1937. Her mother raised her and her brother (my father) all alone. After graduating from school, she came to Tbilisi and was admitted to the faculty of History. Since then she has been living here. Unfortunately, she was not able to arrange her personal life. She didn't have a family or children. She devoted herself to work and to us, her nephews. I remember her coming to our village in summer. We have always felt her love and care. Now the aunt lives alone, and nobody can help her. I visit her, but I can't help her. The only one who really helps is your Fund.
– Who was the kindest person in your life, Ms. Ledi?
– According to the nephew, Ms. Ledi was treated by doctor Eldar who once sent her medicines free of charge. For her it was an incredible gesture of kindness and attention.  "I remember how she cried, apparently from gratitude. In general, she is a very grateful person, she is pleased with the slightest attention to her. Luckily, now she has you. You take care of my aunt, and I would like to thank you for that. She is visited by nurses and social workers of the Fund, thanks to whom she does not feel completely alone in this world."
– What is the biggest problem in your life today?
– Most of all, she needs drugs that favour the activation of the speech apparatus. We have no opportunity to get them, – the nephew answered.
– What pleases you most of all?
– Medication, – hardly answered Ms. Ledi. That's the only thing we could understand from her speech.
– Thanks to these special medicines, my aunt feels better and is more active, – Lasha added.
– Do you believe in God?
– Of course she believes, – replied the nephew, and showed us the Bible and icons of Ms. Ledi. – She used to read the Bible, fast, and pray.
–  What do you ask of God?
– Health, – transferred Lasha her response.
– What would you wish our readers?
Then Ms. Ledi made a huge effort, so the nephew was able to understand everything she wanted to say. That's what Lasha told us:
– She asks people to be kinder and help those in need. The Lord sees everything and rewards everyone.
– Do you remember your family and friends? Who of them do you remember most of all and why?
– Very often I recall my classmates, – the nephew translated for us. – And I miss Goga, a boy who lived next door. I loved him very much and raised him as my own son. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from him since he went to live in Prague.
The nephew said that since the time that the aunt got sick, even the neighbors ceased to visit her. Although before, when she was healthy, all the neighbors visited her and enjoyed her hospitality and kindness. And today nobody needs her.
 – What is the main advice you have received in your life from your family or friends? Did you follow it?
 Everyone advised her to start a family, – said Lasha," – but unfortunately, she probably didn't meet someone with whom she could do it. And today, of course, my aunt would not have been so unhappy and lonely.
Have you ever helped any strangers?
– You know, she was always around to help, – said Lasha, –  many people used this quality.
– Do you want to write or call someone?
You see, it's almost impossible to understand her speech. These medications, which she needs, can at least improve it by a few percent. That's why she dreams about them most of all. She really wants to communicate and be more active.
– Do you want a priest to visit you?
Ledi Chachkhiani started nodding her head, and we could understand her words "sanctify" and "want".
–Who would you like to apologize to and what for?
– When my aunt fell and could not walk any more, she apologized to everyone she had ever hurt, – Lasha answered for his aunt.
This ended our conversation with Ledi Chachkhiani.
You know, friends, it is unspeakably painful to see such sad eyes of a person who is useless and sick. We wrote in the beginning that there was hope in those sad eyes. Hope that she will be helped. Let us not let this helpless person, whose life depends entirely on us, down. She was blessed neither to become a mother, nor a beloved wife, nor a grandmother. And now, at the end of her life, she is forced to lead such a miserable existence all alone on the verge of hunger and absolute physical impotence. And the dream of the woman with a broken life and in such a helpless condition are only drugs with which she will somehow be able to communicate with social workers and with her nephew.
It is enough for each of us to feel the pain of this helpless, lonely woman and help to decorate her gloomy old age a little.
P.S. Despite that life had no mercy for her, she was not angry with God, nor with life, nor with people. It was felt when communicating with her and it was absolutely clear to us.
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