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Please, don't kill me!

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21 Ocak 2021
“Mom begged him and tried to cover herself with her hands when my father attacked her with an ax,” recalls 12-year-old Nia, and bitter tears start rolling from her eyes. A terrible tragedy happened in the girl's life. Her own father hacked her mother to death with an ax right in front of her! The girl was only 5 years old then ... And how can she live with this pain in her soul, with this insane horror that has settled in the child's heart since that day?! “My husband and I did everything for Nya to have a family, so that this pain in her heart would subside. Of course, it will not be forgotten and will not pass completely, but the girl must feel that we are near, that we love her. It's scary to even think what she had to endure! "- sobs Tamuna (30 years old). It was she, the aunt of little Nia, who took custody of the girl after that chilling event... Despite poverty and the fact that she has three children of her own, a real Georgian woman, kind, loving and caring, did
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