Chernovetskyi Charity Fund

About Fund

The Fund was established on 12 April 2012 with the purpose to provide assistance to socially unprotected citizens of Georgia:

·  large families;

·  orphan children;

·  bedridden old people;

·  disabled people.

·  The Fund has assisted more than 2000 bedridden old people.

·  It has opened 3 children family-type foster homes for 30 kids deprived of parental care.

·  It has helped 100 large families in all regions of Georgia.

The Fund has spent about 7'000'000 lari for charitable activities.

It has carried out complete overhaul of Tshemlovan Church which was on the verge of destruction, and residence for nuns has also been repaired.

Chernovetskyi Fund charitable projects:   

·  Domestic Care program

·  Tbilisi and Kobuleti family-type children's homes

·  Day Centre

·  Canteen

·  Social Patrol

Every day we help:

·  more than 500 bedridden people who acutely require other people's help;       

·  30 children deprived of parental care; 

·  more than 5000 socially unprotected citizens who need food.

 Unfortunately, due to the hard social background in Georgia, according to the official data, there are more than one million of people requiring help of different nature. We take every effort to provide assistance to as many people as possible.

Our aim is to engage the whole Georgia in providing such assistance, to show everyone that each third Georgian citizen has serious problems which he or she cannot resolve independently. In everyday life we do not pay attention to this; it seems that we ignore the very existence of such people. But they are numerous, all requiring our help!