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"Sometimes, I fall asleep hungry so that there is enough food for my little girls..."

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8 Haziran 2020
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What is a really big family for you? 4-5 people? Maybe 6? Would you be surprised if we are talking about a family consisting of 8 people living in one room of this dilapidated building?
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We will tell you about a real, large Georgian family that lives in a 30-minute drive from Tbilisi in the village of Sartichala and needs the help of kind people!
"You've come after all!" – Lali, the lady of the house, meets me at the old gate.
– I thought you weren't coming! I've been waiting to hear from you! You are my last hope, my dearest! – She could not stop talking.
Meet Lali Sukhashvili (63 years old), the owner of the saddest look, a loving mother, mother-in-law and grandmother of 4 beautiful granddaughters. Because of one terrible accident, she lost everything: her job, home, health, and found herself with her family in horrible conditions, going through hunger and cold. But even in utter poverty, she had not lost the most important thing in life: hope. After all, she has a big family: a son (Levan, 31), a daughter-in-law (Sophie, 33), a brother (Irakli, 61) and four beautiful girls (Marie – 12 years old, Nina – 10 years old, Anna – 7 years old, and Elena – 5 years old).  It is a very poor, but incredibly rich in soul, close-knit family that needs help.
The dilapidated house where the Sukhashvili family live can hardly be called a "home". It's a ruin. Outside and inside, the situation is, to put it mildly, deplorable. The ceiling has collapsed so much that the head can touch the collapsed area. It was really scary to stand under it, the rustle of the wind instilled fear that the ceiling would fall even more, or even collapse down. The roof was full of huge holes. The family winters in the basement, where they wait out the rains. Lali moved some mattresses in there and made beds of planks. Everything is even more complicated with cooking. The room is terrible to stay in because of the collapsed ceiling; there is no room to move in the basement, so the kitchen had to be placed outdoors. Here Lali and her granddaughters prepare lunch. 
– Could you please tell how did you end up in such a situation? 
– Oh... Honey. We have been in this situation for many years... 20 years ago, our house burned down, and my son, my brother, and I ended up in the street. I am grateful to the relatives who sheltered us and to the Lord for the kindness of some people. We didn't manage to rebuild the house, so we sold the land where it stood and bought this... – Lali's glanced up at the collapsed ceiling, which was about to fall. – But don't think about it, my dear, I'm grateful that we're still alive. It just makes my heart bleed to look at these raw and ragged walls, a leaky floor, a collapsed ceiling and a roof full of holes… Two years ago, the balcony collapsed and since then, the walls are slowly crumbling. My strength is gone, understand! I've worked honestly all my life, but I'll die, leaving nothing behind... 
– Is the State helping you?
– We receive social allowance and a pension. But this money is enough only for basic food, utilities, and even then, not always. We have four children. The smallest is 5 years old. She has health problems. Sometimes, I fall asleep hungry so that there is enough food for my little princesses... They please my soul. Every day they give me the strength to live, to fight with our wellbeing and not to lose faith in the best…
– What kind of problems does the youngest have? What's wrong with her?
– We thought it was nothing serious… Eleniko (5 years old) has a congenital papilloma and a cyst in one eye. Eleniko's papillomas don't do any harm, it's just a visual defect, but you know, she's a girl! She wants to be beautiful, and this...
Concerning the cyst on the eye – earlier, the doctor told us that it would not interfere with her in any way, but as my little girl grew older, the cyst began to bring discomfort. In recent months, it has been painful for her to open her eyes, and recently she started having problems with color perception. 
We saved money to take her to the doctor – it was only enough for one trip to Tbilisi... At the consultation, they said that they need to operate her. The operation is funded by the state, but we need money for visits to the doctor and for medications. Enormous money. One visit to the doctor costs 60 lari. – A child's voice interrupted the conversation: 
– Grandma-a-a! – The girl screamed running into the room, and jumped into her grandmother's arms.
– Eleniko (5 years old)! Here is my Eleniko (5 years old)! She feels that I'm talking about her! – The grandmother joyfully met her granddaughter. – Where have you been, Granny's joy? 
Eleniko (5 years old): I watched cartoons at my neighbor's place; I thought you were here alone! I came so that you wouldn't be sad! And we have guests! Hello! – Said little Eleniko (5 years old) and grabbed her teddy bear, who was sitting alone on the bed
– What a cute bear! Is this your favorite toy? 
Eleniko (5 years old): Yes, his name is Teddy. My sisters and I called him like that! First Marie (12 years old) played with him, then Nina (10 years old) and Ana (7 years old). Do you want to play with him too? I can give it to you, but please return it later. – The girl handed me the only toy in the house.
Thank you! Do you share toys with your sisters, too? 
Eleniko (5 years old): I only have Tedi... I play with him so that he is not sad.
– And where are your sisters? Why aren't they home?
– They are at the second grandmother's place. They will arrive soon, I really miss them and our games. Most of all, I love playing with Marie (12 years old). She always turns me around with her hands!
– Eleniko, what else do you like to do?
Eleniko (5 years old): I like to watch cartoons with princesses. When I grow up, I'll be just as beautiful as they are, and I'll have lots and lots of dresses! So long, so beautiful, so shiny! And... I have a horizontal bar! My dad made it for me! I want to be a gymnast! See how I can! I learned that myself!
– Great! And do you like reading? 
Eleniko (5 years old): Yeaaah! I know Little Red Riding Hood by heart. My grandmother reads it to me. Want me to tell you? A girl goes to her grandmother and brings her a present! I want to learn how to cook and make a present for my Granny! She always cooks for me. I also want to please her!
– What a nice girl you are, Eleniko (5 years old)! What does your grandmother cook for you?
Eleniko (5 years old): Porridge... She also buys me candies sometimes.  Chocolate candies. She buys 4 sweets. For me and my sisters. I want my grandmother to buy me candies more often!
– Don't you want a toy? You've got only Teddy.
Eleniko (5 years old): Wouldn't Teddy get insulted? I like my neighbor Nana's doll. She has long hair and a beautiful dress! But I'm afraid that Teddy will be sad if I play with another toy…
– No, little one, Teddy won't be offended. He is your friend, and friends do not take offense at such trifles. – Eleniko's mother, Sophie, interrupted our dialogue.
– You entered and the room immediately became crowded… How do you fit in here as a family? 
Sophie: We've never got all together before. The table is small, and there are no chairs… We sleep 3-4 people in one bed. Yes, it's cramped, the girls are already grown up, when they were smaller it was easier. But nothing, we are grateful to God that we are alive and have each other... "Said Lali's sister-in-law, Sophie.
– Sophie, please tell us how you met your future husband. 
– Mmm... Do you believe in destiny? I will tell you in confidence that before I met my husband, I was very lost. I didn't know what I wanted out of life. But once I met him my life got filled with sense. Yes, we are not living at our best now. But I knew what I was doing. Of course, I often cry at night, because I can't remember the last time I bought something for my daughters. They wear each other's clothes and shoes... Also, they are so soft-hearted and patient with me. They do not ask for anything, because they know that there is no extra money. But I see everything... – Sophie tilted her head down and went on, unable to hold back the tears. – You see, I can see them hiding when their friends and acquaintances pass by our house. They are ashamed that they live in such a ramshackle house. We're barely making ends meet.
– What about work? Do you or your husband work? 
– This is my dream. I am looking for a job; I constantly ask my friends if there is at least some vacancy, I am ready for anything! My husband worked at a construction site, and then he started having problems with his back. He never went to the doctor; it is very expensive for us. He thinks it will pass. But it has been two years since then, and it does not pass; he often complains of lower back pain. It is difficult to find a job in the village, everyone knows everyone here, and they do not take money from each other for their help. Here, even now, the husband is helping the neighbor to paint a fence. They grew up together, how can he take money from him? 
– Don't the relatives help you? 
– Oh... They are living in hardships as well... I come from a poor family… It used to be much easier to live, but now… Children need computers and phones to attend elementary online classes at school… And we have only a refrigerator in our house, and it is a great gift for us! Because some time ago we didn't have it either. As you can see, there is no furniture in here. One table and two beds… It is difficult, very difficult to raise girls in such conditions… But I try to raise them so that they don't lose faith... Whatever happens, they never lose faith and hope…
– What do you believe in, Sophie? 
– Of course I believe in everything good! Only good people can save and change the world for the better! Our neighbors often help us and treat the girls to some kind of pastry. And the neighbors helped us to address you. They wrote you about our difficult situation. I am very grateful to them! You see, the world is not without good people. Such moments prove that miracles happen; you just need to believe…
– Tell us about your girls who are not at home right now.
– Marie is already an adult girl, she is 12 years old. My great pride. She always helps us around the house and looks after the sisters. She's my best friend, and we often keep secrets. I feel the happiest person in the world when I talk to her. Nina (10 years old) and Ani (7 years old) are the dreamers who constantly come up with some funny scenes and arrange concerts with performances, as if they are shown on TV. They always cheer me up. 
It's so great to be children… Yes, my girls do not have much, but I believe that God sees this and will certainly have mercy on us.  He will give us the opportunity to earn money with my husband and help us get out of this poverty. For the sake of our girls, they deserve it!
Salome's sisters are with their grandmother in Western Georgia.
Sophie surprised us with her unattainable faith in the best. Being in such a desperate, difficult situation, she continues to love life and teaches this to her four girls. This is the most important thing. Not to despair. Whatever happens. To believe...
Friends, let's help the Sukhashvili family to get out of this difficult situation! All that children want is to live in better conditions, to have a place to eat, sleep and wake up without fear that the house will collapse on them! In these conditions, it is difficult to grow and develop. Let's give children a childhood to which each of us has the right.
Mariam (12 years old), Nini (10 years old) and Anna (7 years old) do not even have the gadgets that are commonplace for all of us, not to mention new clothes and shoes. The family needs any help – food, household appliances, a computer; the children do not have any toys, and the parents do not have the opportunity to buy them books and school supplies… You can call Lali and offer any help, the family needs everything! Together, we can improve the lives of the four girls and the entire Sukhiashvili family. After all, children are not to blame for anything and deserve to grow up in normal, human conditions.
Contact Lali by phone: 568 28 04 09 The family has only one telephone, and the connection is bad. 
Or visit the family at the address: Sartichala Village, Sukhashvili Lali.
And be sure to repost our publication. Let your friends also know about the misery of the Sukhashvili family and the four wonderful girls! It is very important.
God gives us the opportunity to take care of people who are not able to do it themselves. Unhappy people are given to us from above so that we can prove our faith to the Almighty not in words but in deeds!
Friends, there is one more request, if you know about the misfortune of a neighbor or friend, do a charitable deed, write to us by e-mail: 
Here is the account of our Fund: 
(purpose: Lali Sukhashvili). 
You can also transfer money from our website.
You can as well transfer money from the terminals of Nova Technology, TBCpay and ExpressPay. Find our Fund in "Charity" section. (You can learn about the additional rights and obligations of the Fund by following the link
Together we have helped many miserable people! Let us support the Sukhashvili family too, as nobody is immune to an unhappy destiny! 
One call will save a life – 0901 200 270

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