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Just one eye for five people!

6 Nisan 2021       1348
“I can see with only one eye, but my parents and sisters cannot see at all, my brother also sees,” - 11-year-old Salome tells us. – “You know, I tell them what the weather is like today, how the trees are blooming, I tell them that Mariam draws very beautifully. That Giorgi has very kind and beautiful eyes. That Keti smiles like a princess. Mom says we have just one eye for five of us”. Mother Maya and father Zura are blind - they can’t see anything. They have not seen how their children grew up and changed, they can’t even imagine how beautiful they are! They know them only by touch and they feel their love. People who can see will never understand how it feels. We can feel someone else's pain because we all once experienced it, we can empathize with someone who has lost a loved one because we also lost our loved ones, but how can a sighted person understand a blind person? Probably, it’s almost impossible.
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