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I don't know if when I wake up I will remember that these are my children...

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12 Kasım 2020
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“Pain stabs me again and again ... And every step is like torture ...” - says Teona, mother of 5-year-old Demetre and 14-year-old Luka. Her eyes are full of tears and inconsolable despair. "Everything I love hangs in the balance ... Doctors have not been able to diagnose me for more than a year, and we have already spent absolutely everything on consultations, tests, examinations, and there is still no end to this ... Oh woe, woe!" Teona raised her eyes to the sky, and tears streamed down her cheeks. “Mommy, I won't give you to anyone, ever,” says 5-year-old Demetre and hugs his mom tightly. What is multiple sclerosis? Teona answers this way: "Tomorrow, when I wake up, I don't know if I will remember that these are my children ..."
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