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Juliet Koshadze

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 Juliet Koshadze has been suffering from severe pain for 16 years. She does not help any painkillers, she can not move independently. Juliet is only 61 years old, but painful pains chained her to the bed. This woman, living with her daughter and two young grandchildren, leads a miserable existence in one room of a dilapidated house.
We talked with Juliet Koshadze about her needs, about the difficulties that have not been avoided by her for many years. She tries to smile, but she finds it hard, the pain does not stop, and looking at the wall where the icon of our Savior Jesus Christ hangs, she whispers something quietly.
 - Juliet, how did you get a spinal injury?
Juliet: 16 years ago I fell from the second floor, they were able to save me, but since that day I have been helpless, I cannot move on my own, they suffer terrible pains.
- Do you live alone?
Juliet: I live with my daughter and grandchildren, my husband died long ago.
- What means do you live on?
Juliet: My daughter can't work, she cares for me. We live on social benefits and pensions, this is enough only for basic food, medicine and utilities.
- Does the deputy of your constituency and the city mayor's office help you?
Juliet: The Social Service Agency helps with drugs, the Tbilisi City Hall financed a computer examination of my spine.
- How does our foundation help you?
Juliet: I am very grateful to your Foundation, whose employees very often hang me, bring medicine, your doctors examined me and watch if the treatment course is right. May God grant health and happiness to all your team.
- What do you need at the moment?
Juliet: I really need medicines, food, hygiene products, clothes for me and the children.
- What do you dream, what do you hope for?
Juliet: I dream to stop these terrible pains, to keep my children healthy. I hope in the Lord God, I pray that he will hear my prayers and make my life easier, and of course, I hope for human kindness.
Friends, this exhausted woman needs our help, she needs our attention, our love.
She needs medicines, food, hygiene products, clothing ...
We all can, when we do good together, let's not pass by, one penny can save and alleviate the suffering of this lovely woman! Let's please those who need us together.
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