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Mom strangled our third sister, and dad could not stand it and soon left after the baby

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8 Ocak 2021
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When I asked them: "Can you remember anything good?” - the girls just looked at each other and shrugged. They haven’t got a single bright memory in their life, though they are quite adults: Anna is 17 and Barbara is 16. They do not remember their mother, they can hardly remember their father, they only remember their grandmother. Old and sick ... She died in their arms. The only dear person. This is not a New Year's story, it will not make our hearts feel warm, and we cannot change the past of these sisters, but maybe we will be able to change their future ... Who knows, maybe miracles happen on Christmas Eve? The tragedy began when Anna’s and Barbara’s sister was born... Yes, you heard right. Their mother strangled the baby while feeding. “Probably by accident,” says Anna. “Maybe not,” adds Barbara. In 2006, their mother was sent to prison for 9 years. The girls have not seen her since.
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